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  • The correlation in business development issues between Hertfordshire and London is similar to the one between Hung Yen and Hanoi, in growth, hard-to-fill skills vacancies and productivity. In recent years, Hertfordshire has made numerous achievements in economic development and improved productivity growth. Therefore, the authors conducted an experimental study focusing on enterprises in Hertfordshire and influencing productivity factors.

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  • Lecture Introduction to Business: Lesson 45. The main topics covered in this lesson include: income statement, revenue vs. profit, trading concern, finance, ratio analysis, budgeting, relationship between current assets and current liabilities,...

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  • The article outlines the current state of digital transformation, assesses barriers in the digital transformation process. From there, the author proposes solutions to help SME managers’ to build and implement for successful digital transformation by identifying several factors contributing to digital transformation in SMEs such as manager's awareness , business strategies, information technology platforms, human resource, and finance resource.

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  • Course book 2: English for Banking and Finance - Part 2 has present the content cash flow; the balance sheet; the income statement; the cash flow statement; taking care of corporate clients; loans, credit lines and leasing; company restructuring and loan modification; bankruptcy; national and central banks; liquidity and the business cycle; economic change;...

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  • Finace: Professional English in use - Part 1 has present the contents money and income; business finance; accounting and accountancy; bookkeeping; accounting policies and standards; accounting assumptions and principles; depreciation and amortization; the other financial statements; cost accounting;...

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  • There are numerous financing sources available for startup businesses. The options and routes will vary from business to business, however in this paper, the author want to figure out some general financing methods available for companies looking to raise money. Moreover, I also lay out the difficulties and challenges to finance startups. From that, I bring out some solutions in order to make startups easier to access the finance sources.

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  • Starting business of graduates in business administration tends to increase, but success is modest. This research aims at identifying the factors affecting the business startup results of students graduated in business administration from the University of Finance and Business Administration. Data were collected from the investigation of 278 graduates who had started their business.

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  • In this paper, we are going to (i) review some features of crowdfunding; (ii) analyze the development of crowdfunding in two ASEAN countries including Malaysia and Thailand; and (iii) providing a closer look at crowdfunding in Vietnam as well as making some implications for developing this method in Vietnam.

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  • This research investigated whether the ethical climate, political behavior, ethical leadership, and job satisfaction in one organization have an impact on each other. The research was conducted using a selected group of 177 operational officers in a wholesale business company in the Bangkok Metropolitan region. The operational officers were recruited from four divisions (commercial, finance, marketing, and administration) using a stratified random sampling approach.

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  • After completing "Lecture Business finance", you will understand the knowledge about an overview of financial environment, financial statements, taxes and cash flows, time value of money and discounted cash flow valuation, valuation of stocks and bonds, net present value and other investment criteria, capital investment decision, risk and return, cost of capital, leverage and capital structure, raising capital, working capital management, dividends,...

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  • For all businesses, inventory plays a very important role in the process of production and business. Consequently, inventory control is essential to make sure that it is enough. If the inventory level is too high, the price will increase, which makes it difficult to compete with our competitors in the market. Conversely, if the inventory level is low, it will reduce sales, causing stagnation in production.

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  • This paperstudies the overview of investment property accounting and the presentation of the fair value of investment property in Vietnamese enterprises. The research sample covers 68 enterprises engaged in investment property business in Hanoi. The research results show that 83.8% of enterprises do not present the fair value of investment property on their financial statements at the end of the accounting year. In addition, the results of the research also show necessary reasons to apply fair value accounting to the investment property.

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  • The author examines how the impact of adjusting the financial asset value at the end of the period on the balance sheet affects the dividend policy of the firms. The research hypothesis is that the fair value adjustment of financial assets has a positive effect on business results and the board of directors sees good business results normally giving high dividends. However, the survey of 287 firms listed on the Hochiminh City Stock Exchange has the opposite result, there is a negative relationship between the adjustment of financial asset value and the change of dividend policy.

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  • Results of data analysis from 279 enterprises in Vietnam shows that the use of management accounting information with the broad scope, timeliness, aggregation, and integration has a positive effect to the competitive advantage of the businesses in Vietnam. Since then, we have proposed several recommendations to enhance competitive advantage for Vietnamese enterprises in the next time.

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  • The results showed that, basically, the knowledge and skills of the accounting students of the ULSA are at the level of applicability. However, they need to acquire additional knowledge to catch up with international standards such as preparing and presenting international financial statements, professional ethics, social responsibilities. Additional skills need to be acquired by students to adapt with globalization are respecting others’ cultures, adaptability in multicultural environment, independent and professional working style.

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  • The purpose of this acticle is to evaluate influences of The Fourth Industrial Revolution on Management Accounting Information System. First, the paper provides overview of The Fourth Industrial Revolution. Then, the paper discusses concepts and components of management accounting information system. Based on how the fourth revolution took place, the article will assess their impact on the management accounting information system from the perspective of components of the system.

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  • This research aims to identify the development of responsibility accounting, from four primary elements of initial responsibility accounting (Hansen & Mowen (2005) developed into seven elements (Gharayba, Fatena, Debi, Ma’Moon, &Nasar, 2011) and developed into 43 scales matching seven elements (Hanini, 2013) and some new items in this paper. In this paper, SPSS (Statistical Product and Service Solutions) 22 was used to collect and analysis data by distributing 103 questionnaires on managers and head of departments from Vietnamese cement manufacturers.

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  • Lean Accounting is a management model that focuses on utilizing the human or organization intelligence to minimize the prodigal cost. Lean management uses the system of tools and methods such as 5S, Kaizen, JIT,... in order to reduce the costs in manufacturing. On the basis of Lean Manufacturing, Lean Management, the article does research on Lean Manufacturing, the system of tools and methods of Lean Accounting, from which some solutions are proposed to be applied in in Vietnamese enterprises.

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  • This study aims to evaluate the effect of contingency elements on environmental management accounting implementation in manufacturing firms in Vietnam. The study used a questionnaire to survey 279 manufacturing firms in Vietnam and the use of structural equation modeling (SEM). Results show that the implementation of environmental management accounting is only at a moderate level (3.11 in the five-point Likert scale) and firms do not focus on the analysis of environmental information, and the implementation of internal reports on the environment is low.

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  • This work is about to provide various parties as policy makers and business managers with a conceptual framework, as a foundation, that can help them in designing and implementing accounting system(s) that can best report and disclose the environmentally-related information within the corporate-wide reporting system. Exercising environmental accounting at corporate level has confronted policy makers and company managers with challenges.

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