Calculation of the mean supply

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  • The Indian Sundarbans is a coastal delta and major climate hotspot located in the state of West Bengal. The delta faces significant climatic challenges. The residents mainly depend on agriculture, livestock rearing and fishing. They face challenges of poverty, marginalization and an acute struggle against geo-climatic events. The present study was conducted to know the socio economic status of the farming community under the given resources viz. demographic, physical, economic, natural and social.

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  • The latter workshops may not have the capital to buy all the necessary logs. They either use loans from their final buyers or obtain their supplies in a large number of small purchases, or do both. These workshops subcontract the initial sawmilling, just after buying the logs, before bringing the processed logs to their workplace. The sawmilling mainly consists of splitting the logs into planks, which are later used in manufacturing the components. The recovery rate in this initial step is about 94.

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  • Solar electric plants shall be understood to be photovoltaic energy converters that are able to self-sufficiently satisfy a mean energy demand over a significant period of time, be it an appliance that is permanently hooked up or just for sporadic power supply of appliances. Such plants have in common that their input and output quantities fluctuate widely. They can therefore only be dimensioned on the basis of a mean value and are not able to satisfy this demand without the possibility to store energy. ...

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