Causal analysis

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  • EDUCATION AND ECONOMIC GROWTH; A CAUSAL ANALYSIS It similarly seems unlikely that parents have zero concern for peer group. In the presence of direct or indirect peer effects on student learning, parents would be irrational to ignore peer group in their evaluations of schools, and anecdotal evidence suggests that they do not do so.

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  • Electricity consumption and Economic growth in Vietnam: A cointegration and causality analysis. Using a cointegration and causality analysis, this paper investigates the causal relationship between electricity consump tion and economic growth in Vietnam dur-ing the period of 19 75-2010.

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  • This is the second in a series of three papers in which we initiate the study of very rough solutions to the initial value problem for the Einstein vacuum equations expressed relative to wave coordinates. By very rough we mean solutions which cannot be constructed by the classical techniques of energy estimates and Sobolev inequalities. In this paper we develop the geometric analysis of the Eikonal equation for microlocalized rough Einstein metrics. This is a crucial step in the derivation of the decay estimates needed in the first paper. ...

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  • The study was conducted with 3 objectives: To evaluate clinical and subclinical features of HFMD in Vietnam; to identify the main causal viruses of the disease; to analysis risk factors related to the severity and complications of HFMD.

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  • Process Management OPD Organizational Process Definition OPF Organizational Process Focus OPM Organizational Performance Management OPP Organizational Process Performance OT Organizational Training Project Management IPM Integrated Project Management PMC Project Monitoring and Control PP Project Planning QPM Quantitative Project Management REQM Requirements Management RSKM Risk Management SAM Supplier Agreement Management Engineering PI Product Integration RD Requirements Development TS Technical Solution VAL Validation VER Verification Support CAR Causal Analysis and Resolution CM Configur...

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  • In summary, a long series of studies have investigated the relationship between income and pollution as defined by the Environmental Kutznets Curve. Papers by Grossman and Krueger (1991), Shafik and Bandyopadhyay (1992) and Selden and Song (1994) presented evidence that some pollutants have historically followed an inverted U-curve with respect to income. Although these and other empirical studies point to a correlation between income and pollution, the causal relation is not observed for all sets of data.

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  • This book is an exploration of what it takes for an event to count as an action. I first became interested in this topic nearly a decade ago while working on a different topic. I kept coming across philosophers making claims about the nature of action that seemed false or at least dubious to me. As a consequence I turned to the philosophy of action directly, to get to the heart of the matter. I have wrestled with this territory ever since. I hope that, with this book, I have finally earned the intuitions that put me at odds with the philosophers I was originally reading....

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  • The widespread appeal of Hollywood movies is due not only to the studios’ economic power and marketing prowess but also to the formal-aesthetic qualities of the films themselves. This third aspect of the term Hollywood has changed somewhat less than the industrial and institutional aspects, in that the cinematic style and narrative struc- ture of Hollywood movies have persisted over the decades, despite the obvious need for novelty and innovation. In other words, what we call a “Hollywood movie” is much the same artifact today as it was in the late teens and early 1920s.

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  • A. It is the developed countries that, for whatever reason, take more taxes per dollar of income from their citizens. Now, I would not interpret that evidence to necessarily mean that high taxes (and high government spending) cause prosperity, but it is a troubling fact that the people who say low taxes are the key to prosperity must confront. In fact, the positive correlation is prob- ably largely due to factors, such as education level, that vary across countries and are connected with prosperity as well as facilitate the collection of taxes.

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  • There is no denying that such feelings of aesthetic pleasure may exist, indeed that they do exist. The problem is to see where they come from. Matters are, at least from the philosophical point of view, still relatively simple where we have to deal with feelings of aesthetic pleasure directed towards aesthetic objects in the first two categories of simple sensations and purely formal Gestalten.

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  • Despite its importance, prior work on event causality extraction in context in the NLP litera- ture is relatively sparse. In (Girju, 2003), the au- thor used noun-verb-noun lexico-syntactic patterns to learn that “mosquitoes cause malaria”, where the cause and effect mentions are nominals and not nec- essarily event evoking words. In (Sun et al., 2007), the authors focused on detecting causality between search query pairs in temporal query logs.

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  • This is a book that you will find difficult to stop reading, and it is a book that you will not easily forget. There are facts in this book about causal analysis, measurement, and statistical methodology that will cause you to rethink much of what you assumed or were told was “best practice.” It is also an exciting book because of what it promises the social scientistda pioneering venture into the undiscovered country of a 21st-century psychological science.

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  • Technological innovations are key causal agents of surprise and disruption. These innovations, and the disruption they produce, have the potential to affect people and societies and therefore government policy, especially policy related to national security. Because the innovations can come from many sectors, they are difficult to predict and prepare for. The purpose of predicting technology is to minimize or eliminate this surprise.

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  • The Institute of Medicine’s Forum on Neuroscience and Nervous System Disorders planned and held a public workshop June 16, 2009, that brought together experts from industry, academia, government, and advocacy groups to discuss issues directly related to a recent Food and Drug Administration (FDA) policy that all clinical protocols for products developed in the Division of Psychiatry Products (of the FDA) include a prospective assessment for suicidality.

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  • Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) deletion mutations accumulate with age in tissues of a variety of species. Although the relatively low calculated abundance of these deletion mutations in whole tissue homogenates led some investigators to suggest that these mutations do not have any physiological impact, their focal and segmental accumulation suggests that they can, and do, accumulate to levels sufficient to affect the metabolism of a tissue.

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  • Some proposed calorie­lowering strategies include eating foods that are low in calories for a given measure of food (e.g., many kinds of vegetables and fruits and some soups). However, when making changes to improve nutrient intake, one needs to make substitutions to avoid excessive calorie intake. The healthiest way to reduce calorie intake is to reduce one’s intake of added sugars, fats, and alcohol, which all provide calories but few or no essential nutrients (for more information, see chs.

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  • A procedure has been developed for the isolation of cell walls from the hyphae of the causal agent for barley leaf scald,Rhynchosporium secalis (Oudem) J.J. Davis. Based primarily on monosaccharide linkage analysis, but also on the limited use of linkage-specific glucan hydrolases and solvent fractionation, the walls consist predominantly of (1,3⁄1,6)-b-d-glucans

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  • This book describes different perspectives of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The approach includes aspects of molecular epidemiology, particularly molecular features that influence the genesis and prognosis of the disease. Some aspects of the prognosis of lymphoblastic leukemias are very detailed, highlighting the use of molecular biology in the early identification of complications that may occur in diseased patients.

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  • Some of the most useful applications of evolution often do not use evolutionary theory directly; instead they use technologies developed by evolutionary biologists. In par- ticular, methods for reconstructing phylogenies are being applied to genetic data with very practical results. HIV is especially susceptible to such methods because its fast- accumulating mutations create finely detailed phylogenies. For instance, certain cases of HIV could be traced back to a specific Florida dentist (Ciesielski et al. 1992).

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  • This paper employs the Granger causality test and finds that the linkage between tax revenue and spending is a bi-directional causal correlation. Furthermore, applying Persyn and Westerlund’s (2008) co-integration test allows for corroboration of existence of long-run cointegration linkages among outcome of economy and the three variables.

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