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Xem 1-20 trên 40 kết quả Championship
  • In October of 1860, officials of Scotland’s Prestwick Golf Club extended an invitation to the 30 or so golf clubs then operating in Scotland and England to send up to three “respectable caddies” to compete in a golf tournament. Eight professional golfers entered. Willie Park, Sr., went around the 12-hole course three times in one day in 174 strokes to become the first winner of what would become The Open Championship. The next year, officials opened the event to amateurs. Ten professionals and eight amateurs entered. “Old Tom” Morris won with a score of 163.

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  • COMPUTER NUMERICAL CONTROL PROGRAMMING BASICS A Primer for the SkillsUSA/VICA Championships Steve Krar Arthur Gill Distributed to educational administrators, instructors, students, and apprentices with the compliments of INDUSTRIAL PRESS, INC. publishers of MACHINERY’S HANDBOOK “The Bible of the Machine Trades” CALL FOR AUTHORS Industrial Press is expanding its list of professional and educational titles in addition to starting a new program in electronic publishing. If you have any suggestions or actual writing plans, we encourage you contact us.

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  • Simpo PDF Merge and Split Unregistered Version - http://www.sim COMPUTER NUMERICAL CONTROL PROGRAMMING BASICS A Primer for the SkillsUSA/VICA Championships Steve Krar Arthur Gill Distributed to educational administrators, instructors, students, and apprentices with the compliments of INDUSTRIAL PRESS, INC. publishers of MACHINERY’S HANDBOOK “The Bible of the Machine Trades” .Simpo PDF Merge and Split Unregistered Version - http://www.

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  • I REMEMBER FEELING LIKE SOMEBODY HAD HIT ME over the head with a blunt object. My mouth was wide open. I was stunned into silence. It was the night before the Fiesta Bowl, January 2, 987. Hours before we went out to break heads in the game for the national championship, Penn State’s players and coaches broke bread with Miami’s players and coaches at a barbeque given by bowl organizers. College football, after all, is about sportsmanship. Or so we thought.

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  • The crown jewel of college basketball remains the Final Four, where four teams battle it out for National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) supremacy in the season-ending tournament. Several players have starred on March Madness’s biggest stage. These players saved their best for the NCAA championship game.

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về y học được đăng trên tạp chí y học Critical Care giúp cho các bạn có thêm kiến thức về ngành y học đề tài: Sports chiropractic management at the World Ice Hockey Championships...

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  • 1. Cách nhận biết từ loại: a.

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  • I. Pronunciation: Khoanh tròn từ có phần gạch dưới phát âm khác với những từ còn lại: (1ms) Câu 1: A. cooked B. stopped C. watered D. finished Câu 2: A. share B. atmosphere C. care D. everywhere Câu 3: A. floor B. usually C. casual D. poor Câu 4: A. championship B. school C. chemistry D. Christmas II. Grammar and vocabulary: Chọn đáp án tốt nhất: (4ms) Câu 5: They were sent to a local………right after their parents' death. A. prison B. hospital C. park D. orphanage Câu 6: My son didn't go to the theatre .......

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  • Market is an American stock market classic. Most stock market classics date back 50 and 75 years but this one is almost contemporaty - only a quarter of a century old. Darvas was an original. He won at almost everything he đi whether it was creating crossword puzzles, playing championship Ping-Pong, or working as the world's highest paid ballroom dancer.

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  • Brazil and Italy will play each other in the World Cup Championship game on Sunday in Pasadena, California-Yesterday, in the semi-final Brazil defeated Sweden by a score of one to nothing, Italy defeated Bulgaria 2 to 1. Italy and Brazil had each one 3 World Cup championships. No team has ever won 4.

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  • A. Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others. 01. A. chorus B. technicolor C. chopstick D. character 02. A. pair B. fair C. stair D. faith 03. A. cheese B. cheer C. peer D. career 04. A. horses B. tongues C. places D. faces 05. A. walked B. danced C. laughed D. studied B. Choose one word whose stress pattern is different from the others. 06. A.event B. hero C. teacher D. championship 07. A. background B. humane C. romantic D. depend 08. A. wonderful B. cartoon C. visual D. passive 09. A....

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  • Part A Circle the correct words to complete the sentences 1 I talked to [he/him] yesterday. 2 I cut (me/myself) when I was shaving. 3 I hope you enjoyed [yourself/you] today. 4 Do you like {your/yours} new teacher? 5 T think that table is (our/ours). 6 7 8 9 The company has decided to move (it's/its) main office. Mark won the [men's/mens') swimming championship last year. Are you going to the [engineer's/engineers') conference? Have they sent [we/us) an invitation?

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  • I’ve always believed that college basketball is about the players, so to me, 100 years of Carolina Basketball should celebrate the young men who have worked so hard to represent the University of North Carolina. Without them, we wouldn’t need coaches like me. When I look back at the history of Carolina Basketball, I think first about the players. The way I think about them might surprise you. Our players have given me so many memorable experiences. It’s those interactions on and off the court—even more than the wins or the championships—which I have treasured....

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  • Championship, the voice went silent as the players raced to the sidelines, lift ed the ailing Case onto their shoulders and carried him to one of the baskets, so he could cut down the nets one last time. Th e voice cracked on the aft ernoon of March 16, 1974, in the deathly silence of Reynolds Coliseum as superstar David Th ompson was wheeled off the court aft er tripping over teammate Phil Spence’s shoulder during the NCAA Tournament East Region championship game. And it boomed when he shared the great news that Th ompson would be all right, causing an explosion of noise that has never...

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  • The system we are considering needs to support communications for 109 devices. The users using these devices would be interested in peer-to-peer (P2P) style of communication, business- to-business (B2B) interactions or a be part of a system comprising of agents where discoveries are initiated for services from any of these devices. Finally, some of these devices could also be used as part of a computation. The devices are thus part of a complex distributed system. Communication in the system is through events, which are encapsulated within messages.

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  • From a 40-year veteran, the only book available devoted to coaching high school basketball In Coaching High School Basketball, Hall of Famer Bill Kuchar presents an indispensable instruction manual for experienced and rookie coaches alike. A combination of classic tactics and new, cutting-edge strategies, this one-of-a-kind handbook provides easyto- read diagrams and instructions, plus dozens of practice drills to reinforce fundamentals and teach innovative moves.

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  • Writing a book about Jack Nicklaus, golf ’s leading major championship winner, is not easy. The reason: Nicklaus knows his swing and shot-making game well and has written about it in books, most notably Golf My Way. Therefore, taking the challenge head-on to analyze this great golfer’s technique and point out secrets of his setup and swing that he was never aware of, or chose not to share, was quite a daring task. Nevertheless, I approached this assignment confidently, based on my experience as a former golf teacher and senior editor of instruction for GOLF Magazine.

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  • Alexander Mazia is an international master and a coach of the highest rank. Since 1992 he has headed the Pioneers Palace chess school on the Vorobiov Hills — a famous Moscow Pioneers Palace, which has produced such well–known players as Yuri Razuvaev, Artur Yusupov, Mikhail Krasenkov and Igor Glek. Of the grandmaster younger generation ‘graduates’ we should mention Vadim Zviagintsev, Vladimir Chuchelov and Mikhail Kobalia.

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  • Many of the core functions of audit committees set out in this guidance are expressed in terms of ‘oversight’, ‘assessment’ and ‘review’ of a particular function. It is not the duty of audit committees to carry out functions that properly belong to others, such as the company’s management in the preparation of the financial statements or the auditors in the planning or conducting of audits. To do so could undermine the responsibility of management and auditors.

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  • There is endless animated debate in famous clubhouses—at Augusta during the Masters, St. Andrews during Royal and Ancient Golf Club meetings, indeed at all major championship venues: if a foursome of Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus, and Tiger Woods were to play today, who would be the champion of champions? The proposition would be even more intriguing were they to compete on the same terms of modern, wonderfully conditioned courses, using the latest aerodynamic golf balls and rocket-shafted titanium clubs....

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