Choosing a behavior to measure

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  • In this chapter, we dig deeper into steps two and three of the marketing process: designing customer-driven marketing strategies and constructing marketing programs. First, we look at the organization’s overall strategic planning, which guides marketing strategy and planning. Next, we discuss how, guided by the strategic plan, marketers partner closely with others inside and outside the firm to create value for customers.

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  • osing a Behavior to Measure Errors in Measuring Behavior Overview of Two Types of Measurement Errors: Bias and Random Error Errors Due to the Observer: Bias and Random Error Errors in Administering the Measure: Bias and Random Error Errors Due to the Participant: Bias and Random Error Summary of the Three Sources and Two Types of Measurement Error Reliability: The (Relative) Absence of Random Error The Importance of Being Reliable: Reliability as a Prerequisite to Validity Using Test–Retest Reliability to Assess Overall Reliability: To What Degree Is a Measure “Random Error Free” ? Identify...

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