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  • Of the churches connected with the religious houses which once existed in the county of Dorset, three only remain to the present day. Of some of the rest we have ruins, others have entirely disappeared. But the town of Sherborne, once the bishop-stool of the sainted Aldhelm, who overlooked a vast diocese comprising a great portion of the West Saxon kingdom, has its Abbey now used as its Parish Church.

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  • Các nhà khoa học thuộc Trường Dược Christchurch đã khẳng định trên kết quả nghiên cứu của mình rằng cải bắp xanh (Broccoli) chứa một số chất có khả năng ức chế sự phân bào của tế bào ung thư, đặc biệt là các dòng tế bào không mẫn cảm với hóa chất trong phương pháp hóa trị (dòng tế bào chứa hàm lượng Bcl_2 cao).

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  • Every president since Richard Nixon has called for America’s independence from oil, but Washington gridlock has prevented action again and again. If we want to create a more secure energy future, and protect consumers at the pump, that has to change. When President Obama took office, America imported 11 million barrels of oil a day. Today, he pledged that by a little more than a decade from now, we will have cut that by one-third, and put forward a plan to secure America’s energy future by producing more oil at home and reducing our...

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  • In the great mass of literature relating to New Zealand there is nothing similar to the plan of this text book. There are a number of books, very useful as far as they go, .written for the purpose of enabling anyone so desirous, of learning a few sentences of the Maori language. A text book with a vocabulary and explanatory notes ought to meet the wishes of those desiring to go a little further. And while it is practically impossible to acquire a good colloquial knowledge of the Maori language from books, it is possible, for those who have the...

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  • To help inform prevention and control strategies, research efforts have been directed at establishing the likely contributors to this rise in campylobacteriosis incidence. Consistent with international findings (6–8), New Zealand investigations implicated poultry meat as a significant source of foodborne sporadic campylobacteriosis (9–13). A relatively small case–control study in Christchurch in 1992–1993 reported several poultry-associated risk factors, including consumption of undercooked poultry (10).

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  • North Korea’s centrifuge program poses both a horizontal and a vertical proliferation threat. It is an avenue for North Korea to increase the number and sophistication of its nuclear weapons and for it to proliferate to others who seek to build their own centrifuge programs. As a result, the priority is finding ways to either stop the program or to delay its progress through a combination of negotiations and sanctions. Procurement data obtained by governments and information from Pakistan, establish that North Korea is developing centrifuges.

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