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  • Brian Douthit's poetry has been compared to Wordsworth, Frost, Shelley, Byron and many others. In terms of art, it has been described as a "word-Picasso" or "sublime Monet." Readers often say they feel serene or even breathless after reading his pieces. Whatever the reaction, all seem to agree his poetry is beautiful and eloquent, and in a class of its own. You too may experience the addictive compulsion to read them over and over again and be lifted to a new dimension by his extraordinary grasp of language and by the amazing talent and artistry contained within these pages....

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  • The Age of Pope is designed to form one of a series of Handbooks, edited by Professor Hales, which it is hoped will be of service to students who love literature for its own sake, instead of regarding it merely as a branch of knowledge required by examiners. The period covered by this volume, which has had the great advantage of Professor Hales's personal care and revision, may be described roughly as lying between 1700, the year in which Dryden died, and 1744, the date of Pope's death. I believe that no work of the class will be of real value which gives what may...

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  • In the present paper, intending to develop the results obtained in [4, 5, 6, 7], we examine the class of systems with the cubic restoring non-linearity. This non-linearity introduces a lot. of terms into the equations for stationary oscillations and makes thus difficulty revealing its own effects.

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  • Colloquial English is an easy-to-use course, specially written by an experienced teacher for self-study or class use. It teaches current spoken and written English, as used in the UK, through the medium of English itself. This course assumes a basic knowledge of English and is suitable for post-beginners, whether studying on their own or as part of a class. Features include: full explanations and illustrations of grammatical terms pronunciation guide to help with areas of particular difficulty a variety of exercises to help learners to grow in confidence ...

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  • .“These best practices provide the road map that is key to running a world-class consulting practice.” —David Smart, VP, System and Technology Services, The CIT Group, Inc. “Practical, actionable, and full of insight. If you are starting your own consultancy, looking to advance in your career as a consultant, or looking to take your consultancy to the next level, you will find the hands-on information you need in this book.

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  • In the language of C++, a class that is inherited is called a base class. The class that does the inheriting is called a derived class. Therefore, a derived class is a specialized version of a base class. A derived class inherits all of the members defined by the base class and adds its own, unique elements. C++ implements inheritance by allowing one class to incorporate another class into its declaration. This is done by specifying a base class when a derived class is declared. Let’s begin with a short example that illustrates several of the key features of inheritance....

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  • This is a written exercise and is to be performed without the aid of an electronic calculator. The Classical Academy has acquired a Class C address, The academy needs to create subnets to provide low level security and broadcast control on the LAN. It is not necessary to supply an address for the WAN connection. It is supplied by the Internet service provider. The LAN consists of the following, each of which will require its own subnet: • Classroom #1 28 nodes • Classroom #2 22 nodes • Computer lab 30 nodes • Instructors 12 nodes • Administration 8 nodes...

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  • smashwords edition, license notes thank you for downloading this free . although this is a free book, it remains the copyrighted property of the author. as it is a business self-help book designed to help you and your organization improve it may not be used for commercial purposes such as reproduction for resale, translation, international or print distribution, or used for other commercial purposes such as training and consulting work without the express permission of the author.

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  • Socio-Ecological Landscape Units (SELU) are produced in turn from LCFU and other geographical dimensions such as relief, belonging to a river basin, or proximity to the sea. LCFU are agglomerated with a methodology which maps dominant land‑cover types. Large forests or agricultural areas will constitute a SELU in their own right while smaller units will be part of a larger zone characterised by its dominant land cover. The Dominant Land Cover Types are then classified according to river basins and relief classes (e.g. coastal, lowland, highland, mountain).

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  • Elementary Treatise on Fourier's Series and Spherical,Cylindrical, and Ellipsoidal Harmonics provide some necessary content to help you have more materials for reference as well as practice knowledge. Hope the document gives you good lessons for you to study.

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  • This little work is but a condensation and essence of a much larger one, containing the result of what can be discovered concerning the origin and history of chess, combined with some of my own reminiscences of 46 years past both of chess play and its exponents, dating back to the year 1846, the 18th of Simpson's, 9 years after the death of A. McDonnell, and 6 after that of L. de La Bourdonnais when chivalrous and first class chess had come into the highest estimation, and emulatory matches and tests of supremacy in chess skill were the order...

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  • The use of e-portfolio becomes a standard tool when it comes to learning and student's assessment. This is due to the teachers need for enhancing their students’ autonomy. The use of e-portfolio helps students to focus on their own learning process. Lectures should not be limited only to classes, but must foster active learning, and in this regard, the introduction of the e-portfolio is an excellent tool because it stimulates collaborative and cooperative work among students and, in turn, it encourages feedback by the teacher.

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  • This book is is designed for the risk analyst who wishes to better understand the mathematical models and methods used in the management of operational risk in the banking and insurance sectors. Many of the techniques in this book are more generally applicable to a wide range of risks. However, each sector has its unique characteristics, its own data sources, and its own risk migation and management strategies. Other major risk classes in the banking sector include credit risk and market risk.

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  • One of the practical difficulties encountered by the teacher in carrying out modern schemes of technical education arises from the failure on the part of the students preparing for some particular profession or industry to realise the importance of subjects which they regard as being outside their own province. This difficulty is experienced very generally ; it constantly arises, for example, in connection with the professional training of such classes of students as those preparing for medicine or pharmacy, or for the various branches of engineering.

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  • Because it is a pure object-oriented programming language, all Java programs contain one or more class (or ADT) deÞnitions. Java deÞnes many built-in classes and hundreds of methods. The purpose of this laboratory is for you to review how you can implement an abstract data type (ADT) of your own design while utilizing some of the built-in ADTs already implemented in Java. We use a monthly logbook as our example ADT. A monthly logbook consists of a set of entries, one for each day of the month.

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  • This little work is but a condensation and essence of a much larger one, containing the result of what can be discovered concerning the origin and history of chess, combined with some of my own reminiscences of 46 years past both of chess play and its exponents, dating back to the year 1846, the 18th of Simpson's, 9 years after the death of A. McDonnell, and 6 after that of L. de La Bourdonnais when chivalrous and first class chess had come into the highest estimation, and emulatory matches and tests of supremacy in chess skill were the order of the day. English chess was then...

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  • This book has more material than most teachers need for a course, but all of it was written for sell-study as well as for classroom instruction. That means that students can work on their own for "extra credit," and all of the pages don't have to be referred to in class. In my experience, when we teachers try to cover too much, we are the onty ones who can keep up. The material gets covered, but the students don't understand it, I trust that teachers know which pages to select for the students in their classes....

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  • For the first time, the Acura TSX is now available with a V6 engine. The availability of a V6 for the 2010 Acura TSX represents a step almost as big as the styling changes introduced with the 2009 model year. More than just an engine change, the Acura TSX V-6 has a character all its own, distinct from the four-cylinder version. Technology has always been one of the main appeals of the TSX, and this extends beyond the drivetrain and chassis. Acura's superb navigation system is the equal of anything in the class, and it displays real-time traffic with...

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  • It will be well to explain at once that the following work has been written at the request and is published at the cost of the Christian Evidence Society, and that it may therefore be classed under the head of Apologetics. I am aware that this will be a drawback to it in the eyes of some, and I confess that it is not altogether a recommendation in my own. Ideally speaking, Apologetics ought to have no existence distinct from the general and unanimous search for truth, and in so far as they tend to put any other consideration, no matter how high or pure...

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  • Group interest is what to meet the common demands of all members in a certain group of people. In this sense, the group interest is an inevitable social phenomenon. In any society, there are always different groups of people. Each class can be also seen as a group. Each group has its own interest. The relationship between the group interest, individual interest and social interest may suit or contradict each other. Group interest can be found in the State policies, since many policies are advantageous for these groups, but disadvantageous for others.

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