Closed loop system

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  • Lecture Automatic control systems technology - Lesson 1: Introduction to control systems technology. After this presentation you will be able to: explain the function of an automatic control system; identify a block diagram representation of a physical system; explain the difference between an open loop and closed loop control system;... Please refer to the content of document.

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  • Lecture Automatic control systems technology - Lesson 21: Methods of system analysis. After this presentation you will be able to: compute the value of transfer function for given frequencies; compute the open loop response of a control system; compute and interpret the closed loop response of a control system; compute and interpret the error ratio of a control system;... Please refer to the content of document.

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  • This paper introduces the active and reactive power control of voltage source converter (VSC) station. The direct current control using a double closed-loop control structure has been implemented at the terminal of the VSC.

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  • We devised this study to quantify the effect of age on the consumption of cisatracurium under general anaesthesia, using a computer controlled closed loop infusion system. We further investigated this effect on, sufentanil and propofol consumption.

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  • Hemodynamic resuscitation in septic shock requires aggressive fluid replacement and appropriate use of vasopressors to optimize arterial pressure (AP) and cardiac output (CO). Because responses to these drugs vary between patients and within patient over time, strict monitoring of patient condition and repetitive adjustment of drug dose are required.

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  • We developed a Vital-signs-integrated Patient-assisted Intravenous opioid Analgesia (VPIA) analgesic infusion pump, a closed-loop vital signs monitoring and drug delivery system which embodied in a novel algorithm that took into account patients’ vital signs (oxygen saturation, heart rate).

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  • Lecture Control system engineering. After completing this section, you will understand knowledge about: basic concepts of control systems, open loop and closed loop systems; time response of first order systems to unit step and unit ramp inputs; frequency response analysis: frequency domain specifications; systems with transportation lag, phase‐lead compensation, phase‐lag compensation;...

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  • This control structure is inflexible since using fixed gains. For overcoming this weakness, we integrate variable fractional-order derivative into SMC that leads to an adaptive system with adjustable parameters. We use Mittag–Leffler stability, an enhanced version of Lyapunov theory, to analyze the convergence of closed-loop system. Applying the controller to a practical crane shows the efficiency of proposed control approach. The controller works well and keeps the output responses consistent despite the large variation of crane parameters.

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  • This paper presents the dynamic model of multibody systems driven by electric motors, the so-called electromechanical systems. The mechanical systems considered in this study include an open loop and/or a closed loop, a full-actuated and an underactuated one. The dynamic model of this electromechanical systems is established in matrix form by applying the Lagrangian equation with and without multipliers and substructure method.

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  • This work deals with the control design and development of an automated car-following strategy that further increases robustness to vehicle dynamics uncertainties. The control algorithm is applied on a hierarchical architecture where high and low level control layers are designed for gap-control and desired acceleration tracking, respectively. A fractional-order controller is proposed due to its flexible frequency shape, fulfilling more demanding design requirements.

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  • This paper presents a build of Repetitive Control Law with desired trajectory periodic in joint space so reduced on-line computation for the motion system of the Almega16 manipulator. In a Repetitive Control Law always has the desired cycle trajectory with time T and always provides state information update on the time-variant parameters. The true value is compared to the reference set-point and its evaluation result is input to the controller for adjustment.

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  • In this paper, a mechanical-hydrostatic continuously variable transmission system (MHCVT) is proposed and experimentally investigated. The proposed system characterized by stepless speed regulation consists of a closed-loop hydraulic circuit and a rubber V-belt train. Firstly, the working principle of the MHCVT is described in detail.

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  • In this paper, the impact of machine failures on production lines in a closed-loop supply chain systems is examined. For this purpose, a new method is proposed for scheduling manufacturing workshops in a supply chain systems.

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  • Geothermal ventilation provides a better alternative in securing the energy crises. Geothermal energy is a heat contained within the earth that generates geological phenomena on a planetary scale. It is not only available in the form of volcanoes, hot water stream but, whole earth acts as a source of geothermal energy for 365 days and all season of year. There are three basic components of geothermal heating pump system (GHPS); ground loop, geothermal heat pump and distribution system.

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  • This paper considers the capacity determination in a closed-loop supply chain network when a queueing system is established in the reverse flow. Since the queueing system imposes costs on the model, the decision maker faces the challenge of determining the capacity of facilities in such a way that a compromise between the queueing costs and the fixed costs of opening new facilities could be obtained.

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  • Efficient mitigation of power amplifier (PA) nonlinear distortion in hybrid precoding based broadband mmWave systems is an open research problem. In this article, we first carry out detailed signal and distortion modeling in broadband multi-user hybrid MIMO systems with a bank of nonlinear PAs in each subarray. Building on the derived models, we then propose a novel digital predistortion (DPD) solution that requires only a single DPD unit per transmit chain or subarray.

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  • In this paper, we investigate the problem of finite-time guaranteed cost control of linear uncertain conformable fractional order systems. Firstly, a new cost function is defined. Then, by using some properties of conformable fractional calculus, some new sufficient conditions for the design of a state feedback controller that makes the closed-loop systems finite-time stable and guarantees an adequate cost level of performance is derived via linear matrix inequalities, therefore can be efficiently solved by using existing convex algorithms.

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  • Marine electromagnetic transmitter transmits large power variable frequency electromagnetic wave to the seabed so as to obtain the submarine structure and mineral resources. The mathematical model of controlled source circuit needs to be established to realize closed loop control for increasing control precision and output transient performance of the electromagnetic wave.

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  • This paper presents an observer output-feedback load frequency control for power systems with uncertain parameters and time delays in communication networks. First, an observer-based controller is designed dependent on only the observer output. Therefore, the conservatism is reduced and the robustness is enhanced.

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  • It is important to have speed control of motors on UAVs since the system dynamics are related to the rotation speed of the motors. This paper presents a sensorless phase voltage detection scheme to measure the rotation speed. A PID controller is implemented to ensure the performance of the motors. A mathematical model of Delta-Connected BLDC motors is built for analyzing the relationship between phase voltage and rotation speed.

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