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  • Featuring a strong emphasis on the fundamentals underlying contemporary logic design using hardware description languages, synthesis, and verification, this book focuses on the ever-evolving applications of basic computer design concepts with strong connections to real-world technology. Treatment of logic design, digital system design, and computer design. Ideal for self-study by engineers and computer scientists.

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  • Before you learn about anything in .NET, you should undertand how’s its structure. This chapter takes a brief look at Microsoft .NET and the Microsoft .NET Platform. It then describes the .NET Framework design goals and introduces you to the components of the .NET Framework Microsoft announced the .NET intitiative in July 2000 The .

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  • The .NET platform is the foundation upon which the next generation of software will be built. Microsoft has invested a lot of capital in its development, and is putting its considerable weight behind its adoption as a new standard. A long list of Microsoft partners have also announced support for .NET tools and components— you can check for a current list of vendors who have .NET offerings. The .NET platform is much more than a new language, software development kit (SDK), or even an operating system.

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  • C# COM+ Programming is a must-have for developers already working with COM+ who are ready to transition to the .NET Platform. You will be able to take your existing skills as a COM+ component programmer into the .NET Framework quickly and easily.

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  • You may suppose that now that you have the .NET Framework and assemblies that don’t need to be registered in the Registry, you have finally moved beyond the COM components. Nothing can be further from the truth; there are millions of COM components in production, and a large number of applications use MTS and Component Services. So, what are you to do? Throw away all the COM components and rewrite them in Visual Basic .NET? I don’t think so! You need to find a way that will allow the two environments to coexist, and that is where serviced components come in....

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