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  • Tài liệu ôn tập ôn tiếng Anh tham khảo gồm các dạng bài tập trắc nghiệm về so sánh kép. Thể so sánh kép (Double Comparative) Khi cần diễn tả những ý nghĩ như "càng.... càng..." người ta dùng thể so sánh kép (double comparative). Thể so sánh kép được tạo thành tùy theo số lượng ý mà ta muốn diễn đạt. Nếu có hai ý ta dùng The (adjective)..., the (adjective).... cho cả tính từ ngắn lẫn tính từ dài. (Lưu ý rằng trong các cấu trúc trên (adjective) có nghĩa là tính từ ở thể so sánh hơn)....

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  • handbook of comparative world steel standards has contents: introduction to comparing world steel standards, carbon and alloy steels for general use, structural steel plates, pressure vessel steel plates, steel tubes and pipes, steel forgings,...and other contents.

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  • Bài giảng Chương 6: Capture compare PWM module giới thiệu tới các bạn về thanh ghi CCP1CON; các chế độ hoạt động như chế độ CAPTURE; chế độ COMPARE; chế độ PWM (Pules Width Modulation). Bài giảng phục vụ cho các bạn chuyên ngành Công nghệ thông tin và những ngành có liên quan.


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  • Comparative constitutional law is a newly energized field in the early 21st century. Never before has the field had such a broad range of interdisciplinary interest, with lawyers, political scientists, sociologists and even economists making contributions to our collective understanding of how constitutions are formed and how they operate. Never before has there been such demand from courts, lawyers and constitution-makers in a wide range of countries for comparative legal analysis.

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  • This is an extraordinary book, in which I am honoured to be included, and which I am even more privileged to be able to introduce. It contains contributions from an array of the leading thinkers in the field of product liability; and it provides substantial food (non-standard, and certainly not defective) for thought for practitioners, academics and students alike.

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  • Taxation in Comparative and Historical Perspective The New Fiscal Sociology: Taxation in Comparative and Historical Perspective demon- strates that the study of taxation can illuminate fundamental dynamics of modern societies. The fourteen chapters in this collection offer a state-of-the-art survey of the new fiscal sociology that is emerging at the intersection of sociology, history, political science, and law. The contributors include some of the foremost comparative historical scholars in these disciplines and others.

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  • A topic model outputs a set of multinomial distributions over words for each topic. In this paper, we investigate the value of bilingual topic models, i.e., a bilingual Latent Dirichlet Allocation model for finding translations of terms in comparable corpora without using any linguistic resources. Experiments on a document-aligned English-Italian Wikipedia corpus confirm that the developed methods which only use knowledge from word-topic distributions outperform methods based on similarity measures in the original word-document space.

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  • Bài giảng Chương 7: Reference Voltage & Comparator được thực hiện nhằm giúp các bạn nắm bắt được những kiến thức về module VREF; module COMPARATOR. Mời các bạn tham khảo bài giảng để nắm bắt nội dung chi tiết. Tài liệu hữu ích với các bạn chuyên ngành Công nghệ thông tin.


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  • (bq) part 1 book "comparative international accounting" has contents: causes and examples of international differences, international classification of financial reporting, international harmonization, the context of financial reporting by listed groups; different versions of ifrs practice,...and other contents.

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  • (bq) part 2 book "comparative international accounting" has contents: making accounting rules for non-listed business enterprises in europe, accounting rules and practices of individual companies in europe, key financial reporting topics, foreign currency translation, international financial analysis,...and other contents.

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  • Comparing Fields and Methods First, let's recap the original motivation for using methods to hide fields. Consider the following struct that represents a position on a screen as an (X, Y) coordinate pair: struct ScreenPosition { public ScreenPosition(int x, int y) { this.X = rangeCheckedX(x); this.Y = rangeCheckedY(y); } public int X; public int Y; private static int rangeCheckedX(int x) { if (x 1280

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  • This report compares mechanisms for the financing of HIV/AIDS programmes in Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, South Africa, Swaziland and Zimbabwe. The research for this report was done as part of the work of Social Aspects of HIV/AIDS Research Alliance (SAHARA). SAHARA is a flexible network of partners working in the sub-Saharan African region.

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  • THIS VOLUME EMERGES from the work that was done by the contributors towards the writing of the Law Commission’s final report on the law of homicide in England and Wales, Murder, Manslaughter and Infanticide. 1 A number of jurisdictions world-wide have been reviewing or revising their homicide laws, and each has engaged in comparative analysis. An important new contribution to this process can be made by compiling a detailed scholarly analysis of the law in a range of jurisdictions (both recently reformed and unreformed).

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  • We present a first known result of high precision rare word bilingual extraction from comparable corpora, using aligned comparable documents and supervised classification. We incorporate two features, a context-vector similarity and a co-occurrence model between words in aligned documents in a machine learning approach. We test our hypothesis on different pairs of languages and corpora.

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  • Recently confusion network decoding shows the best performance in combining outputs from multiple machine translation (MT) systems. However, overcoming different word orders presented in multiple MT systems during hypothesis alignment still remains the biggest challenge to confusion network-based MT system combination. In this paper, we compare four commonly used word alignment methods, namely GIZA++, TER, CLA and IHMM, for hypothesis alignment.

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  • This paper presents a comparative study of five parameter estimation algorithms on four NLP tasks. Three of the five algorithms are well-known in the computational linguistics community: Maximum Entropy (ME) estimation with L2 regularization, the Averaged Perceptron (AP), and Boosting. We also investigate ME estimation with L1 regularization using a novel optimization algorithm, and BLasso, which is a version of Boosting with Lasso (L1) regularization. We first investigate all of our estimators on two re-ranking tasks: a parse selection task and a language model (LM) adaptation task. ...

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  • The present paper will seek to present an approach to bilingual lexicon extraction from non-aligned comparable corpora, phrasal translation as well as evaluations on Cross-Language Information Retrieval. A two-stages translation model is proposed for the acquisition of bilingual terminology from comparable corpora, disambiguation and selection of best translation alternatives according to their linguistics-based knowledge.

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  • This paper presents a comparative study of target dependency structures yielded by several state-of-the-art linguistic parsers. Our approach is to measure the impact of these nonisomorphic dependency structures to be used for string-to-dependency translation. Besides using traditional dependency parsers, we also use the dependency structures transformed from PCFG trees and predicate-argument structures (PASs) which are generated by an HPSG parser and a CCG parser.

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  • Subjectivity analysis is a rapidly growing field of study. Along with its applications to various NLP tasks, much work have put efforts into multilingual subjectivity learning from existing resources. Multilingual subjectivity analysis requires language-independent criteria for comparable outcomes across languages. This paper proposes to measure the multilanguage-comparability of subjectivity analysis tools, and provides meaningful comparisons of multilingual subjectivity analysis from various points of view. ...

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  • Comparing one thing with another is a typical part of human decision making process. However, it is not always easy to know what to compare and what are the alternatives. To address this difficulty, we present a novel way to automatically mine comparable entities from comparative questions that users posted online. To ensure high precision and high recall, we develop a weakly-supervised bootstrapping method for comparative question identification and comparable entity extraction by leveraging a large online question archive. ...

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