Complex disorders

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  • During high precipitation, infiltration of sulphates and chromates occurred, and subsequently when low precipitation, the aquifer without recharge becomes a confined environment favourable to a reduction of sulphates to sulphide (H2S and HS¯) by a complex biochemical process (a phenomenon called sulphatoreducing), due to the bacterial activity. Subsequently, this reduction results from the sulphur rejected (Khe´rici et al., 2009) by a sulphato-reducing bacteria (Desulfovibrio desulfricans), which can transform of Cr(VI) to Cr(III) which is a stable substance.

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  • Medicine and dentistry are continuously evolving, due largely to the influences and interactions of new methods, technologies, and materials. Partly because of outdated testing requirements, our students can no longer adequately meet the increasing demands these changes have placed on a patient-oriented education.

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  • The relationship between household banking status and AFS use is complex. A non-trivial share of unbanked households (29.5 percent) do not use any of the AFS providers asked about in the survey, suggesting they rely primarily on cash. However, overall, unbanked households are more active AFS users than underbanked households. Unbanked households are more likely to use multiple products and to have used AFS, particularly transaction products, more recently and more frequently than under- banked households.

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  • Similar effects may be quite common in everyday life: information which we are not aware of processing contributes to the tenor of our experience, and even to the nature of our activity, in the reciprocal relationship of doing and undergoing. I see no reason to deny that this may be an aesthetic phenomenon, since it seems that something similar may be true in an experience of art: even when we are attending quite carefully, the complexity of the experience may be such that some elements will fail to be consciously noticed, but will still contribute to the...

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  • Understanding the rapid changes in the evaluation and management of peripheral neuropathies, as well as the complexity of their mechanism, is a mandatory requirement for the practitioner to optimize patient's care. The objective of this book is to update health care professionals on recent advances in the pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of peripheral neuropathy. This work was written by a group of clinicians and scientists with large expertise in the field.

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  • Tham khảo tài liệu 'bipolar disorder – a portrait of a complex mood disorder edited by jarrett barnhill', y tế - sức khoẻ, y học thường thức phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Harrison's Internal Medicine Chapter 27. Aphasia, Memory Loss, and Other Focal Cerebral Disorders Aphasia, Memory Loss, and Other Focal Cerebral Disorders: Introduction The cerebral cortex of the human brain contains ~20 billion neurons spread over an area of 2.5 m2. The primary sensory areas provide an obligatory portal for the entry of sensory information into cortical circuitry, whereas the primary motor areas provide final common pathways for coordinating complex motor acts. The primary sensory and motor areas constitute 10% of the cerebral cortex.

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  • Caring for the Patient with Deficits of Higher Cerebral Function Some of the deficits described in this chapter are so complex that they may bewilder not only the patient and family but also the physician. It is imperative to carry out a systematic clinical evaluation in order to characterize the nature of the deficits and explain them in lay terms to the patient and family. Such an explanation can allay at least some of the anxieties, address the mistaken impression that the deficit (e.g.

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  • Parasomnias The term parasomnia refers to abnormal behaviors or experiences that arise from or occur during sleep. A continuum of parasomnias arise from NREM sleep, from brief confusional arousals to sleepwalking and night terrors. The presenting complaint is usually related to the behavior itself, but the parasomnias can disturb sleep continuity or lead to mild impairments in daytime alertness. Two main parasomnias occur in REM sleep: REM sleep behavior disorder (RBD), which will be described below, and nightmare disorder.

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  • The compensation or return theoretically due to or actually gained by a country’s citizens when a country’s resources such as oil or forests are exploited for export has always depended on complex social institutions, property rights and power relations. In an era of increasing trade, investment and financial liberalisation, the relationship between the exploitation of resources and the accrual of benefits to poor citizens is even more difficult.

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  • Microdeletion Syndromes The term contiguous gene syndrome refers to genetic disorders that mimic a combination of single-gene disorders. They result from the deletion of a small number of tightly clustered genes. Because some are too small to be detected cytogenetically, they are termed microdeletions. The application of molecular techniques has led to the identification of at least 18 of these microdeletion syndromes (Table 63-4). Some of the more common ones include the Wilms' tumor–aniridia complex (WAGR), Miller Dieker syndrome (MDS), and velocardiofacial (VCF) syndrome.

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  • Laboratory Testing for HIT HIT (antiheparin/PF4) antibodies can be detected using two types of assays. The most widely available is an enzyme-linked immunoassay (ELISA) with PF4/polyanion complex as the antigen. Since many patients develop antibodies but do not develop clinical HIT, the test has a low specificity for the diagnosis of HIT. This is especially true in patients who have undergone cardiopulmonary bypass surgery, where approximately 50% of patients develop these antibodies postoperatively.

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  • Metabolic and Inflammatory Disorders Acute febrile illnesses may result in vascular damage. This can result from immune complexes containing viral antigens or the viruses themselves. Certain pathogens, such as the rickettsiae causing Rocky Mountain spotted fever, replicate in endothelial cells and damage them. Vascular purpura may occur in patients with polyclonal gammopathies but more commonly in those with monoclonal gammopathies, including Waldenstrom's macroglobulinemia, multiple myeloma, and cryoglobulinemia.

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  • Mercury has a number of unique and fascinating properties. It is the only metal that, in its pure form, is a liquid at room temperature. Liquid mercury is volatile, meaning that it evaporates easily to form a poisonous vapour. Mercury conducts electricity and expands at a constant rate in response to changes in pressure or temperature. Electrical switches, barometers and thermometers take advantage of these properties.

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  • Midwives work closely with obstetric and GP colleagues to deliver maternity care for women, and increasingly with maternity support workers/maternity care assistants, health visitors/public health practitioners, social care colleagues and specialist workers to respond to the complex health and social needs of some women and their families. Crucial to the success of such partnership working is timely and effective communication.

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  • When the first edition of this book was published in 1993, I commented how notions regarding Tourette’s syndrome (TS) had undergone recent dramatic changes. Major shifts in views of the disorder included identification of its complex spectrum of clinical features (including tics and specific behavioral disorders, particularly obsessive-compulsive disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), establishment of heredity as a major etiological factor, and recognition that, rather than a rare disorder, it occurs quite commonly in the population....

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  • More recent studies using molecular methods and a retrievable enamel chip model have revealed a new line-up of initial colonizers though the early dental plaque microflora varies at subject-specific basis (Diaz et al., 2006; Kolenbrander et al., 2005). In initial plaque on the chip at four to eight hours, Streptococcus spp. was dominant while Veillonella, Gemella, Prevotella, Niesseria, Actinomyces and Rothia were also frequently found. Among streptococci, S. oralis, S. mitis, S. infantis, S. sanguinis, S. parasanguinis, S. gordonii, S. cristatus and S.

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  • At the beginning, specialists tried to diagnose the stage of periodontal disease depending on the relation between the clinical appearances and the presence of some specific cell populations or specific matrix components (Havemose-Poulsen & Holmstrup, 1997; Romanos et al., 1993).

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  • Paired sample t-tests were conducted to see whether the higher mean for the Overall score, as well as for each of the components of the Test, indicated a significant improvement. A paired sample t-test was conducted to determine whether the mean Listening score in Test 2 was significantly larger than the mean Listening score in Test 1. The result revealed the sample mean of 7.38 (SD = .60) to be significantly different from 7.05, t(39) = -2.78, p

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  • This research also differs from that of O’Loughlin and Arkoudis in that whereas the participants in their study were both undergraduate and postgraduate, in the current study they are undergraduates only, but representing a range of disciplines, namely, Nursing, Business, Engineering and Information Technology. Also differing from the O’Loughlin and Arkoudis study is the fact that for most of the participants in the research reported here, the results obtained in the July 2010 IELTS Test were not ‘exit scores’.

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