Complex financial instruments

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  • After studying this chapter, you should be able to: Understand what derivatives are and how they are used to manage risks; understand how to account for derivatives; analyze whether a hybrid/compound instrument issued for financing purposes represents a liability, equity, or both;...

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  • After studying this chapter, you should be able to: Understand how derivatives are used in hedging and explain the need for hedge accounting standards, understand how to apply hedge accounting standards, account for share appreciation rights plans,...

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  • In a decentralized-decisions economy under uncertainty, the financial system can be seen as the complex of institutions, infrastructure, and instruments that the society adopts to minimize the costs of transacting promises under agents’ incomplete trust and limited information. Building on a microeconomic, general equilibrium model that portrays such fundamental function of finance, this study analytically shows that, in line with recent empirical evidence, the development of financial infrastructure stimulates larger and more efficient capital industrial accumulation.

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  • The study aims at indicating determinants for Thai mutual fund growth based on two disciplines. The first discipline is the exploratory of Thai mutual funds via descriptive study or fact finding which indicates Thai mutual funds structure in terms of product concentration and the competitive situation as discussed in the last section. The second discipline is econometric model namely fixed effect model testing whether management fees, administrative fees, and other determinants affect the mutual fund growth.

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  • Both cross-border and domestic bank credit are (generally) denominated in multiple currencies. The BIS international banking statistics in combination with domestic bank credit data from the IMF’s International Financial Statistics, along with some assumptions, yield an estimate of the currency breakdown of total credit to non-banks (either including or excluding bank credit to governments) in a particular country. This breakdown allows us to express credit stocks at constant exchange rates (in this particular case, end-Q2 2011 rates).

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  • The provisions for embedded derivatives in IAS 39 apply to derivatives embedded in insurance contracts or financial instruments with discretionary participation features, within the scope of IFRS 4. However, if the embedded derivative is itself an insurance contract or a financial instrument with a discretionary participation feature within the scope of IFRS 4, it need not be separated and measured in terms of IAS 39.

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  • The analysis in this paper suggests that hedge funds play a very positive role in financial markets by providing liquidity to thin markets where mis-priced financial instruments are to be found. This type of activity reduces volatility rather than increasing it. Indeed with the rapid growth of structured products in recent years, particularly in Europe and Asia, hedge funds have been quite critical in containing the volatility that might otherwise have arisen.

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  • Stereotypical accountants – depicted tirelessly in literature and cinema – hunch lifelessly over their desks adding and subtracting endless columns of numbers. It is a dismal job held by nameless, glassy-eyed hordes. While these fictional portrayals were never accurate, the focus on numbers carries more than a grain of truth. Traditionally, accountants kept the books and assured that statutory requirements were met.

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  • While debt instruments such as diaspora bonds can have a positive impact on a country’s development (as Israel has experienced, for example), the majority of policymakers and diaspora communities have limited awareness about this financial instrument. 412 Moreover, governments are often deterred by complex regulatory requirements for issuing diaspora bonds abroad.

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  • The report presents an interesting analysis concluding that there are entities within all business models that have failed during the crisis.

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