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  • Computer Security: Chapter 1 - Introduction to Computer Security includes Examples – Security in Practice, What is Security? Pillars of Security; Vulnerabilities, Threats, and Controls; ttackers; How to React to an Exploit? Methods of Defense, Principles of Computer Security.

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  • Computer Security: Chapter 8 - Trust in P2P Systems Introduction about Mitigating Attacks in P2P Systems, Assumptions for Peer Interactions; Contexts of Trust in P2P Systems, Definitions for the Proposed Solution, Trust Metrics, Trust-based Decisions,...

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  • Computer Security: Chapter 2 - Introduction to Privacy in Computing (incl. technical and legal privacy controls) Introduction, Recognition of the need for privacy, Threats to privacy, Privacy Controls, Selected Advanced Topics in Privacy.

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  • Computer Security: Chapter 3 - Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PET) includes about PET, Encryption Tools, Policy Tools, Filtering Tools, SPAM Filters, Cookie Cutters, Anonymity Tools, Autonomy Enhancing Technology, Seclusion Enhancing Technologies.

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  • Computer Security: Chapter 4 - Introduction to Trust in Computing presents about Trust in Social & Computing Systems, Selected Trust Characteristics, Selected Research Issues in Trust, Avoiding Traps of Trust Complexity, Trust and Privacy, Trust & Pervasive Computing.

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  • Computer Security: Chapter 5 - Security Paradigms and Pervasive Trust Paradigm provides about Old security paradigms (OSPs) (Failures of OSPs, Example of enhancing OSP), Defining new security paradigms (NSPs) (Challenges and requirements for NSPs, Review and examples of existing security paradigms, New Paradigm).

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  • Computer Security: Chapter 7 - Using Trust for Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) includes Access Control in Open Systems, Proposed Access Control Architecture, TERM server (Basic, Evidence Model, Architecture, Prototype TERM server).

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  • Computer Security: Chapter 9 - Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) Role Classification Algorithm includes about Algorithm (Algorithm Preliminaries, Algorithm - Training Phase, Algorithm - Classification Phase, Classification Algorithm Pseudocode), Experiments.

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  • Computer Security: Chapter 10 - P2D2 - A Mechanism for Privacy-Preserving Data Dissemination Introduction (Interactions and Trust, Building Trust, Recognition of Need for Privacy Guarantees,...), Problem and Challenges, Proposed Approach, Prototype Implementation.

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  • Computer Security: Chapter 11 - Private and Trusted Interactions includes Assuring privacy in data dissemination, Privacy-trust tradeoff, Privacy metrics, Example applications to networks and e-commerce, Prototype for experimental studies.

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  • Lecture Note Professional practices in information technology - Lecture No. 21: Computer Security Ethics. After studying this chapter you will be able to understand: Hackers’ code of ethics, new(er) hacker ethics, security threats, ethical issues in security courses.

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  • (BQ) The book examines the elements of computer security, employee roles and responsibilities, and common threats. It discusses the legal requirements that impact security policies, including Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act. Detailing physical security requirements and controls, this updated edition offers a sample physical security policy and includes a complete list of tasks and objectives that make up an effective information protection program.

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  • Multicast and group security (Artech house computer security series) is a handbook for engineers, architects and other practitioners working in the field of Internet security. It presents detailed coverage of security technologies and techniques for IP (Internet protocol) multicast networks from the leading developer of the standards. It also examines important security issues relating to other group communication technologies. Algorithms and protocols for multi-party secure communication are included.

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  • Describe the types of computer security risks Describe the types of computer security risks Identify ways to safeguard against computer Identify ways to safeguard against. Identify ways to safeguard against computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses, denial of service attacks, back doors, and spoofing. Discuss techniques to prevent unauthorized computer access and use. Explain the options available for backing up computer resources.

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  • After you read this chapter you should be able to: Describe various types of network attacks, and identify ways to safeguard against these attacks, including firewalls and intrusion detection software; discuss techniques to prevent unauthorized computer access and use; identify safeguards against hardware theft and vandalism;...

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  • WHY SECURITY As computers becoming a part of our daily routine, we end up in leaving some of our sensitive information on our PC’s. These starts from Password’s, E-Mail Id’s, Credit card numbers, online banking details etc. Then there is another risk called viruses and spyware when you are online. There is only one fundamental difference between a virus and spyware, viruses are written for destruction and spywares for gain. When we speak about computer security what it means is that, how we can prevent intruders from entering our systems.

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  • (BQ) This book covers the topic of Computer hacking, what it is, and how you can learn to hack. You will learn about the difference between white hat and black hat hacking, and be given some information on how to secure yourself against hackers.

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  • If you think computer security has improved in recent years, The Myths of Security will shake you out of your complacency. Longtime security professional John Viega, formerly Chief Security Architect at McAfee, reports on the sorry state of the industry, and offers concrete suggestions for professionals and individuals confronting the issue. Why is security so bad? With many more people online than just a few years ago, there are more attackers -- and they're truly motivated. Attacks are sophisticated, subtle, and harder to detect than ever.

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  • As our society grows ever more reliant on computers, so it also becomes more vulnerable to computer crime. Cyber attacks have been plaguing computer users since the 1980s, and computer security experts are predicting that smart telephones and other mobile devices will also become the targets of cyber security threats in the future.

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