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  • Computer technology has made incredible progress in the past half century. In 1945, there were no stored-program computers. Today, a few thousand dollars will purchase a personal computer that has more performance, more main memory, and more disk storage than a computer bought in 1965 for $1 million. This rapid rate of improvement has come both from advances in the technology used to build computers and from innovation in computer design. While technological improvements have been fairly steady, progress arising from better computer architectures has been much less consistent.

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  • This edition of Fundamentals of Computer Graphics adds four new contributed chapters and contains substantial reorganizations and improvements to the core material. The new chapters add coverage of implicit modeling and of two important graphics applications: games and information visualization. The fourth new contributed chapter is a major upgrade to the material on color science. As with the chapters added in the second edition, we have chosen the contributors both for their expertise and for their clear way of expressing ideas....

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  • Cùng tìm hiểu Introduction; the Task of a Computer Designer; technology and Computer Usage Trends; cost and Trends in Cost; measuring and Reporting Performance;... được trình bày cụ thể trong "Bài giảng Computer Architecture: Chapter 1 - Prof. Jerry Breecher".

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  • Given that social media applications and services have only recently become available, these high usage rates indicate a surprisingly rapid take up among large parts of the European population. These findings are confirmed by a recent IPTS assessment of social computing (Ala-Mutka et al. 2009b) and by figures from other independent sources. Nielsen Online (2009) estimates that, globally, 67% of Internet users accessed social networking sites or blogs in 2008.

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