Concluding the meeting

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  • This book was first written following the tsunami in December 2004. The massive and sudden arrival of volunteers and non-government organisations into affected areas needed to link closely with local and government agencies and a „tsunami‟ of meetings was set up. Some meetings had unclear objectives, others were uncertain of the participant list or who should initiate the assembly; yet others were hampered by the damaged infrastructure and communicating systems. So this publication was produced by ...

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  • The ScrumMaster makes note of the blocks, and then helps team members to resolve them after the meeting. There’s no discussion during the Daily Scrum, just the reporting of the three key pieces of information; if discussion is required, it takes place right after the meeting. The Product Owner, Managers, and other stakeholders can attend the meeting, but they should refrain from asking questions or opening discussion until after the meeting concludes – everyone should be clear that the team is reporting to each other, not to the Product Owner, Managers or ScrumMaster.

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  • The selection must be announced at the latest on the day preceding the interview. The audit team may also arrange joint discussions for various actors within the institution concerning key topics in terms of quality management. The visit concludes with a meeting with the management, where the audit team has the opportunity to ask more specific questions about the institution’s quality system. At the end of the meeting, the audit team gives the institution preliminary feedback on the functioning of its quality system based on the observations made during the visit....

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  • There are a variety of project management methodologies in existence, such as PRINCE (Project in Controlled Environment), which in turn may be supported by an ever increasing range of project management tools, such as Project Manager Workbench (PMW) and MS-Project. The precise requirements of project management methodologies vary and frequently methodologies may be customised to meet the specific needs of an organisation.

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  • With the vast flow of content including email, web page visits, meetings, etc. and the fact that we have powerful ways to search for content, one might conclude that no organization is needed. In effect, everything can be in one, large folder and items are retrieved by their content with no attention to “location”. This is the exact opposite of how the project started five years ago – over 30,000 items were named and placed in about 1500 file folders, and retrieval was principally by folder location and file name. The classifying principle we used in...

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  • This report, Medicare’s Quality Improvement Organization Program: Maximizing Potential, is the second in the Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) Pathways to Quality Health Care series and was authored by the IOM’s Committee on Redesigning Health Insurance Performance Measures, Pay- ment, and Performance Improvement Programs.

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  • In 2008 the Cabinet Office published Food Matters: Towards a Strategy for the 21st Century (Cabinet Office 2008), which set out some of the concerns about current food consumption in the UK and its impact on health, and the economic, social and environmental sustainability of food production. It concluded that the current diet is not sustainable for either public health or the environment. In brief, the diet of the UK population is failing to meet dietary recommendations, with high intakes of saturated fat, sugar and salt, and low intakes of fruit and vegetables (Henderson et al.

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  • What can we build on and what should be developed so that the midwifery profession can fulfil its mission to meet women and families’ needs in 2020? In this section we examine how midwives can continue to meet women’s changing needs; how to make sure we are developing a midwifery workforce for the future; the public health role of the midwife; the importance of measuring the contribution of midwifery care; the support that midwives need to deliver quality care; and conclude with an examination of the image of midwifery, and the education and career pathways that are necessary for midwives ...

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  • Satellite Communication can be an effective strategy to meet this need in a technology-supported, cost-effective and time-efficient manner. This is evident from the observation of Geray et al. (2007) who conducted a study to understand the level of actual exposure and the types of young people exposed to a global media campaign to promote HIV prevention among 16- to 25-year-olds by MTV programme “Staying Alive,” in 2002.

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