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  • Chapter 6 describe the exchange rate system used by various governments, describe the development and implications of a single European currency, explain how governments can use direct intervention to influence exchange rates, explain how government intervention in the foreign exchange market can affect economic conditions.

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  • This book provides a comprehensive guide for surveyors and architects on the steps to take when approached by a client asking for a structural survey. It deals with all types of buildings: domestic, commercial and industrial. Advice is given on how to diagnose faults, with many detailed sketches and photographs to illus- trate the text. Examples of various types of reports are given in the appendices. We are living in an era of change. Adaptation of buildings for different uses and extensions to existing buildings are commonplace.

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  • HVAC systems are sized to satisfy a set of design conditions, which are selected to generate a maximum load. Because these design conditions prevail during only a few hours each year, the HVAC equipment must operate most of the time at less than rated capacity. The function of the control system is to adjust the equipment capacity to match the load.

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  • This book is intended to give nonelectrical professionals a fundamental understanding of large, interconnected electrical power systems with regard to terminology, electrical concepts, design considerations, construction practices, industry standards, control room operations for both normal and emergency conditions, maintenance, consumption, telecommunications, and safety. Several practical examples, photographs, drawings, and illustrations are provided to help the reader gain a fundamental understanding of electric power systems....

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  • Global agriculture is now at the crossroads. The Green Revolution of the last century that gave many developing countries such as India a breathing spell, enabling them to adjust the growth of their human populations better to the supporting capacity of their ecosystems, is now in a state of fatigue. Average growth rates in food production as well as factor productivity in terms of yield per unit of mineral fertilizer (NPK) are both declining.

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  • Heating ventilating and air conditioning is the technology of indoor and vehicular environmental comfort. Its goal is to provide thermal comfort and acceptable indoor air quality. HVAC system design is a subdiscipline of mechanical engineering, based on the principles of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer. Refrigeration is sometimes added to the field's abbreviation as HVAC&R or HVACR, or ventilating is dropped as in HACR (such as the designation of HACR-rated circuit breakers).

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  • As in many countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, the majority of poor smallholders in Malawi are left out of the agricultural extension and credit systems. These households, characterized by landholdings of less than 1 hectare and very low crop yields, are unable to grow enough food to feed themselves even though they focus much effort on producing food crops, especially maize.

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  • effect of nitrogen application levels on growth of rice under drought stress conditions. The aim of this study was to investigate effects of nitrogen (N) application on root system development, photosynthetic rate and dry matter production under different drought stress conditions. The experiments were conducted in a line source sprinkler system creating a soil moisture gradient under a rain-out shelter

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  • Lecture 8 - Government influence on exchange rates. After completing this chapter, students will be able to: To describe the exchange rate systems used by various governments; to explain how governments can use direct and indirect intervention to influence exchange rates; and to explain how government intervention in the foreign exchange market can affect economic conditions.

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  • The objectives of this study were to evaluate the effects of nitrogen forms on root system development (expressed as total root length, nodal root number, nodal root length, and lateral root length), water use, photosynthetic rate, and dry matter production under water deficit (WD) at 20% w/w and continuously waterlogged (CWL) conditions.

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  • In economic order quantity (EOQ) models, it is often assumed that the payment of an order is made on the receipt of items by the inventory system. In this paper, a varying rate of determination and the condition of permissible delay in payments used in conjunction with the economic order quantity model are the focus of discussion. Numerical examples are presented to illustrate the proposed models.

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  • Controlled oxidation is increasingly being practiced using solid peroxides, pH modifiers, and catalysts that promote the generation of free radicals. This new approach moderates the rate of dissolution and peroxide generation, which in turn controls that rate of reaction between peroxide and the petroleum contaminants. The use of slurried peroxides creates the opportunity to release oxidants and oxygen over a longer period, which can promote subsequent aerobic remediation.

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  • The Study Team will make and define a series of assumptions about future land use, urban development, climate, geomorphic processes, the agricultural drainage system, and watershed management in the MRB. These assumptions will be used as input variables in the model system to simulate future (some specified year, e.g., 2025) conditions. The small watershed, large watershed, and river water quality model systems will be used to simulate future (without projects or change in management) conditions of system hydrology, loading rates, and Minnesota River water quality conditions.

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  • Several international organisations and large fi nancial institutions have developed fi nancing conditions indices (FCIs). 1 Isolating fi nancing conditions from monetary conditions is especially useful at the current juncture, which is characterised by low monetary policy rates but substantial stress in the fi nancial system. This box reviews briefl y the methodology used to construct such FCIs and looks at some results obtained for the euro area as a whole.

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  • The macroeconomic configuration at the present time is conducive to sizeable interest rate exposures in the financial industry. Because virtually all firms are tempted to take the same risks (“herding”), there is also a very important systemic dimension. All firms will not be able to get out when expectations of future rates change – leading to “overshooting” in market interest rates or even illiquidity in interest rate hedging markets.

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  • The success of clinical IVF was initially compromised by sub-optimal culture conditions, resulting in impaired embryo development (1–6) and a subsequent loss of viability. However, research during the past 10–15 years has resulted in the development of more physiological and effective culture media capable of maintaining the viability of the developing embryo (7–10). This in turn has resulted in an increase in implantation rates and a decrease in the number of pregnancies lost. Furthermore, more suitable culture conditions produce embryos more able to survive cryopreservation (11). ...

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  • A review of the regulatory framework can also provide some indication of the level of competition within a country’s banking system. Other things being equal, competition should be greater when regulatory barriers to entry and exit is low, encouraging new entrants. The regulatory framework for the EAC region, summarized in Table 1, suggests a relatively open regime with similar conditions of entry and prudential treatment for all types of banks across countries.

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  • Each of the tools that the FOMC has available to provide further policy accommodation--including longer-term securities asset purchases, changes in communication, and reducing the IOER rate--has benefits and drawbacks, which must be appropriately balanced. Under what conditions would the FOMC make further use of these or related policy tools? At this juncture, the Committee has not agreed on specific criteria or triggers for further action, but I can make two general observations.

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  • Supplementing aids can be paid for liquid skimmed milk used in the manufacture of casein and in feeding. They can also be approved for SMP employed in feedstuff, making it more competitive compared to vegetable proteins. The subsidy rate granted takes into account market conditions, e.g. it was reduced to zero in October 2006, as EU market prices for milk protein became exceptionally high. In general, comparable aids are provided for the use of cream, butter and concentrated butter.

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  • According to Coppock (1994) under pastoralist management conditions, age at first calving is about four years of age. At Abernossa ranch in Ethiopia, weight and age at puberty in heifers were found to be about 155 kg and 22 months, respectively. Calving rate under a single-sire mating system was also improved to above 80% (Azage 1989), compared to about 45% under pastoral management conditions (Coppock 1994). These results would therefore indicate the improvement that could be achieved through proper selection scheme and better management....

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