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  • The SRI Core Language Engine (CLE) is a general-purpose natural language front end for interactive systems. It translates English expressions into representations of their literal meanings. This paper presents the lexical acquisition component of the CLE, which allows the creation of lexicon entries by users with knowledge of the application domain but not of linguistics or of the detailed workings of the system. It is argued that the need to cater for a wide range of types of back end leads naturally to an approach based on eliciting grammaticality judgments from the user.

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  • This paper describes a 'Logical Form' target language for representing the literal meaning of English sentences, and an intermediate level of representation ('Quasi Logical Form') which engenders a natural separation between the compositional semantics and the processes of scoping and reference resolution. The approach has been implemented in the SRI Core Language Engine which handles the English constructions discussed in the paper.

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  • Ever since Visual Basic was merged into .NET, it’s become the core language for creating business applications with Windows. The latest version, VB 2008, is even more useful — and provides even more incentive for migrating from VB 6. All it lacks is a good book on how to harness its power. Programming Visual Basic 2008 fills the void. Written in a lively and engaging style by a developer who’s grown up with Visual Basic, including both VB 6 and VB .NET, this hands-on guide addresses the core topics of the new VB, from basic to complex, with plenty of...

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  • We developed a prototype information retrieval system which uses advanced natural language processing techniques to enhance the effectiveness of traditional key-word based document retrieval. The backbone of our system is a statistical retrieval engine which performs automated indexing of documents, then search and ranking in response to user queries. This core architecture is augmented with advanced natural language processing tools which are both robust and efficient.

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  • Entity Framework 4.0 Recipes provides an exhaustive collection of ready-to-use code solutions for Entity Framework, Microsoft’s vision for the future of data access. Entity Framework is a model-centric data access platform with an ocean of new concepts and patterns for developers to learn. With this book, you will learn the core concepts of Entity Framework through a broad range of clear and concise solutions to everyday data access tasks.

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  • I began writing the first edition of this book in May 1996 as Java™ celebrated one of its first major rites of passage, the inaugural JavaOne conference. The conference's underlying theme was Java's transition from an applet language to a hard-core computing environment. In the time since that conference, that promise has become a reality. This book captures a small piece of that reality: Java as a language for enterprise computing.

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  • What if you could condense Java down to its very best features and build better applications with that simpler version? In this book, veteran Sun Labs engineer Jim Waldo reveals which parts of Java are most useful, and why those features make Java among the best programming languages available. Every language eventually builds up crud, Java included. The core language has become increasingly large and complex, and the libraries associated with it have grown even more.

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