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  • The helmet Douglass wanted so badly has now been presented to the Museum by Mrs. Douglass, in memory of her husband. It is a masterpiece of Renaissance metalwork, a fine example of formal beauty resulting from functional efficiency. For although it was designed with an eye both to beauty and utility, the principal aim of the ar- morer was to protect the wearer from injury. The contour follows the lines of the head, protecting the cranium and the sides of the face and neck, and...

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  • The consequences of a single breach in security can have severe and lasting effects on a business. The impact of an event can damage an enterprise's reputation and credibility. In turn, customer retention suffers. The direct financial impact of a security breach can be substantial. The costs of forensic analysis, employee downtime, and staff time and labor to remediate the effects of a breach are significant. According to the Computer Security Institute (CSI), on average, a single breach can cost a business in excess of $300,000.

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  • In this example, the intruder was connected to a corporate LAN and did a lot of work with another researcher on a different LAN. The backbone was set up in such a way that it took five hops and a 56-kbps line to get to the other research machines. By capturing routing information and having enough knowledge to change the routing metric information, the intruder altered the path so that his access became seemingly better through a backdoor connection.

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  • Developing Custom CPcode Functions In the DLP environment, CPcode can be used for creating new custom DLP Data Types. Note - Throughout this guide, "data types" has two meanings: CPcode data types are the supported data objects that can be used in scripts. For example: a CPcode data type is "integer". DLP data types are the representation of data sent by users, to identify messages that should be matched to the DLP policy. For example: a DLP Data Type is "Social Security Numbers".

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