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  • Solvent casting property for the scaffolds preparation is very simple, easy and inexpensive. It does not require any large equipment; it is totally based upon the evaporation of some solvent in order to form scaffolds by one of the two routes. One method is to dip the mold into polymeric solution and allow sufficient time to draw off the solution; as a result a layer of polymeric membrane is created. Other method is to add the polymeric solution into a mold and provide the sufficient time to evaporate the solvent that create a layer of polymeric membrane, which adhere to...

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  • Few people realize that one Country tried a New deal only as recently as 18 years ago, Germany. The German modal could be the modal that some countries would choose today. But few people realize the German New Deal failed. When the Berlin Wall fell, East Germany became part of West Germany to become a new Germany. The West GermanGovernment spent billions rebuilding Eastern Germany, investing in public works and the financial bailout of ordinary East German incomes.

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  • Traditional customs and festivals have emerged to be a crucial part in Vietnam’s modern life recently. The author investigates the trends of folk festivals from the perspectives of cultural studies, namely the strong restoration to promote them for tourism development, their secularisation, as well as the promotion of international exchange in the festivals, and their governmentalisation/ officialisation. Diversity and complexity are increasing amidst activities of religious beliefs and folk festivals in the contemporary society.

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  • The Conference Board creates and disseminates knowledge about management and the marketplace to help businesses strengthen their performance and better serve society. Working as a global, independent membership organization in the public interest, we conduct research, convene conferences, make forecasts, assess trends, publish information and analysis, and bring executives together to learn from one another.

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  • If the 20th century could be characterized by the rapid increase in the production and consumption of materials that helped improving the standards of living, then the 21st certainly has many elements to qualify as the century of recycling. Since the duration of life of a number of wastes is very small (roughly 40% have duration of life smaller than one month), there is a vast waste stream that reaches each year to the final recipients creating a serious environmental problem.

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  • Young doctors are the future of our Society. Therefore, I am hoping to see a global network created for young gynecologists who are interested in gynecologic cancer. If young doctors from various countries start to communicate effectively and share information with each other, we can both improve and standardize cancer treatment and contribute to the well-being of women worldwide. Education for young doctors is very important because they are still pure and have a sensitivity to share experiences of all kinds.

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  • In addition, it could make the liquidity position of the ETF fragile, by challenging the ability of ETF providers to meet unexpected liquidity demands from investors, particularly if outflows from ETFs become significant under severe stress. A prevalence of securities lending could create a risk of a market squeeze in the underlying securities if ETF providers recalled on-loan securities on a large scale in order to meet redemptions.

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  • Toronto’s Coordinated Street Furniture Program creates a unique opportunity to dramatically improve and celebrate the quality of our public spaces through exceptional design. Toronto’s streets and sidewalks are key components of the public realm. When they are thoughtfully designed with well- placed amenities, a beautiful, functional and safe urban environment is the result. Street furniture amenities, including transit shelters, benches, recycling bins, publications boxes, information and wayfinding signs, contribute to the way our streets look and feel.

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  • “Grow With Us” is more than a slogan for our 2012 Membership Campaign, it is a commitment of our Chamber. During the next two years we will work hard to have existing members become more engaged, bring new members into the organization and move our services from valued to essential. While the Chamber’s mission will remain the same - To create a favorable economic climate by providing meaningful services to the business community - we will focus on four core strategies: business services/opportunities for Chamber members,...

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  • What constitutes identity for a compact disc? In other words, when you look at a list of compact discs, how do you know that two items in the list are actually the same compact disc? On the face of it, the disc title seems as if it might be a good candi- date. Unfortunately, different bands can have albums with the same title. In fact, you probably use a combination of the artist name and disc title to distinguish among dif- ferent discs. The artist and title in our CD entity are considered identifying attributes because they identify individual CD instances.

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  • Though there is no technical definition by any statutory body for Cybercrime, it is broadly defined by the Computer Crime Research Centre as - “Crimes committed on the internet using the computer either as a tool or a targeted victim. Cybercrime could also include non-monetary offenses, such as creating and distributing small or large programs written by programmers called viruses on other computers or posting confidential business information on the Internet.

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  • Information and Communication Technology is playing an important role in assisting teachers in their activities. They became a) more efficient, b) more precise and c) more comprehensive. The “Audio” ad is a clear illustration for this trend. Students’ acceptance of the “Audio” tool has been analysed and compared with the “traditional” correction and the “track change”. 57 students have answered a structured questionnaire using a web 2.0 application for creating an online form. Results show a high relative importance for the “Audio” correction (42.

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  • This competition will help businesses utilise digitised data and processes to create a new model that is more efficient and convenient. Digital technologies in oil and gas companies can have a significant business impact as it contributes to increasing hydrocarbon recovery, ensuring safety across the business ecosystem, and improving operational reliability. This paper addresses the oil and gas industry’s trends in digital transformation and the initiatives at Bien Dong POC.

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  • Computer technology has made incredible progress in the roughly 55 years since the first general-purpose electronic computer was created. Today, less than a thousand dollars will purchase a personal computer that has more performance, more main memory, and more disk storage than a computer bought in 1980 for $1 million.

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  • Nature creates the best ingredients and combining them is a mixture materials. So, get inspiration for new designs of their intended use. We make new construction, the new artificial materials and evaluate them before use. Composites are formed from components with high-tech materials potential. This potential is wide is wide variation of materials and structures construction when new updates are invented every day.

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  • Geoinformatics is the science and technology of gathering, analyzing, interpreting, distributing, and using geospatial information. It encompasses a broad range of disciplines brought together to create a detailed but understandable picture of the physical world and our place in it. The Handbook of Research on Geoinformatics is the first reference work to map this exciting interdisciplinary field, discussing the complete range of contemporary research topics such as computer modeling, geometry, geoprocessing, and geographic information systems.

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  • Aluminium alloys have undergone a dramatic transformation in areas of extrusion, machining, welding, heat treatment, structural changes, created by ultra fine particles and enhanced corrosion resistance. Hence, these alloys have made rapid gains in European automotive and space industry. These developments have been described by experts in the book with new data and attractive graphics. The effect of processing parameters, including welding and deep rolling on their performance have been highlighted to alleviate the concerns of manufacturers and designers for new applications.

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  • Here's the scoop on building and marketing great games for the iPhone and iPad! The iPhone and iPad are the hottest techno-gadgets on the market today, and games for it are even hotter. To help you cash in on the trend, this book shows what it takes to create a good iPhone and iPad game and how to get it into the App Store.

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  • Major oil spills attract the attention of the public and the media. In recent years, this attention has created a global awareness of the risks of oil spills and the damage they do to the environment. However, oil is a necessity in our industrial society, and a major sustainer of our lifestyle. Most of the energy used in Canada and the United States is for transportation that runs on oil and petroleum products. According to trends in energy usage, this is not likely to decrease much in the future.

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  • EXTERNAL AUDITOR'S EVALUTIONS OF INTERNAL : AUDIT WORK - A CASCADED INFERENCE APPROACH The trends identified in Figures 1.1 and 1.2 are again clear. First, θ is well above zero when δ is small, indicating that the residential housing market mechanism rewards administrators of effective schools with the wealthiest students when parents primarily assess schools by their effectiveness. When δ is large, θ is close to zero for all J, as no district structure creates the desired rewards when parents are largely unconcerned with school effectiveness....

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