Creating a generic method

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  • Tạo ra một phương pháp chung Cũng như các lớp học định nghĩa chung chung, bạn cũng có thể sử dụng NET Framework. Để tạo ra phương pháp chung chung. Một phương pháp chung cho phép bạn chỉ định các tham số và kiểu trả về bằng cách sử dụng một tham số loại một cách tương tự như được sử dụng khi xác định một lớp học chung chung.

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  • Creating a Generic Method As well as defining generic classes, you can also use the .NET Framework to create generic methods. A generic method allows you to specify parameters and return type by using a type parameter

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  • In this chapter, students will be able to: To create generic methods that perform identical tasks on arguments of different types; to create a generic Stack class that can be used to store objects of any class or interface type; to understand how to overload generic methods with non-generic methods or with other generic methods;...

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  • TDictionary represents a generic collection of key-value pairs. This class provides a mapping from a collection of keys to a collection of values. When you create a TDictionary object, you can specify various combinations of initial capacity, equality operation, and initial content. You can add a key that is associated with a corresponding value with the Add or AddOrSetValue methods. You can remove entries with Remove or Clear, which removes all key-value pairs. Adding or removing a key-value pair and looking up a key are efficient, close to O(1), because keys are hashed.

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  • Microsoft Visual C# is a powerful but simple language aimed primarily at developers creating applications by using the Microsoft .NET Framework. It inherits many of the best features of C++ and Microsoft Visual Basic but few of the inconsistencies and anachronisms, resulting in a cleaner and more logical language. With the advent of C# 2.0 in 2005, several important new features were added to the language, including generics, iterators, and anonymous methods. C# 3.

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