Creating a header file

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  • Introduction We will do three things in this seminar: 1. We will describe how to use an object-oriented style of programming with C programs, allowing the creation of libraries of code that can be easily adapted for use in different embedded projects; 2. We will describe how to create and use a ‘Project Header’ file. This file encapsulates key aspects of the hardware environment, such as the type of processor to be used, the oscillator frequency and the number of oscillator cycles required to execute each instruction. This helps to document the system, and makes it easier to port...

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  • This VI saves data to a binary file using a simple formatting scheme in which the file’s header is a long word integer (I32) containing the number of data points in the file. In the next exercise, build a VI that reads the binary file. To build a VI that writes data to a binary file with a simple data formatting scheme. Front Panel 1. Open a new VI and build the front panel shown previously. 2. When you create the menu ring, recall that a shortcut for adding a new item to the list of options is to press after entering...

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