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  • This is a book about Creative Business Ideas. These words do not necessarily trip off the tongue. And there are those who might suggest that “creative” and “business” are as unnatural a combination as “business” and “ideas.” I can understand that. Most often, business thinking is based only in numbers, research, analysis, and logic. These are comfortable staples of predictability for business-trained minds and corporate decision makers. And for risk avoidance in general. Creativity is for the artists and dreamers, poets and ad people.

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  • Congratulations! You are one of the few people that will have exclusive access to a little-known, yet very profitable home-based business niche that may earn you up to $600 a day or more cleaning foreclosured homes for national banks, mortgage companies and insurance institutions...

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  • (bq) part 1 book "entrepreneurship" has contents: the entrepreneurial mind set; corporate entrepreneurship, generating and exploiting new entries; creativity and the business idea; protecting the idea and other legal issues for the entrepreneur; the organizational plan; the financial plan,...and other contents.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'entrepreneurship – creativity and innovative business models', kinh doanh - tiếp thị, quản trị kinh doanh phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Phần của quảng cáo truyền hình hãy còn thấp so sánh với quảng cáo trên báo chí ngoại trừ một số nước như Hy lạp, Ý, Bồ Đào Nha và Nhật bản. Tuy nhiên, trong những năm gần đây, khuynh hướng chung là sự suy giảm của doanh số quảng cáo trên báo chí. Ví dụ của Pháp cho ta thấy điều đó. Vào khoảng năm 1970, tỷ lệ quảng cáo trên mặt báo ở Pháp lên đến 70% nhưng nó đã tụt xuống còn 60% (1980) rồi dưới mức 50% vào năm 1993 (47,3% trong năm 1996). Trong khi đó, nhờ sự tự do...

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  • All too often, entrepreneurs, sales executives, and marketing managers go to great lengths to show how their new business plans or creative concepts are practical and high margin—only to be rejected by corporate decision makers who don’t seem to understand the real value of the ideas. Why does this happen? It turns out that the problem has as much to do with the seller’s traits as with an idea’s inherent quality. The person on the receiving end tends to gauge the pitcher’s creativity as well as the proposal itself. And judgments about the pitcher’s ability to come up with workable...

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  • These days, there's hardly a mission statement that doesn't herald it, or a CEO who doesn't laud it. And yet despite all of the attention that business creativity has won over the past few years, maddeningly little is known about day-to-day innovation in the workplace. Where do breakthrough ideas come from? What kind of work environment allows them to flourish? What can leaders do to sustain the stimulants to creativity -- and break through the barriers? Teresa Amabile has been grappling with those questions for nearly 30 years.

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  • the anatomy of your creativity aims to awaken parts of your psycho-physical system to give you a head start, and a good feeling in your heart about your life and work. whether you have an idea for a startup; your business is static, safe, steady but needs stretch; you are “worried well” between “stretch” and “panic”; or you have a leaky, rocky, pear-shaped project and have just had enough - open the anatomy of your creativity.

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  • The nonverbal aspect of an ad or commerical carries half the burden of communicating te big idea. in fact, the nonverbal message is inseparable from te verbal. As advertising copy goes through the editing process, copywriters must be prepared for an inevitable (and sometimes lengthy) succession of edits and credits from agency and client managers and legal departments. Copywriters must be more than creative; they must be patient, flexible, mature and able to exercise great self control.

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  • Introduction A Declaration of creativity The Creative Universal Flux Be happy - Whatever your Home Zone, You are Needed! The First Phase Of Creativity: Openness (Blue Zone) Before you start creating – the inevitable ‘But is this really the time for it?’ objection. The ‘But we can’t afford it’ objection. The Power Of Not Knowing The power of Presuppositions, Assumptions and Rules How to unblinker our perceptions Chemicals, other activities Mental exercises to ‘unjam’ Get out of the verbal bubble! Look for ‘bad’ facts too The Second Phase – The Green Zone Of The Green Zone The flash of...

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  • the new rules of viral m a r k e t i n g how word-of-mouse spreads your ideas for free david meerman scott .the new rules of viral marketing :: how word-of-mouse spreads your ideas for free david meerman scott 2 © 2008 by david meerman scott copyright holder is licensing this under the creative commons license, attribution 3.0. special thanks to mark levy, positioning guru extraordinaire. read about mark at john wall has provided me with valuable input and help in my own viral marketing efforts.

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  • For financial sales professionals, How to be a Million Dollar Producer shows the financial advisor the step by step tactics to become a top producer and enjoy a seven figure annual income. Examples show how a financial advisor can replicate how a physician runs his practice and achieve the same income. Other explanations show that having more time in the day is not about time management, but rather, the financial advisor

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  • Visual design is the process of structuring messages by using visual elements. The purpose of visuals is to communicate messages. Good visual designs match the message goal with the purpose for using the visual-for example, to increase understanding or interest and to clarify, simplify, or summarize ideas. Chapter 17 provides knowledge of creativity and visual design.

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  • Visual design is the process of structuring messages by using visual elements. The purpose of visuals is to communicate messages. Good visual designs match the message goal with the purpose for using the visual-for example, to increase understanding or interest and to clarify, simplify, or summarize ideas. Chapter 17 provides knowledge of creativity and visual design.

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  • The article reviews past approaches to creativity support, differentiating between computer centric and human centric approaches. It identifies shortcomings of past creativity support systems, to propose a new three-pronged approach for creativity support through social media. The approach suggests drawing on collective intelligence for need identification, idea generation, and idea evaluation. Focusing on innovation in business, the article demonstrates how knowledge and creativity can be extracted from social media to facilitate all three activities.

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  • Aproject of this scope can only be realized through the outstanding contributions of a great team of people. Accordingly, the editors wish to acknowledge the spirit, creative talent, drive, and contributions of many. First, we’d like to thank our 50 coaches for so generously contributing their time and best thinking in an honest and open dialogue. In particular, Jim Kouzes was instrumental in the development of our ideas and our knowledge of top coaches, and generous with his perspectives and critique....

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  • The quadrant map reveals just how important Capital Access is in affecting the ability of small businesses to compete. The recession hampers small businesses’ ability to secure funding for their short and long term needs, which in turn restrains their ability to grow and compete effectively. The map also reveals that Marketing and Innovation is not just a weak area, but a highly important one. The economy is likely sapping creativity in coming up with new ideas to grow their businesses.

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  • Laura Bruney, Executive Director of the Arts & Business Council of Miami says, “The 101 list came about when one of our steering committee members thought people would respond [to a list of ideas] and they did! The steering committee came up with some unique items for the list. We focused on innovative and unique promotional opportunities between business and the arts. We also tried to emphasize neighborhood marketing—promoting the event/performance in the area surrounding the theatre or performance site.” When looking at the suggestions on this list, consider your target customers.

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  • Creativity is defined in this report as the production of new ideas that are fit for a particular business purpose. This sees creativity as the first stage in innovation. Creativity has a role in enhancing all aspects of business performance – from the design of new products and services to their production, marketing and distribution. It is not unusual to link creativity to certain industries such as film, music or design. But the challenge, as noted by the Chancellor, is ‘not just to encourage creative industries, our priority is to encourage all industries to be creative’.

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  • Creativity is vital for every part of the economy. The ability to generate a diverse set of business options through new ideas is a central feature of innovation in all firms and, as such, is central to sustained economic growth. Design, as a structured creative process, is an important competitive tool for firms in many sectors, although design activities can take many forms across those different sectors. The UK led the world in recognising the significance of creativity and design. The Design Council was set up in 1944.

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