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  • This popular book helps readers understand the difference between blindly accepting information and critical analysis and synthesis. It teaches how to react rationally to alternate points of view and develop a foundation for making personal choices about what to accept and what to reject in what we see and hear. Focusing on the question-asking skills and techniques necessary for evaluating different types of evidence, this book addresses critical thinking as a generic skill with many applications while emphasizing values and moral reasoning as an integral part of critical thinking.

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  • Critical thinking is the art of raising what is subconscious in our reasoning to the level of con- scious recognition. It is the art of taking control of our thinking processes so as to understand the pathway and inputs that our thinking employs. Critical thinkers understand the mechanics of reasoning (thinking). They use this understand- ing to manage the unconscious influences that contribute to their decision-making processes.

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  • Critical thinking là học hoặc giải quyết một vấn đề nào đó mà luôn theo hướng mở rộng tầm mắt để tiếp thu điều mới. Hãy bắt đầu bằng việc khẳng định điều cốt lõi của vấn đề là gì, sau đó là suy nghĩ rộng hơn, và tính đến các khả năng, các khía cạnh khác nhau của vấn đề và cuối cùng là rút ra kết luận sau khi đã hiểu vấn đề dựa trên các dẫn chứng rõ ràng. Động lực, định kiến riêng của người học và các chuyên gia sau đó được đem ra so...

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  • The document Critical thinking and problem solving in thinking skills present the content: thinking and reasoning; critical thinking, the basics; problem solving, basic skills; applied critical thinking; advanced problem solving; problem solving further techniques; critical reasoning: advanced level. Invite you to consult the ebook to grasp the content details.

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  • This chapter’s objectives are to: Illustrate the importance of critical thinking for today’s managers, demonstrate the significance of critical thinking skills in a job interview, explore the consequences of critical thinking backgrounds,...

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  • The article is about the levels of gaining critical thinking skills by students at Ho Chi Minh University of Education through a survey based on the Dimensions of Critical Thinking Skills adapted from Paul, Binker, Jensen, and Kreklau. (1990). Critical Thinking Skills. North Central Regional Educational Laboratory. Thereby, we can see the different aspects of thinking.

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  • Developing students’ critical thinking competence in Chemistry is one of the most effectual solutions to help the students gain insights into the nature of chemical objects. This article introduces the assessment scale of evaluating students’ critical thinking competence in chemistry in accordance to reasoning about definitions, structures, levels of manifestation of critical thinking. The five principles and five steps of the procedure are also strictly followed.

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  • Integrating critical thinking in efl classes: Curent practices and prospects. 2012). This empirical study aims to investigate the integration of critical thinking in EFL classes at a university of foreign languages. Document analysis (course syllabi) and semi -structured interviews (teachers) were used to collect data for this specific question.

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  • This chapter presents the following content: Critical thinking skills, levels of thinking, universal elements of reasoning, an example of using critical thinking skills, effective writing skills, writing as a process, punctuation primer, improved writing skills required,...

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  • The online platform is better when there are students interact with each other in form of social learning. Nonetheless, limited research is available on how online interaction in the social learning environment can promote students’ critical thinking skill. This study utilized a theory-building method to design the framework. The purpose of the framework of this study is to assist other practitioners and researchers in applying the elements of online interaction in a social learning environment to q.

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  • This innovation was also supported by theories and empirical study. This study serves as preliminary study in the process of SCT learning model development to improve the critical thinking skills and self-efficacy of pre-service chemistry teachers. This study covers need analysis, literature review, and field survey. Result shows that the innovation can stand as the basis of hypothetic SCT learning model development. SCT learning model syntax covers: student orientation, scientific activity, presentation of scientific activity result, critical thinking task completion; and evaluation.

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  • This mixed methods study investigated the dynamic impacts of instructor moderations and peer reviews on critical thinking (CT) in a virtual learning community. Multiple data sets were collected from online discourses, participants’ written reflections, and learning artifacts, and analyzed and triangulated with both quantitative and qualitative methods. Both instructor moderations and peer reviews had great impacts on learner’s CT in multiple ways, and stimulated CT development throughout the semester.

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  • Critical thinking, the art of reasoning, is a high level academic skill. It can be taught using several other resources, one of them is the use of interdisciplinary texts. This writing aims at exploring how interdisciplinary texts can be supportive to enhance students' critical thinking skill and also comprises some recommendations for a successful delivery of these texts to enhance the target skill. It concludes that the use of interdisciplinary texts is a means to teach critical thinking skill but not an end. The judicious use of them to develop students' critical thinking skill is relevant.

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  • Arguments for including mindfulness instruction in higher education have included claims about the benefits of mindfulness practice for critical thinking. While there is theoretical support for this claim, empirical support is limited. The aim of this study was to test this claim by investigating the effects of an online mindfulness intervention on executive function, critical thinking skills and associated thinking dispositions.

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  • While most modern research focuses on the clinical benefits of mindfulness, an emerging body of work suggests that mindfulness can facilitate self-regulation of everyday thinking in typically developing individuals. This behaviour is best captured using critical thinking assessments.

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  • This article provides comprehensive coverage to the concept of critical thinking of one decade of the year 1990s. it will be of benefits to employers, organizations, schools, colleges, and universities. It gives a highlight of the concept of critical thinking addressed by the pioneers of this topic.

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  • This study aims to have a more indepth view of the effects of group composition on promoting critical thinking level of ELF students in collaborative writing.

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  • This article analyses the crucial roles of critical thinking skills in teaching English as a foreign language (EFL) and developing practical professionals for English pedagogical major students. For practical purposes, examples of activities and steps of implementation are given to enhance critical thinking skills for students at HCM City University of Education, Vietnam.

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  • This paper presents the needs to develop critical thinking for Vietnamese students. Literature on critical thinking is generalized and introduced. Problems of Vietnamese education and challenges to foster critical thinking in classroom practices are also reported with a relation to influences of a Confucian heritage culture and difficulties of implementation of argumentation.

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  • It is implied from the study’s findings that the critical thinking framework used in this study can be used as a reference tool to develop and assess critical thinking or to design teaching contents with the integration of critical thinking. Reflective journal writing activity can be widely used in EFL content classes, in general, and in EFL literature classes, in particular, to promote students’ critical thinking.

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