Cropping systems

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  • Research objectives: Researching for improved cropping systems with proposed cropping structure on rice-based land in Dong Hy District, Thai Nguyen Province in the period of 2010 -2020; researching and applying some cultivation techniques for the tea production on hilly land in Dong Hy District, Thai Nguyen Province.

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  • With shortages of fossil energy and heavy biomass energy use occurring in both developed and developing countries, a major focus has developed worldwide on renewable energy systems. Currently, a heavy focus is on biofuels made from crops, crop residues and wood. Though it may seem beneficial to use renewable plant materials for biofuel, their use raises many concerns about major environmental problems, including food shortages and serious destruction of vital soil resources.

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  • Protected cropping provides vegetable growers with an opportunity to enhance product quality and improve food safety. The overall objective of this project was to provide Vietnamese scientists and extension specialists with the training and tools to implement and foster regionally feasible improvements to current vegetable production practices and supply chains. This was achieved through: 1) greenhouse replicated experiments and demonstration trials in Northern, Central and Southern Vietnam; 2) four in-country workshops and 3) two Australian study tours for research and extension personnel.

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  • Poultry in 2006 our country has about 215 million children. Song epidemic of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) caused by H5N1 virus broke out in almost all provinces in the country from early 2004 to far as millions of birds have been destroyed. H5N1 epidemic has caused great impact both in terms economic and social area. The question arises: how to limit this dangerous disease and war translated by vaccine inoculation has to be a useful tool? This study aims to classify poultry production system with the obstacles encountered in each system, especially the risk of disease...

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  • In much of the world without artifi cial irrigation, the agricultural year can be divided into a crop production period followed by a post-harvest period. Crop production lasts for three months or more but the post-harvest period may stretch from the end of one growing season to the next, often at least six months. If there is only one rainy season then it may last for as long as ten months. In the European Union, intervention storage may last for several years.

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  • In addition to documenting the uptake and diffusion of the three GGDP-generated maize technologies, this case study provides valuable insights about the many factors that can affect the adoption of agricultural innovations in general. The survey results show that adoption of improved production technology is directly influenced by three sets of factors: (1) characteristics of the technology (e.g., complexity, profitability, riskiness, divisibility, compatibility with other technologies); (2) characteristics of the farming environment (e.g.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'systemic banking crises: a new database', công nghệ thông tin, cơ sở dữ liệu phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • The type of soil strength characteristic (i.e. the variation of soil strength with soil water content) favourable to crop growth depends on both the amount and the distribution of the annual rainfall, and on the nature of the crop. The soil must have sufficient mechanical strength to provide adequate anchorage for the plant throughout its development, and to prevent the collapse of soil water and air pathways by soil overburden pressure and the weight of vehicle and animal traffic. Dense regions of high strength may limit root growth and crop...

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  • Agriculture and forestry are poised on the brink of a quantum leap forward through the further application of exciting new tools such as genomics and transgenic plants. In the near future, it will be possible to produce a higher quantity of improved quality crops than even imagined just a few years ago.  In addition to feed and food, it will be possible to provide raw materials for industrial uses. For example, cotton fibers, wood ligno-celluloses, corn  carbohydrates, soybean oils, and other plant constituents will be altered via designed changes in metabolic pathways.

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  • Unit 17: Post – Harvest system outlines the steps involved in traditional processing of cereals. It is vital that project planners and managers consider the traditional technologies in their particular socio – economic context when introducing any technical improvements or adaptations.

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  • Evidence grows daily of the rapid changes in climate due to human activities and their impact on plants and animals. Plant function is inextricably linked to climate and atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration. On the shortest and smallest scales the climate affects the plant’s immediate environment and thus directly influences physiological processes. On longer and larger time and space scales climate influ- ences species distribution and community composition and determines what crops can be viably produced in managed agricultural, horticultural and forestry ecosys- tems.

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  • Compost phương pháp sản xuất, hóa chất và quá trình sinh học, và chất lượng Ngành công nghiệp làm vườn là một trong những người tiêu dùng chính của sửa đổi hữu cơ sử dụng như là phương tiện truyền thông ngày càng tăng.

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  • Sử dụng Compost trong hệ thống Làm Vườn Trồng trọt. thu hoạch diện tích cho 25 loại rau tươi và dưa hấu được lựa chọn là 748.677 ha ở Hoa Kỳ vào năm 1997 (USDA, 1998). Diện tích 10 chế biến rau quả gia tăng thêm 574.660 ha. Giá trị sản xuất cho 25 thị trường rau quả tươi và 10 loại cây trồng chế biến đạt 9,27 tỷ USD trong năm 1997 (USDA, 1998). Sản xuất rau phải được coi là sử dụng lý tưởng cho phân hữu cơ vì hầu hết các loại cây trồng được trồng trong...

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  • Mối nguy hiểm tiềm năng, Thận trọng, và quy định của Compost sản xuất và sử dụng. Composts chuẩn bị từ chất thải rắn, thành phố trực thuộc Trung ương (MSW), chất rắn sinh học (thành phố nước thải bùn), chất thải chế biến thực phẩm, phân, mảnh vỡ sân, và nông nghiệp sản phẩm phụ và phế liệu đang ngày càng có sẵn để sử dụng nông nghiệp.

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  • In modern agriculture, farmers continuously face a battle to achieve products in high yields and better quality to feed an ever increasing world population (Stetter & Lieb, 2000). The optimization of agriculture techniques demands, along with other requirements, the application of crop protection agents to control a variety of diseases and pests, among which are weeds. Weeds compete with crops for nutrients, water, and physical space, may harbor insect and disease pests, and are thus capable of greatly undermining both crop quality and yield.

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  • Lợi ích của việc sử dụng nguồn Compost trong hệ thống Làm Vườn Trồng trọt Trong những năm 1960, nurserymen trên toàn nước Mỹ đã khám phá khả năng của việc sử dụng vỏ cây trộn như là một thay thế than bùn để giảm chi phí hỗn hợp bầu. Cải thiện tăng trưởng thực vật và giảm thiệt hại gây ra do thối rễ Phytophthora đã được quan sát thấy là lợi ích thứ hai trong ngành công nghiệp vườn ươm.

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  • Landfill gas from a source of green energy, clean, renewable and can be used to create electricity, or used in the energy industry. This paper reviews the potential energy recovery landfill gas from municipal solid waste, to reducing methane emissions in particular, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions in general. In addition, this paper provides an assessment using the model of methane generated from landfill municipal solid waste and generate energy potential of gas recovered. In particular, this paper uses a life cycle assessment methods ......

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  • In response to increasing concerns about degradation of natural resources and the sustainability of agricultural production potentials in many poor regions of the world, many national and international organisations have initiated research and development programmes for natural resource management (NRM).

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  • Dư lượng hóa chất còn sót lại bởi thuốc diệt nấm và thuốc trừ sâu là một trong những vấn đề chính gây ô nhiễm rau ở Việt Nam. Sự phát triển của phương pháp sản xuất thực phẩm an toàn được bồi dưỡng Sở Primary Industries dự án trước NSW (CARD-0016; 2001-2003) nhưng điều này chỉ có thể được thực hiện với nghiên cứu thêm và phát triển.

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  • As rates of deforestation and land degradation, and losses of biodiversity and ecosystem services, continue to rise globally, the international community is faced with the challenge of finding land use interventions that can mitigate or reduce the impact of these environmental issues. Agroforestry, the integration of trees in farming systems, has the potential for providing rural livelihoods and habitats for species outside formally protected lands, connecting nature reserves, and alleviating resourceuse pressure on conservation areas.

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