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  • In a globalized business setting, a national culture that impacts strongly innovation is of utmost importance especially in developing countries that expect to improve income levels and compete globally. Since organizational culture is embedded in national culture, studying culture at the organizational level is apt especially when organizational culture and innovation have been found to increase performance.

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  • An organization’s culture matters a lot. That’s what John Kotter and I concluded from a three-year study of the relationship between corporate culture and performance in the early 1990s. CEOs generally agree, although I’m left wondering whether some of them really believe it or whether it’s something they’ve been conditioned to say when reminded to do so. It’s confirmed by even the best (5-star) investment analysts on Wall Street, a group that we might assume would look only to financial measures in recommending investments.

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  • Sometimes a book is so refreshing in its perspective, so innovative, that it promises to revolutionize a field of scholarship. The Founding Fathers, Pop Culture, and Constitutional Law is one such book. It is a bold intervention into the field of constitutional interpretation, a field which Susan Burgess argues has reached a kind of scholarly impasse. Rather than tread the well-worked path with another theory of constitutional meaning, Burgess offers us a cultural studies reading of constitutional scholarship.

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  • This study examines variables that are within the organization, namely transformational leadership, innovation culture and information technology as antecedents of business model innovation and measures their impact on firm performance.

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  • After reading this chapter, you should be able to answer the following questions: What is organizational culture? How do you understand an organizational culture? How can we manage organizational culture and innovation? What is innovation and why is it important?

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  • Tài liệu Start-up nation the story of Israels Economic Miracle dan senor and saul singer analyze and explain the development of Israel's economy and deeply attracted. The book gives you a complete look at most of the country and people of Israel under development history. Thereby their draw meaningful lessons, motivate you to start a business.

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  • This book is planned to publish with an objective to provide a state-of-art reference book in the area of computational fluid dynamics for CFD engineers, scientists, applied physicists and post-graduate students. Also the aim of the book is the continuous and timely dissemination of new and innovative CFD research and developments. This reference book is a collection of 14 chapters characterized in 4 parts: modern principles of CFD, CFD in physics, industrial and in castle.

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  • (bq) part 2 book "organizational behavior" has contents: the leadership process, leader traits and behavioral styles, organizational culture and innovation, organizational structure and design.

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  • While – as Hake (2004: 193) has stated – there is still a tendency to estab- lish a discursive dichotomy between consumer culture and the elitist thoughts of avant-garde movements, it should be stressed that both share a common rhetoric of innovation and progress. Furthermore, it was precisely this intel- lectual reflection about the status of art vis-à-vis everyday life that called for a tight bond between the two and led to the goal of an Aesthetisierung des Alltags (aestheticisation of everyday life) in the context of the Weimar Republic....

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  • This handbook is organized around the seven-step process for guiding public health communicators in planning and implementing effective media communication shown in FIGURE ONE. Its primary focus is on relations with the news media (both print and broadcast) during a public health emergency – “media communication” can be taken to mean “news media communication”. Many cultures, however, rely on folk and traditional 5 means of mass communication which typically originate from the beliefs, culture and customs of a specific population.

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  • (bq) part 2 book "organization theory and design" has contents: using it for coordination and control; organization size, life cycle, and decline; organizational culture and ethical values; innovation and change; decision making processes; conflict, power, and politics.

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  • (bq) part 2 book "organization theory and design" has contents: manufacturing and service technologies, information technology and control, innovation and change, organizational culture and ethical values, decision making processes, conflict, power and politics,...and other contents.

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  • part 2 book “organizational behavior” has contents: power and politics, the leadership process, leader traits and behavioral styles, organizational culture and innovation, organizational structure and design, formal organizational structure, formal organizational structure.

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  • In the both stages, in addition to patriotic organizations, which persisted in carrying out armed struggles by the previous way to sweep all the invaders out of Vietnam, there were some preeminent people (including also those who followed the way to use armed struggles to save the country) realizing clearly the necessity of learning experience from overseas countries, especially new achievements of the Western cultures and civilizations, in order to innovate the country and improve the national power in the hope of protecting Vietnam from aggression or regaining national independence from t...

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  • The green growth prediction plays an important role to assess and monitor the growth rate of a local region. Managers and researchers can make timely adaptation policy to improve and innovate economic, cultural and environmental performance to impulse the green growth. The study used the methods such as the multiple criteria analysis, analytic hierarchy process, principal component analysis, and the grey theory model to build and integrate green growth indicators into the green growth index.

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  • The Internet is enabling a new economy based on the networking of human knowledge. While the benefits of using I.T. to connect people to people and people to information within a business are commonly understood, much less is known about the advantages of well-managed partnerships across corporate boundaries.

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  • The purpose of this study is to investigate the relationships among team innovation climate, altruistic intention, creative culture, and knowledge sharing behavior of employees. A survey-base study was conducted with 319 software managers working in teams in Pakistan. The results of this study revealed that team innovation climate had positive impact on altruistic intention and knowledge sharing behavior. Moreover, altruistic intention and organizational culture had positive impact on knowledge sharing behavior. Limitation of the study and recommendations for future study are also discussed.

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  • In the dynamic economy of Vietnam, the financial industry plays a crucial role. Vietnamese banks need to innovate to support economic growth. The research focuses on the key factors that increase innovation in banks. The relationships between the quality of the Top Management Team, Organizational Culture and Process Innovation, Product/Service Innovation in Vietnamese banks are analyzed. The results are based on 15 leading banks in Vietnam including 354 high executive officers.

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  • At the same time, high tech professionals often perceive work as a “serious game” (Strannegård & Friberg, 2001), and not drudgery: they involve in playful behaviors at work (Hunter, Jemielniak, & Postuła, 2010). Software engineers often participate in non-paid, open collaboration production (Lakhani & Von Hippel, 2003). Modes of collaboration established in virtual and high-tech communities are similarly transforming workplace relations in the brick-and-mortar organizations (Benkler, 2006).

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  • These carriers have different shapes and sizes, and their biogenesis, modality of transport, and delivery to the final destination are regulated by a multitude of very complex molecular machineries, which include cytoskeletal elements, signaling complexes, and lipid modifying enzymes to name a few. A concept that has clearly emerged in the last decade is that each membrane pathway does not represent a close system, but is fully integrated with all the other trafficking pathways.

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