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  • Chương 1. DATA DICTIONARY, VIEWS VÀ PACKAGES 1.1.DATA DICTIONARY VÀ VIEWS 1.1.1. Data Dictionary Data dictionary hay từ điển dữ liệu hệ thống là phần rất quan trọng trong Oracle database. Đó là một tập hợp các table và các view sử dụng cho việc tham chiếu đến các thông tin liên quan tới database. Data dictionary được tạo bởi file script sql.bsq trong quá trình tạo database. Data dictionary bao gồm các thông tin trung tâm của Oracle server.

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  • Built-In Database Objects In addition to creating the database files, several other structures are created. Data dictionary: Contains descriptions of the objects in the database Dynamic performance tables: Contains information used by the database administrator (DBA) to monitor and tune the database and instance PL/SQL packages: Program units adding functionality to the database. These packages are created when the catproc.sql script is run after the CREATE DATABASE command. PL/SQL packages will not be discussed within the scope of this course.

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  • Systems Analysis and Design: Chapter 8 - Analyzing Systems Using Data Dictionarie's Objectives is Understand analysts use of data dictionaries for analyzing data-oriented systems; Create data dictionary entries for data processes, stores, flows, structures, and logical and physical elements of the systems being studied, based on DFDs.

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  • The Illustrated Dictionary of Electronics—8th Edition has been revised, clarified, and updated, reflecting technological advances of recent years. New definitions have been added in the fields of wireless technology, robotics, and artificial intelligence. Every effort has been made to be concise and accurate, without “talking down” to the reader.

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  • The Oracle data dictionary is one of the most important components of the Oracle7 Server. It consists of a set of tables and views that provide a read-only reference to the database. At the end of this lesson, you should be able to  Describe the data dictionary views a user may access.  Query data from the data dictionary.

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  • Fox et al. (1998) carried out a logistic regression analysis with discrete covariates in which one of the covariates was missing for a substantial percentage of respondents. The missing data problem was addressed using the “approximate Bayesian bootstrap.” We return to this missing data problem to provide a form of case study. Using the Fox et al. (1998) data for expository purposes we carry out a comparative analysis of eight of the most commonly used techniques for dealing with missing data. We then report on two sets of simulations based on the original data....

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  • Nơi lưu trữ tất cả thông tin được dùng để quản lý các đối tượng trong CSDL. ex: tables, views, Oracle users, functions… Được cấu trúc giống như 1 CSDL bình thường, gồm có tables và views.Read-Only.

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  • Bài giảng "Hệ quản trị cơ sở dữ liệu Oracle - Chương 4: Các đối tượng trong cơ sở dữ liệu" cung cấp cho người học các kiến thức: Tablespace, schema, table, constraint, index, view, synonym, Data dictionary. Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo.

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  • The Encyclopedic Dictionary of International Finance and Banking is written and compiled for working professionals engaged in the fields of international finance, global trade, foreign investments, and banking. It may be used for day-to-day practice and for technical research. The Encyclopedic Dictionary is a practical reference of proven techniques, strategies, and approaches that are successfully used by professionals to diagnose multinational finance and banking problems.

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  • Networks are currently one of the fastest growing and most important developments in the computer industry. Not only are more and more PCs becoming parts of networks, but networked PCs are being incorporated into larger enterprise-wide applications so that everyone in a company can access and share data. With the expanding technology of networking comes the terminology to describe it. This Dictionary of Networking provides definitions for all the terms you will encounter when dealing with networks of any type....

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  • Oracle Database Advanced Replication Management API Reference contains information that describes the features and functionality of the replication management API. Specifically, the Oracle Database Advanced Replication Management API Reference contains reference information for the packages in the replication management API, as well as examples of their use. In addition, Oracle Database Advanced Replication Management API Reference contains reference information about the replication catalog and other data dictionary views that are important for replication...

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  • The study of food and nutrition covers many disciplines including agriculture, biology, physics, chemistry, food technology, nutrition, and medicine. As research of the links between food and health continues to expand, it is more important than ever that specialists in such areas as food processing and nutrition be familiar with often unfamiliar terminology that differing disciplines use.

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  • Chapter 37: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Oracle9i Data Dictionary 717 The analyze command can be used to generate a listing of the chained rows within a table. This listing of chained rows can be stored in a table called CHAINED_ROWS. To create the CHAINED_ROWS table in your schema, run the utlchain.sql script (usually found in the /rdbms/ admin subdirectory under the Oracle home directory).

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  • The goal of the project is to enhance the database of the Oxford Dictionary of English (a forthcoming new edition of the 1998 New Oxford Dictionary of English) so that it contains not only the original dictionary content but also additional sets of data formalizing, codifying, and supplementing this content. This will allow the dictionary to be exploited effectively as a resource for computational applications. The Oxford Dictionary of English (ODE) is a high-level dictionary intended for fluent English speakers (especially native speakers) rather than for learners.

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  • Defined by SHARED_POOL_SIZE Library cache contains statement text, parsed code, and execution plan. Data dictionary cache contains definitions for tables, columns, and privileges from the data dictionary tables. UGA contains session information for Oracle Shared Server users when a large pool is not configured.

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  • Name a constraint or the Oracle server generates a name by using the SYS_Cn format. Create a constraint either: At the same time as the table is created, or After the table has been created Define a constraint at the column or table level. View a constraint in the data dictionary.

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  • Mapping documents into an interlingual representation can help bridge the language barrier of a cross-lingual corpus. Previous approaches use aligned documents as training data to learn an interlingual representation, making them sensitive to the domain of the training data. In this paper, we learn an interlingual representation in an unsupervised manner using only a bilingual dictionary.

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  • Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Dictionary of Material Science and High Energy Physics / edited by Dipak Basu. p. cm. ISBN 0-8493-2889-6 (alk. paper) 1. Particles (Nuclear Physics)—Dictionaries. 2. Quantum theory—Dictionaries. 3. Materials—Dictionaries. I. Basu, Dipak. II. Series. QC772 .D57 2001

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  • Users and Security Security domain The database administrator defines the names of the users who are allowed to access a database. A security domain defines the settings that apply to the user. Authentication mechanism A user who requires access to the database can be authenticated by one of the following: Data dictionary Operating system Network The means of authentication is specified at the time the user is defined in the database and can be altered later. This lesson covers authentication by database and by operating system only.

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  • After studying this chapter, you should be able to: Explain the importance and advantages of databases, as well as the difference between database systems and file-based legacy systems; explain the difference between logical and physical views of a database; explain fundamental concepts of database systems such as DBMS, schemas, the data dictionary, and DBMS languages;...

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