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  • This book provides an authoritative outline of current mass appraisal techniques being used internationally and in-depth research into state-ofthe- art developments that are likely to permeate the industry over the next decade.

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  • This book is intended to provide the reader with a guide to the issues involved with creating powerful and reliable add-ins for Excel. With years of use, many people build up the experience and understanding needed to create custom functions for Excel in C and C++. However, given the very limited books and resources available, this can be a largely trial-and-error process. The motivation in writing this book is to create something I wish I had had through the years: a coherent explanation of the relevant technology, what steps to follow, what pitfalls to avoid, and a good reference guide.

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  • Use the following strategy to present this module: !" Introduction to Backing up and Restoring Data Provide an overview of the processes of backing up and restoring data. This topic has an animated slide. Use it to explain why data backup is an important task. Then, discuss the media to which students can back up data and the permissions required to perform a backup. !" Preparing to Back Up Data Introduce the various issues involved in formulating a backup plan. Then explain the characteristics of the different backup types in detail and their advantages.

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  • At the end of this module, you will be able to: Determine the role of data services for a business solution. Describe the issues involved in distributing data access technologies. List the primary considerations for choosing a data access technology. List and describe primary data access technologies from Microsoft®. Determine the appropriate data access technology for a business solution.

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  • In 2008 and 2009, the policy challenge was all about putting out fires. It was a call to action to address a lot of issues, and ICI was deeply involved with regulators and other market participants to sort things out. This year and last, we’ve been in a diˆerent phase. It’s not uncommon after any financial crisis to have a regulatory response, and this one has been broad and deep. Essentially, the sprint of 2008 has turned into a marathon. You have to call on diˆerent skills and diˆerent muscles. So now, perseverance is the order of the day. And what...

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  • Risk Assessment Vaccines are considered safe when the risk of use is judged to be acceptable in relation to the benefits. For vaccines given to healthy individuals for diseases that are no longer common, acceptable risks are set at very low levels—indeed, far lower than for most medical products. However, "safety" does not and cannot ever mean "zero risk." The determination of safety is thus based on a scientific assessment of the data and a considered judgment of all the issues involved, including benefits and risks.

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  • This chapter provides a review of the issues involved in accounting for renewable and envi- ronmental resources. It is not intended to be a comprehensive review ofwork in this area. Rather, it delineates the issues that are involved in envi- ronmental accounting and presents two important specific examples that illustrate these issues. The first section reviews BEA’s efforts in environmental accounting to date.

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  • Documentation for faculty and other program personnel: Data related to program personnel qualifications, role, etc. are entered into the Accreditation Data System (ADS). This information should be updated as needed. Information requested is shown in the tables below. Verification by site visitors may include review of PIF data, and interviews with faculty and residents as needed.

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  • Over the years, the role of the computer auditor has changed to being more consultative and value adding. Clearly, where a new system is being developed, it is more cost effective for audit comments to be provided prior to a system being implemented, when improved security and control features can be included more easily and cheaply. Similarly, although computer auditors regularly undertake audits of say logical access controls, there is considerable scope for computer auditors to be involved in the design of those components.

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  • Jim Gahan is a Chartered Surveyor with over 35 years experience, in both the public and private sectors. He has previously held the positions of Deputy Chief Valuer, Dublin City Council; Commercia Director, Custom House Docks Development Authority; Group Property Manager, CIE and Property Investment Director, Cosgrave Property Group. He now works as an independent Property Consultant. He was Chairman of the Society of Chartered Surveyors in 1989 and has been Chairman of the Education Board of The Society of Chartered Surveyors for the past 20 years.

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  • Upon the introduction of the new law on regulating public debt of the FRY aris- ing from citizens’ foreign exchange savings, the Republic of Serbia issued EUR 4176 bonds of series A on August 19, 2002. The trading volume in the first six months was around EUR 100 million. During that period the annual yields varied from 13% to 14% for short-term bonds, and from 8% to 15% for long–term bonds.

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  • Optimization Issues in Telecommunications The complexity and size of modern telecommunications networks provide us with many challenges and opportunities. In this book, the challenges that we focus on are those which involve optimization. This simply refers to scenarios in which we are aiming to find something approaching the ‘best’ among many possible candidate solutions to a problem. For example, there are an intractably large number of ways to design the topology of a private data network for a large corporation....

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  • Among performance audits, the number and complexity of the planning issues can be even greater. The methodology for assessing the operating efficiency of an entity will be quite different from that for attempting to measure the effectiveness of a programme in achieving its stated objectives. These two kinds of audits involve collecting and analysing different kinds of data from different sources.

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  • Ultra wideband (UWB) has advanced and merged as a technology, and many more people are aware of the potential for this exciting technology. The current UWB field is changing rapidly with new techniques and ideas where several issues are involved in developing the systems. Among UWB system design, the UWB RF transceiver and UWB antenna are the key components. Recently, a considerable amount of researches has been devoted to the development of the UWB RF transceiver and antenna for its enabling high data transmission rates and low power consumption.

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  • The letter of intention to audit is issued in the post to the organisation selected for inspection. In addition, an electronic notification may also be sent via email provided that a valid e-mail address for the compliance officer/regulatory function is to hand. The letter of intention to audit will specify a date for the inspection to take place and request that the data controller contact the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner to confirm whether the date is agreeable.

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  • Tuning of SQL code is generally cheaper than changing the data model. Physical and configuration tuning involves a search for bottlenecks that often points to SQL code or data model issues. Building an appropriate data model and writing properly performing SQL code can give 100%+ performance improvement. Physical and configuration tuning often gives at most a 25% performance increase.

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  • Chapter 6 - Relational database design: Converting conceptual models to relational databases. The primary objective of this chapter is to describe a procedure for converting a conceptual business process level REA model into a logical relational database model and then into a physical Microsoft Access database implementation. This process involves a relatively straightforward set of rules that could even be programmed as an algorithm so that a computer could accomplish the conversion. This chapter also discusses data entry issues.

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  • The findings highlighted in this summary document are drawn from CHIRI™ Issue Briefs that were developed based on research conducted by seven of the nine CHIRI™ projects (one national and six State based: Alabama/Georgia, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, New York, and Oregon). In the case of State research projects, findings were produced for each State and then compared across the States. In general, CHIRI™ research involved surveys of SCHIP enrollees at baseline and followup, reviews of SCHIP administrative records, focus groups, and State case studies, depending on the study.

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  • Other types of reports can now be extracted from the PCA database, such as the age and gender of the patients involved in MIRs reported, or the locations where the incidents occurred. The ability to extract this type of data is important to the PCA Committee as it moves forward with efforts to identify and address quality and patient issues statewide. For example, recent database query shows that 280 Major Incident Reports list the operating room as the location where the incident occurred. Additional analysis of these statistics is needed, but it is a start towards a review of...

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