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  • Mô tả tổ chức dữ liệu dưới dạng sơ đồ quan hệ thực thể (ERD-Entity Relationship Diagram). Kiểm tra sự hợp lệ của việc thiết kế dữ liệu. Sinh mô hình dữ liệu vật lý (PDM-Physical Data Model). Sinh mô hình hướng đối tượng (OOM- ObjectOriented Model).

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  • It is clear from such a definition that unusual event de- tection entails a number of challenges. The rarity of an un- usual event means that collecting sufficient training data for supervised learning will often be infeasible, necessitating methods for learning from small numbers of examples. In addition, more than one type of unusual event may occur in a given data sequence, where the event types can be ex- pected to differ markedly from one another.

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  • SETUP MOD WSGI ON LINUX 285 The Apache logs are in: 1 /var/log/apache2/ 11.2 Setup mod wsgi on Linux Download and unzip web2py source on the machine where you installed the web server above. Install web2py under /users/www-data/, for example, and give ownership to user www-data and group www-data. These steps can be performed with the following shell commands: 1 2 3 4 cd /users/www-data/ sudo wget sudo unzip web2py_src.

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  • The Guidelines Review Group of the Yale Center for Medical Informatics used GEM-COGS, 28 the guideline implementability appraisal and extractor software, to ap- praise adherence of the draft guideline to methodologic standards, to improve clarity of recommendations, and to predict potential obstacles to implementation. Panel mem- bers received summary appraisals in March 2007 and mod- ified an advanced draft of the guideline. The final draft practice guideline underwent extensive external peer review. Comments were compiled and re- viewed by the group chairperson.

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  • Interactive curve modeling techniques and their applications are extremely useful in a number of academic and industrial settings. Specifically, curve modeling plays a significant role in multidisciplinary problem solving. It is extremely useful in various situations like font design, designing objects, CAD/CAM, medical imag- ing and visualization, scientific data visualization, virtual reality, object recogni- tion, etc. In particular, various problems like iris recognition, fingerprint recog- nition, signature recognition, etc.

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