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  • In the Preface to the "Handbook of Art Needlework," which I edited for the Royal School at South Kensington in 1880, I undertook to write a second part, to be devoted to design, colour, and the common-sense modes of treating decorative art, as applied especially to embroidered hangings, furniture,

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  • There is something unusually exquisite about this composition. You will discover at a glance perfect balance, repose—line, everywhere, yet with it infinite grace and a winning charm. One can imagine a tea tray brought in, a table placed and those two attractive chairs drawn together so that my lady and a friend may chat over the tea cups. The mirror is an Italian Louis XVI. The sconces, table and chairs, French. The vases, Italian, all antiques. A becoming mellow light comes through the shade of deep cream Italian parchment paper with Louis XVI decorations. It should be said that...

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  • For the investigation of art in its early stages and in its widest sense—there is probably no fairer field than that afforded by aboriginal America, ancient and modern. At the period of discovery, art at a number of places on the American continent seems to have been developing surely and steadily, through the force of the innate genius of the race, and the more advanced nations were already approaching the threshold of civilization; at the same time their methods were characterized by great simplicity, and their art products are, as a consequence, exceptionally homogeneous. ...

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  • This course will provide a continuation of calli- graphic skills, as well as help the beginner to con- tinue to develop skills. Designed to open up new applications for personalized calligraphy, the course will focus on enjoyable and creative projects that develop and enhance skills. Also included will be demonstration on flourishing and decorative techniques to further enhance your work. The ba- sic style of calligraphy will be italic but other styles will be introduced as time allows. Prerequisite: Be- ginning class or instructor’s permission. Fee: $165...

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  • Whatever is good in interior decoration is the result of consistent relationship between Light, Color, Form, Proportion and Dimensions. The choice of Color should be guided by the conditions of Light. The beauty of Form and the symmetry of Proportion can exist only by a balance with Dimensions. Therefore, apart from any knowledge of historic or period decoration, effective or successful work must observe the technical laws governing conditions.

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  • what’s hot! shops “Guggenheim Two,” in reference to the circular stairway. But the designer didn’t blow his entire budget on the party—he also used the event to announce a $1 million donation to New York City’s Fund for Public Schools, establishing the Armani Arts Institute to finance a range of creative programs for city kids. The circa-1959 building, one of the earliest examples of the International Style, was revamped by Italian architects Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas, the duo behind Armani’s Tokyo and Hong Kong flagships.

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  • In issuing these volumes of a series of Handbooks on the Artistic Crafts, it will be well to state what are our general aims. In the first place, we wish to provide trustworthy text-books of workshop practise, from the points of view of experts who have critically examined the methods current in the shops, and putting aside vain survivals, are prepared to say what is good workmanship, and to set up a standard of quality in the crafts which are more especially associated with design. Secondly, in doing this, we hope to treat design itself as an essential part...

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  • Bed Hangings at Hardwicke Hall. Groups of Fillings in which darning plays important part. Bed Hanging from Powis Castle. Characteristic Foliations and Late 17th Century Fillings. Solid Crewel Work 18th Century including the Terra Firma and different birds and beasts.

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  • This interesting and valuable rug is of antique Tabriz weave, of finely blended colors, and rare design. It represents the individual squares on the floor of a mosque, each one of which may be occupied by a worshipper kneeling in prayer. Rugs with a single design of this kind are usual, but a grouping of many such spaces in one rug is rare. Forms of the Tree of Life are represented in different panels, and the border is very rich and handsome. The fabric is fine, the texture soft and firm.

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  • there are no works of Ancient Alphabets of any excellence published in a cheap form, I have been induced, after many years' study and research in my profession as a Draughtsman and Engraver, to offer this collection to the favourable notice of the public, trusting that its very moderate price and general usefulness will be a sufficient apology for the undertaking.

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  • There is a peculiar charm about the relics found in an old home--a home from which many generations of fledglings have flown. As each milestone in family history is passed some once common object of use or ornament is dropped by the way. Such interesting mementoes of past generations accumulate, and in course of time the older ones become curios. It is to create greater interest in these old-world odds and ends--some of trifling value to an outsider, others of great intrinsic worth--that this book has been written. ...

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  • Pompeii, in the region of Campania, retained its Greek culture and character after becoming a Roman colony in 80 BC. The Romans considered Greece a source of culture, beauty, and wisdom, and knowledge of Greek culture was a status symbol that signaled refinement and education. Greek influence pervaded the decor of Roman residences around the Bay of Naples and was reflected in the works of art both acquired and emulated by Roman patrons. Some Romans, when on vacation, even wore Greek dress—such as a chiton for men or a peplos for women—rather than the standard toga of the day....

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  • Sau tổ production và tổ đạo diễn thì chúng ta qua tổ Mỹ thuật (Art Department) Tổ Mỹ thuật Tổ Mỹ thuật trong các phim truyện lớn thường có đến hàng trăm người.

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  • Ngôi nhà này nằm tại khu An Phú, quận 2, phía sau cánh cửa gỗ nhỏ là có thể thấy sông Sài Gòn, đây là một ngôi nhà rất độc đáo trong khuôn viên khoảng 200m2. Gia chủ, Odyl là một giáo viên dạy yoga, cô bắt đầu hành nghề ở châu Á, chồng cô là giám đốc một văn phòng đại diện quảng bá các sản phẩm tạo mùi thơm. Họ có hai bé trai sinh đôi đã được chín tuổi. Trước đó gia đình họ sống trong các ngôi nhà cũ với nội thất hiện đại,...

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  • The earliest form of painting was with colours ground in water. Egyptian artists three thousand years B.C. used this method, and various mediums, such as wax and mastic, were added as a fixative. It was what is now known as tempera painting. The Greeks acquired their knowledge of the art from the Egyptians, and later the Romans dispersed it throughout Europe. They probably introduced tempera painting into this country for decoration of the walls of their houses.

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  • POWDER METALLURGY has been called a lost art. Unlike clay and other ceramic materials, the art of molding and firing practical or decorative metallic objects was only occasionally applied during the early stages of recorded history. Sintering of metals was entirely forgotten during the succeeding centuries, only to be revived in Europe at the end of the 18th century, when various methods of platinum powder production were recorded (

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  • The use of artificially simple material overcomes this drawback but may be open to the criticism that it is a long way from anything that could be regarded as art and may thus prevent us from identifying essential components of real-life aesthetic behavior” (Berlyne, 1971, p. 12). We believe that the introduction of adequate control procedures reduces many of the disadvantages of using artistic and decorative materials, and that the use of simple visual patterns might engage different cognitive operations to those that enable aesthetic appreciation in natural conditions.

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  • The United States Capitol Building is filled with symbols and architectural details that reference ancient Greek and Roman art and architecture. Italian artist Constantino Brumidi (1805–1880) created a series of murals, based on his study of Pompeian frescoes, for the Naval Affairs Committee Room (now the Senate Appropriations Conference Room) in the Capitol. For information, visit senate/brumidi. Look at the Maenad fresco on the enclosed CD. This image inspired some of Brumidi’s work.

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  • Nghệ sĩ Bỉ Wim Delvoye chụp ảnh cạnh tác phẩm "Suppo" trong bảo tàng Louvre, Paris, hôm 30. 5. 2012, chuẩn bị cho mở màn triển lãm nghệ thuật đương đại về ông, có tên: "Wim Delvoye tại Louvre", diễn ra từ 31. 5 tới 17. 9. 2012. Bảo tàng Louvre mời Wim Delvoye bày các tác phẩm ở nhiều địa điểm khác nhau bên trong bảo tàng và khu vực lân cận: dưới Kim tự tháp kính, trong khu điện Napoleon III, trong những gallery Gothic của Khu Art Decor, và trong vườn Tuileries. ...

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  • PARIS – Nghệ sĩ Bỉ Wim Delvoye chụp ảnh cạnh tác phẩm “Suppo” trong bảo tàng Louvre, Paris, hôm 30. 5. 2012, chuẩn bị cho mở màn triển lãm nghệ thuật đương đại về ông, có tên: “Wim Delvoye tại Louvre”, diễn ra từ 31. 5 tới 17. 9. 2012. Bảo tàng Louvre mời Wim Delvoye bày các tác phẩm ở nhiều địa điểm khác nhau bên trong bảo tàng và khu vực lân cận: dưới Kim tự tháp kính, trong khu điện Napoleon III, trong những gallery Gothic của Khu Art Decor, và trong .vườn Tuileries.

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