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  • Millions of dollars have been spent investigating and pursuing ways to grow sales, and no wonder; after all, sales are the lifeblood of any organization. Yet only a handful of companies have been able to grow their sales steadily not just in good times, but in lean times, too, and in the face of ferocious competition. A careful study of the vast majority of companies that have been less successful than these few superstars shows that they fall prey to a number of common mistakes.

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  • Chapter 19: Personal selling and sales management. When you finish this chapter, you should: Describe the value added of personal selling, define the steps in the personal selling process, describe the key functions involved in managing a sales force, describe the ethical and legal issues in personal selling.

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  • Chapter 12, designing channel systems. After studying this chapter you will be able: Understanding customer needs to define channel objectives; channel design factors, components, issues, steps and process; method of evaluating various channel alternatives; how channel partners are: selected, trained and kept motivated; principles of vertical integration and electronic channels.

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  • The manager chose two people from her own department to work on the project. She also asked a programmer from data processing to join her team. They met, discussed the project, and decided upon a schedule and deadlines. Then the manager assigned her two employees specific responsibilities. One was asked to design reports that would meet the treasurer’s criteria. The other was asked to define file requirements and changes in input. The two were to meet periodically with the programmer to discuss program changes.

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  • Chapter 2 The control process. A considerable part of the previous chapter on costs and sales was devoted to explaining the meaning of those terms as they relate to the food and beverage industry. This chapter will define control, discuss the relationship of control to costs and sales, and outline how a manager institutes control in an enterprise.

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  • Lecture Fundamental accounting principles - Chapter 23: Flexible budgets and standard costs. The learning objectives for this chapter include: Define standard costs and explain how standard cost information is useful for management by exception, describe variances and what they reveal about performance, analyze changes in sales from expected amounts, prepare a flexible budget and interpret a flexible budget performance report.

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  • Most small to medium-sized businesses struggle with marketing. The marketing function is often treated as a cost center--ad hoc activities that don’t provide measurable results that can be tracked to the bottom line. This e-book defines our Strategic Marketing Process that businesses can use to standardize their daily, monthly and annual revenue-generating activities. It covers more than just “traditional” marketing and ties together all go-to-market business activities: strategic planning, financial planning and measurement, creative development, marketing execution and sales.

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  • Expert Oracle Application Express Plugins is your “go to” book on the groundbreaking plugin architecture introduced in Oracle Application Express 4.0. Using the new APEX functionality, you can create well-packaged, documented, reusable components and reliably leverage your coding investments across many applications. Components you create can define new item and region types, specify validation processes, and present dynamic actions to client applications.

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