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  • The new overwatch security pillar acts as an infection detection, containment, and remediation engine that is automatically triggered when a threat has bypassed detection by the existing "in-line" infrastructure and has infiltrated the enterprise network. The overwatch security layer uses data from a real-time reputation and behavioral correlation database to detect active data-stealing malware and other potential threats.

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  • Water scarcity and drought are recurrent phenomena in Bihar. The present study was designed to identify and assess the adaptation strategy adopted by the livestock dependents to reduce the impact of drought on their livestock rearing and livelihood security. Adaptation strategies followed by the livestock dependents has recently become a subject of increasing importance in climate change research with an objective to reduce the vulnerability of climate sensitive people.

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  • An FMI should effectively measure, monitor, and manage its credit exposures to participants and those arising from its payment, clearing, and settlement processes. An FMI should maintain sufficient financial resources to cover its credit exposure to each participant fully with a high degree of confidence.

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  • The social democratic political economies showed higher levels of union density, that is, a greater propor- tion of workers belonging to organised labour unions, social security expenditures, and public employment levels. They had the largest public expenditure in health care from 1960 to 1990, and greatest health care coverage of citizens. These nations instituted full employment strategies, achieved high rates of female employment, and showed the lowest degree of income inequality and poverty rates.

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  • For an equivalent level of security, elliptic curve cryptography uses shorter key sizes and is considered to be an excellent candidate for constrained environments like wireless/mobile communications. In FIPS 186-2, NIST recommends several finite fields to be used in the elliptic curve digital signature algorithm (ECDSA). Of the ten recommended finite fields, five are binary extension fields with degrees ranging from 163 to 571. The fundamental building block of the ECDSA, like any ECC based protocol, is elliptic curve scalar mul- tiplication.

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  • People who administer the operation of an Oracle database system, known as database administrators (DBAs), are responsible for creating Oracle databases, ensuring their smooth operation, and monitoring their use. In addition to the many alerts and advisors Oracle provides, Oracle also offers the following features: Self-Managing Database Oracle Database provides a high degree of self-management - automating routine DBA tasks and reducing complexity of space, memory, and resource administration.

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  • The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) certification program has been available since the early ’90s. This long-standing certification has maintained a high degree of credibility and is recognized as a certification that lives up to the name “expert.” The CCIE certification process requires passing a computer based test and then a two-day hands-on lab. Recertification is required every two years to ensure that the individual has kept skills up-to-date.

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  • Even as recently as five years ago, many computer industry experts would never have guessed how pervasive and “business critical” electronic messaging would eventually become. The degree to which some information technology professionals are surprised by the pervasive nature of today’s electronic mails systems is merely amusing to those of us that have had an e-mail address for more than 20 years.

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  • In the early years of oil drilling and production, wells were primarily drilled on land to moder- ate depths and with relatively minor horizontal offsets, and an empirical understanding of the impact of geological forces and Earth material properties on required drilling practice was de- veloped by region. Successful practices were defined by trial and (sometimes costly and spectacular) error.

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  • Thank you for picking up this book! We believe that if you are reading this page, you are an individual seeking to gain a greater degree of familiarity with cybercrime and espionage, and more likely than not, believe that the realities outweigh the fear, uncertainty, and doubt associated with these two topics. Our desire in writing this book was to initiate a conversation pertaining to the subject matter from a different perspective.

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  • Our results suggest that both monetary policy and capital inows shocks have a signicant and positive effect on house prices, credit to the private sector and residential investment. The effects of both shocks are greater in countries with a higher degree of mortgage market development, with the effect of monetary policy shocks roughly doubling. This suggests that excessive nancial innovation may act as a propagation mechanism. The existence of mortgage-backed securities has a much larger effect on the transmission of capital inows shocks.

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  • Money market instruments are generally characterized by a high degree of safety of principal and are most commonly issued in units of $1 million or more. Maturities range from one day to one year; the most common are three months or less. Active secondary markets for most of the instruments allow them to be sold prior to maturity. Unlike organized securities or commodities exchanges, the money market has no specific location. It is centered in New York, but since it is primarily a telephone market it is easily accessible from all parts of...

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  • Each of these explanations has different policy implications. Should policymakers try to address external imbalances, increase nancial regulation or redesign the monetary policy framework to prevent future crises? To shed light on this question, we analyse the impact of both monetary policy and capital inows shocks on the housing sector across 18 OECD countries. We also assess whether the degree of mortgage market development or legislation permitting issuance of mortgage-backed securities amplify or dampen the impact of these shocks on the housing sector....

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  • The ambi tious and mul ti dis ci plin ary topic of this paper hints at the extent to which the authors had to rely on help from col leagues with a wide vari ety of dis ci pli nary and geo graphic exper- tise. They are too numer ous to men tion indi vidu ally, but sev eral col leagues stand out because of the degree of their sup port for this col labo ra tive proj ect and the depth of their insights on pre vi ous drafts. Per Pinstrup- Andersen and Rajul Pandya- Lorch, direc tor gen eral and head of the...

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  • The large size, heterogeneity, and distributed nature of networks give administrators a large number of degrees of freedom to consider when configuration changes need to be made. The proper functioning of the network as a whole is a result of the coordinated configuration of multiple network elements whose interaction gives rise to the desired behaviors. The number of options to consider and the complexity of the interactions and interdependencies between various protocols and applications make it a very hard task to reason about configuration changes.

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  • Not all threats are intended to be malicious, but they can exhibit the same behavior and can cause as much harm—whether intended or not. Unfortunately, many networking infrastruc- tures have to deal with the increasing issue of viruses and malware that can be found on compromised computing resources and pose unintentional security threats from unsus- pecting employees. It is important to understand what types of attacks and vulnerabilities are common and what you can do at a policy level to guarantee some degree of safe networking.

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  • There are several organizations designed to help facilitate information sharing now, and there is some sharing going on with varying degrees of success. But not nearly enough. We largely agree with those who believe that a new entity – separate from the federal government but perhaps partially funded by the federal government – is needed to sponsor this sharing to allow for active defense. But whether a new entity is created or an effort is made to invigorate existing structures, changes to the law are required to allow government and industry to share. ...

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  • But even with convenient classifications and labels ready to apply, we are still asking the user to become a filing clerk – manually annotating every document, email, photo, or conversation. We have worked on improving the tools, and to a degree they work, but to provide higher coverage of the collection more must be done automatically. The first, easy step is to stop throwing out any potentially useful metadata. Time is probably the most important attribute in our database, yet some photo-editing programs erase the value for date taken.

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  • No period in the history of our country surpasses in interest that immediately preceding and including the beginning of the Revolutionary War. Many volumes have been written setting forth the patriotism and heroism of the fathers of the Republic, but the devotion of the mothers and daughters has received far less attention. This volume is designed, therefore, to portray in some degree their influence in the struggle of the Colonies to attain their independence.

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  • The analysis of the factor models is interesting in its own right. Surpris- ingly,much of the literature on international stock return comovement imposes strong restrictions of constant, unit betas with respect to a large number of country and industry factors, as in the Heston and Rouwenhorst (1994) model. We contrast the predictions of these models for stock return comovements with our risk-based models.

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