Democratic society

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  • The corporate mega-mergers of the 1980s and 1990s raise many troubling questions for social scientists and legal scholars.

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  • Chapter 3 - Corporate social responsibility. Learning objectives of this chapter: Understanding the role of big business and its responsible use of corporate power in a democratic society, knowing when the idea of social responsibility originated and the phases through which it has developed, investigating how a company’s purpose or mission can integrate social objectives with economic objectives,...

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  • This book comprises a number of cultural-historical and ethnographic studies of the history of sport in Scandinavia. The studies examine the contribution made by sport to the development of Scandinavian nationalism in the nineteenth century, and analyze the ways in which sport became interwoven with the social life of citizens in the various Scandinavian countries in the twentieth century. The main focus of this volume, therefore, is not on the organizational history of sport, nor is it on society vis-á-vis sport – i.e., sport as a reflection of a certain societal constellation.

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  • Natural productions are generally formed by degrees. Vegetables are raised from a tender shoot, and animals from an infant state. The latter, being active, extend together their operations and their powers, and have a progress in what they perform, as well as in the faculties they acquire. This progress in the case of man is continued to a greater extent than in that of any other animal. Not only the individual advances from infancy to manhood, but the species itself from rudeness to civilization....

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  • In order to minimise the gap, and to realise social progress and equity, the country must develop the right strategy of socio-economic development, and the practical and specific policy of poverty alleviation, continuing strongly the Đổi mới cause to achieve the goal of "a rich people, strong country, and an equitable, democratic and civilised society".

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  • This volume grew out of a study group on corporate governance at the Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry (RIETI) in 2002. The project was motivated by a concern to take stock of the changes underway in corporate governance in Japan. Our feeling was that the conventional understanding about the Japanese Wrm was increasingly becoming outdated.

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  • The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights proclaim that everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion, including freedom to manifest their religion or belief in worship, teaching, practice and observance. Even today, in our democratic societies too, this fundamental right is still sometimes restricted and meets with hostility and intolerance.

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  • This original study by Claudia Kissling of the University of Bremen fits our series on non-state actors for two reasons. First, she demonstrates the working of the international policy cycle following from the framing and passing of an international treaty. In this case the implementation and monitoring facets of an international agreement are discussed by a close analysis of the 7th Review Conference of the parties to the 1968 Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), which took place at the United Nations in 2005.

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  • Some time ago, my friends, Messrs. Houghton, Mifflin & Co., requested me to write a small book on Civil Government in the United States, which might be useful as a text-book, and at the same time serviceable and suggestive to the general reader interested in American history. In preparing the book certain points have been kept especially in view, and deserve some mention here.

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  • Is the rule of law optional for liberal democratic societies? In the wake of the attacks on the United States on 11 September 2001, the Bush administration seemed to say that it is. And in the wake of the attacks on London in July of 2005, Tony Blair has indicated that the rule of law is a luxury, dispensable when the going gets rough.

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  • Holding a PhD in criminal law with a focus on Cybercrime he has been teaching law related to Cybercrime and European Criminal Law at the University of Cologne for several years and is visiting lecturer for International Criminal Law at the University of Macau. The focus of his research is on international aspects of law related to Cybercrime. In this respect he is working as an expert for several international organisations among them the Council of Europe, the European Union, the United Nations and the International Telecommunication Union.

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  • It is forty years since Humanist Manifesto I (1933) appeared. Events since then make that earlier statement seem far too optimistic. Nazism has shown the depths of brutality of which humanity is capable. Other totalitarian regimes have suppressed human rights without ending poverty. Science has sometimes brought evil as well as good. Recent decades have shown that inhuman wars can be made in the name of peace.

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  • In an extraordinary and engaging account this book traces the paths South Africans have followed from pre-colonial times to the democratic present, providing fascinating personal and historical details, and raising provocative questions about the choices, mistakes, contradictions and key themes in the emergence of the complex society that South Africa is today.

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  • I have seldom yielded so willingly to a request for my written views as I do in this instance, when my valued friend, the master journalist, Melville E. Stone, has asked me, on behalf of the Book Committee, to write an introduction for "The Defenders of Democracy." Needless to say, I comply all the more readily in view of the fact that the book in which these words will appear is planned by the ladies of the Militia of Mercy as a means of increasing the Fund the Society is raising for the benefit of the families of "their own men" on the battle-line. And what...

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  • Vietnam has a history of thousands years. During the process of national foundation and defense, Vietnam has encountered innumerable difficulties in the resistance wars against aggressors, the territorial expansion, and the conquest of the sea, in order to gain national development and leave heritage of cultural diversity and humanity with particular identity for the next generations.

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  • Part 2 book “Socialist optimism” has contents: Economic growth and inequality, education in a free society, equality and democratic control, the US as exemplar and paradigm, socialism and human possibilities.

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  • PHẠM XUÂN NAM – Quan niệm của chủ nghĩa Mác về xã hội dân sự trong chế độ dân chủ và những tư tưởng gần gũi của Hồ Chí Minh. - Marxist Conception of Civil Society under a Democratic Regime and Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts. Đối với Heeghen, không chỉ phúc lợi tư nhân, gia đình và xã hội công dân mà cả "luật pháp" và những quy định bản chất của chúng đều lệ thuộc vào nhà nước và phục tùng nhà nước.

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  • Project Head Start has been one of the most popular and enduring legacies of President Lyndon B. Johnson's Great Society.. Although questions remain about the long-term effectiveness of current Head Start projects, Republicans as well as Democrats support its expansion and improvement. One recent suggestion for improving Head Start involves enhancing its educational focus.

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  • The quality of dialogue with partner countries (government and civil society representatives) is a key to establishing effective development cooperation policies and to their successful implementation. Partnership, ownership of development processes by the target population, and strengthening of institutional and administrative capacity to effectively manage change, are principles which are now largely shared by all donors. Two issues are given emphasis in the EC’s develop- ment policy in this regard, namely: Role of civil society.

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  • Sometimes single events alter the course of history; other times, a chain reaction of seemingly lesser occurrences changes the path of nations. The intense rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Union that emerged immediately after World War II (1939–45) followed the second pattern. Known as the Cold War, the rivalry grew out of mutual distrust between two starkly different societies: communist Soviet Union and the democratic West, which was led by the United States and included Western Europe....

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