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  • Lecture Web design and development: Lesson 4. The main topics covered in this lesson include: OOP in Java, defining classes, defining a class comparison with C++, student implementation code, using classes, using a class comparison with C++, student client code, static variable & methods,...

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  • This paper presents the microgrid in terms of its structures, operation mode, optimal configuration, and other aspects are described, and the optimal configuration model, solution algorithm, and other status reviews. We also review the research direction of the planning and design method of microgrid prospects from the microgrid itself, integrated energy grid, and coordinated planning with the distribution network.

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  • Lecture Digital Logic & Design: Lesson 20 provide students with knowledge about programmable logic devices; PLA: implementing constant 0s and 1s (fig 1), implementing odd-prime number (fig 2); GALs: generic array logic structure (fig 3, 4), output logic macro cells OLMCs (fig 5), GAL ID (fig 6), programming of GAL;...

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  • Lecture Digital Logic & Design: Lesson 42 provide students with knowledge about a summary of memory types; devices A and B operating at same data rates; FIFO Memory connecting two communicating devices; writing and reading from FIFO buffer; FIFO implementation using four 8-bit shift registers;...

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  • This paper presents a novel all-digital background calibration technique for general TimeInterleaved Analog-to-Digital Converters (TIADCs). Calibration of gain and timing mismatch of TIADCs using the estimation technique is designed based on the principle of the Adaptive Noise Canceller (ANC). In this ANC, there are two stages in gain, timing mismatch estimation in which a cascade structure of the correction and estimation is proposed to guarantee that our calibration achieves high performance.

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  • Whole-genome bisulfite sequencing (WGBS) is the gold standard for studying landscape DNA methylation. Current computational methods for WGBS are mainly designed for gene regulatory regions with multiple under-methylated CpGs (UMCs), such as promoters and enhancers.

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  • In cancer, fusions are important diagnostic markers and targets for therapy. Longread transcriptome sequencing allows the discovery of fusions with their full-length isoform structure. However, due to higher sequencing error rates, fusion finding algorithms designed for short reads do not work.

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  • This study evaluates the basic characteristics of smart structures composed of dielectric elastomer actuators (DEAs) to suppress vibrations. A DEA, which is a lightweight, flexible polymer that can induce high deformations, should realize next-generation actuators. Additionally, DEA can achieve vibration control of structures with complex shapes or curved surfaces.

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  • Lecture Strength of materials - Chapter 11: Columns provide students with knowledge about stability of structures; eccentric loadings; The secant formula; design of columns under Aan eccentric load.

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  • Lecture Top-Down Network Design - Chapter 1: Analyzing Business Goals and Constraints provide students with knowledge about start at the top, layers of the OSI model, structured design, systems development life cycles, top-down network design steps, network design steps,...

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  • Lecture Top-Down Network Design - Chapter 6: Designing Models for Addressing and Naming provide students with knowledge about use a structured model for addressing and naming, assign addresses and names hierarchically, decide in advance if you will use: central or distributed authority for addressing and naming,...

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  • Lecture Digital Design with the Verilog HDL - Chapter 3: Hierarchy and Simulation provide students with knowledge about module port list, multiple ways to declare the ports of a module, structural design tip, label the signals connecting the blocks, label ports on blocks if not primitives/obvious,...

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  • Lecture Digital Design with the Verilog HDL - Chapter 4: RTL Model provide students with knowledge about higher-level of description than structural, more hardware-explicit than behavioral, very easy to synthesize, supported by even primitive synthesizers,...

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  • Lecture Digital Design with the Verilog HDL - Chapter 0: Introduction provide students with knowledge about the digital system course, hardware description language used to describe hardware components, describe structure and operation of a digital circuit,...

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  • Lecture Making hard decisions with the decision tool suite (3e) - Chapter 1: Modeling decisions. After completing this section, you will understand the knowledge about decision analysis is a process that provides a structured method along with analytical tools designed to improve one’s decision-making skills; it enables you to base your decisions on more than intuition or hunches; it teaches you how to rigorously analyze decisions to gain helpful insights;...

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  • This study presents an investigation on the design of long reinforced concrete (RC) structures subjected to uniform temperature load by considering three RC frame building models with different lengths of 45 m, 135 m, and 270 m using Etabs. The uniform temperature load is considered being the change from the annual average highest to lowest air temperature at the construction site in the case of unavailable temperature data of concrete.

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  • Separation of morphine and its impurities (related substances specified in relevant European Pharmacopoeia monographs, as well as the other naturally occurring coextracted alkaloids) was obtained within a close retention window on a reverse phase HPLC column, eluted with optimized gradient, consisting of methanol and 5 mM ammonium formate, adjusted to pH 10.2. Systematic optimization of the chromatographic conditions was carried out using design of experiments.

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  • A group of N−4 piperazinyl derivatives of norfloxacin was synthesized and identified by different spectroscopic techniques. The N−4 piperazinyl substituent in target compounds 2a–2k, 3a–3c, and 4a and 4b was designed to have different electronic, steric, and physicochemical properties. The antibacterial activity of the newly synthesized compounds was evaluated against Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae, and Staphylococcus aureus strains using norfloxacin as a reference. Results showed that most of the tested compounds had higher activity against E. coli and K.

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  • Coumarin-based chromogenic and fluorogenic dye 4 was designed and synthesized. The photophysical properties of 4 were determined in solvents with different polarities. Protonation affinity was determined by adding trifluoroacetic acid (TFA) to a dichloromethane solution of dye 4 utilizing the UV-Vis and fluorescence titration methods. The protonation region was investigated by using the 1H NMR method. Additionally, DFT and TDDFT studies were performed to support the structural and absorption spectral properties of 4.

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  • In this paper, in order to construct a 3D quantitative structure–activity relationship (QSAR) model with the chlorobenzene (CB) molecular structure parameter as an independent variable and the octanol-water partition coefficient (KOW ) as a dependent variable, 9 kinds of CB molecules were used as training sets and 3 kinds of CB molecules were used as test sets. We adopted the QSAR module in the Sybyl-X2.0 software from the Tripos Corporation (USA).

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