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  • The strategy for sustainable transportation development in Vietnam nowadays is focusing on public transport as the most important and long term solution. Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) has been designed and carried out in Hanoi. It will be carried out in Hochiminh city and Danang in the near future. There are issues to be considered.

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  • This study proposes the integration of BIM and VISSIM simulation for improving construction management. To achieve the objective, firstly, we suggest the design idea for the traffic project. Secondly, the author builds models and simulates traffic using VISSIM software. The goal of this step is to evaluate the effectiveness of the project in the future.

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  • In this paper, we propose a new STEM topic in the automation field for uppersecondary school students, which is the topic "Traffic signal lights". This STEM education is designed to be relevant to the current general education curriculum in subjects as Physics, Technology, and Informatics.

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  • In this research, we combine both traveling salesman problem and parcel lockers to increase efficiency in LMD. This method will help to answer the question of how to deliver faster, cheaper cost, more convenient to pick up and be environmentally friendly. The results prove clearly that salesman could reduce 57,8% of total distance, customers to pick-up e-purchased goods from designated 24 hour and we reduces the number of traffic jams and noise associated with transport, and thus reduces emissions.

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  • Lecture Digital Logic & Design: Lesson 37 provide students with knowledge about SR1 latch which stores the status of the REQ1, FLOOR1 and OPEN buttons; simplified state table for elevator control for REQ1, FLOOR1 and OPEN inputs; modified block diagram of the elevator state machine;...

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  • Lecture Digital Logic & Design: Lesson 38 provide students with knowledge about equation definition for the traffic light controller; the circuit diagram of the traffic light controller; pin declarations for the turning on/off traffic lamps; switching of traffic lamps at different states;...

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  • Current Vietnamese engineers only evaluate bearing capacity of the bridge before open to traffic or data analysis needs to replace or limit the loading bridge. In this paper, we will present methodologies for bridge health monitoring, inspection and maintenance of bridges in Vietnam.

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  • Semi-rigid pavements (mặt đường nửa cứng) will have shown the potential for Vietnam’s nationwide application, especially the country’s new construction of freeways and expressways (đường cao tốc) having got high traffic volumes and heavy and large trucks and currently Portland cement concrete (PCC) highways’ rehabilitation or upgradation.

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  • Internet of Things (IoT) applications are increasingly making impact in all areas of human life. Day by day, its chatty embedded devices have been generating tons of data requiring effective network infrastructure. To deliver millions of IoT messages back and forth with as few faults as possible, participation of communication protocols like Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (i.e., MQTT) is a must. Lightweight blueprint and battery friendly design are just two of many advantages of this protocol making it become a dominant in IoT world.

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  • The aim to design and implement tools for convenient evaluation of strategies for driving and interactions in various settings. In this paper, we present the results of the first stage of our bigger research program on a simulation framework of CAVs.

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  • A search for a balance between complexity and comprehensibility of the solution led us to the field of multiagent systems. Beliefs-Desires-Intentions (BDI) systems offer useful abstractions for activities of a single selfdriving car and collective intelligence of such vehicles. Indeed, the BDI framework helps to combine two distinct natures of a selfdriving car: its reactiveness and proactiveness. Moreover, the modularity of the resulting architectures for an individual CAV and urban traffic induced by these cars makes the design intelligible and flexible.

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  • In this paper, a novel algorithm and a novel system of drowsiness detection is proposed. We used the infrared wave and Raspberry in order to design an efficient and user-friendly sleep detection system. The designed system could detect the human face in day or night light and reduce traffic accidents, regain a life for many people. The testing worked well in many cases.

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  • Eurocontrol manual for airspace planning - Common guidelines present the following table records the complete history of the successive editions of the present document; presentation of the manual; specific remarks relevant to the second edition; general guidelines for the establishment of airspace structures; principles for the design of airspace structures...

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  • Advantages of specific modes of transport can be best take by employing various technologies of combined transport. In the up-to-date logistic schemes based on the “just-in-time” and “just-in-sequence” concepts, it is most appropriate to use railway service and inland water connection as the most environmentally friendly and effective modes designed and built for medium- and long-distance freight transportation.

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  • The main features of the TSDR system are real-time processing capability and high accuracy. To achieve these targets, a fusion method which is combination of advanced techniques including adaptive chromatic color segmentation, shape matching, and support vector machine (SVM) is proposed.

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  • The phenomenon of landslides is a strong example of natural disasters that directly affect the development of mountainous areas in general, and the traffic and transportation sectors in particular. By observing the damages caused by typical landslides in Vietnam, it can be recognized that the response to this dangerous phenomenon is often quite passive. This paper proposes a new strategy to proactively prevent and mitigate the occurrence of this natural disaster for sake of new design and management of roads, especially in mountainous terrain areas.

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  • BKMON is a software tool designed to provide an independent monitoring solution for SDN network controllers with scalable capabilities. Therefore, it extends monitoring capabilities based on the network controller by providing visual graphs with information on each switch or port of the switch or even on specific traffic flow.

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  • This attracts powerful gangs of cybercriminals, which use sophisticated and highly intelligent types of malware to broaden their attacks. Malicious software is designed to run quietly and to remain unsolved for a long time.

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  • This paper propose a PHY-MAC crosslayer cooperative protocol which can support PNC for multi-rate cooperative wireless networks with bidirectional traffic. The design objective of the proposed protocol is to increase the transmission reliability, throughput, and energy efficiency, as well as to reduce the transmission delay.

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  • The paper proposes a novel optimized model for transition from IPv4 to IPv6 networks. The aim of this paper is to design the Original IPv6 Transition Controller Application and compare its performance with 6to4 tunneling using OPNET 17.5 with identical traffic and network loads. The analysis is based on an experimental design with simulation for better, faster and a more optimized solution through empirical measure of the process.

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