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  • Are you ready to step into the next big arena of web design? Build Mobile Websites and Apps for Smart Devices, as the name suggests, is all about designing for mobile devices. It’ s about designing for the future. This book will guide you through the process of designing and building a mobile web application from scratch. We’ll take a look at what you should consider when designing in a mobile context—building the base of our application using web standards, and layering interaction on top of that base.

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  • The feature of polyimides and other heterocyclic polymers are now well-established and used for long term temperature durability in the range of 250 - 350'C. This book will review synthesis, mechanisms, ultimate properties, physico-chemical properties, processing and applications of such high performance materials needed in advanced technologies. It presents interdisciplinary papers on the state of knowledge of each topic under consideration through a combination of overviews and original unpublished research.

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  • Oracle Connection Manager is a software component that resides on its own computer, separate from a client or an Oracle database server. It proxies and screens requests for the database server. In addition, it multiplexes database sessions. In its session multiplexing role, Oracle Connection Manager funnels multiple sessions through a single transport protocol connection to a particular destination.

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  • In our mobile work culture, we see corporate staff, from executive to individual contributor, working beyond the boundaries of the traditional office environment. The concept of working “any time and anywhere” has become popular. To support this concept, many organizations are adopting mobile solutions. As employees use these solutions, their expectations are increasing—employees want not only access to information, but full participation in business from any location whenever it is required.

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  • Most of the indoor accidents are related with fall down. Many medical studies are point out that key factor for keeping patient’s life is fast response of monitoring system. In modern life, peoples are isolated with neighbor, especially in living quarters. Therefore many solutions are developed for falling down monitoring that base on wearable sensors. These methods require of an expensive sensors system with electric power supplier and telecommunication devices. In context of patients with disease and weak status, patients are trend to remove sensor system.

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  • As with micromachining processes, many MEMS sensor-packaging techniques are the same as, or derived from, those used in the semiconductor industry. However, the mechanical requirements for a sensor package are typically much more stringent than for purely microelectronic devices. Microelectronic packages are often generic with plastic, ceramic, or metal packages being suitable for the vast majority of IC applications.

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  • Organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) are playing a major role in information technology (IT) by providing the promise of further expanding the use of digital displays through making display fabrication technology lower in cost and higher in performance to replace liquid crystal displays (LCD). Due to various attractive features such as high contrast, high brightness, large color gamut and thin structure, various sized OLED displays from small-sized mobile phone display to large-sized TV display have already begun to be mass-produced....

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  • The broad aim of this research is to strengthen the link between the social and environmental sciences, and to foster a change in observed practices by stimulating a dialogue among those involved in the industry, thereby contributing to sustainable development of the local economy. Our scientific aim is to combine a systematic study of the dynamics of the firms involved in the Jepara industrial complex with a quantitative analysis of flows among them, and between them and markets elsewhere. In this report, we summarise the main features of this complex.

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  • The HCMOS MC68HC11A8 is an advanced 8-bit microcontroller (MCU) with highly sophisticated on-chip peripheral capabilities. A fully static design and high-density complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (HCMOS) fabrication process allow E-series devices to operate at frequencies from 3 MHz to dc, with very low power consumption.

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  • The purpose of this book is to teach solid idiomatic Go programming using all the features the language provides, as well as the most commonly used Go packages from Go’s standard library. The book is also designed to serve as a useful reference once the language is learned. To meet both of these goals the book is quite comprehensive and tries to cover every topic in just one place—and with forward and backward cross-references throughout. Go is quite C-like in spirit, being a small and efficient language with convenient low-level facilities such as pointers.

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  • Here we investigate the problem of determining the application protocol in use in aggregate traffic composed of several TCP connections which all employ the same application protocol. Unlike previous approaches such as BLINC (Karagiannis et al., 2005), our approach does not rely on any information about the hosts or network involved; instead, we use only the features of the actual packets on the wire which remain observable after encryption, namely: timing, size, and direction.

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  • Identify the role of the Network Layer, as it describes communication from one end device to another end device; Examine the most common Network Layer protocol, Internet Protocol (IP), and its features for providing connectionless and best-effort service;... Inviting you to refer.

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  • After studying this chapter you will be able to: Identify the role of the Network Layer, as it describes communication from one end device to another end device; Examine the most common Network Layer protocol, Internet Protocol (IP), and its features for providing connectionless and best-effort service;...

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  • Chapter 5B - Modern CPUs. This lesson looks at the processors most commonly found in personal computers and describes some of their most important features and distinguishing characteristics. You w ill learn how these CPUs arc typically differentiated from one another and sec how their performance is measured. You also w ill learn some of the ways you can extend the power of your PC’s processor to other components by using its expansion capabilities.

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  • Now the resist height upon developing must be calibrated to UV exposure energy, from which the optical density of the device features in the mask may be determined. To this end, the resist height that results from an optimized lithography process was calibrated with a range of optical densities from a reference mask. From this information, the device height profile is encoded into the optical density profile necessary to produce it.

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  • Vietnam is one of the developing countries that is approving and bringing e-commerce into an important element. It leads to the changing the behavior of users in Vietnam in which people can use electronic device features to do shopping activities. Along with the occurrence and development of E-commerce, customers can have benefits from diversity of choices but it causes a fiercer competition among these e-retailers at the same time. Understanding the criteria that influence the choice of e-commerce websites is vital.

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  • Micro-nanoscale coreeshell particles are distinguishable from other particle types because of their unique composition. Core-shell particles combine the features of both the core and shell materials, while exhibiting smart properties resulting from their materials. In the past few years, the research community has paid increasing attention to the generation and application of coreeshell structures.

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  • Identify the role of the Network Layer, as it describes communication from one end device to another end device Examine the most common Network Layer protocol, Internet Protocol (IP), and its features for providing connectionless and best-effort service Understand the principles used to guide the division or grouping of devices into networks Understand the hierarchical addressing of devices and how this allows communication between networks Understand the fundamentals of routes, next hop addresses and packet forwarding to a destination network ...

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  • If your organization plans to move to a cloud infrastructure from a LAN or WAN, this book shows you how to do it efficiently with Windows Server 2012. Experienced Windows administrators will learn how to deploy, configure, and manage the server’s expanded capabilities and features step-by-step, using clear examples and numerous screen shots. You’ll also discover how to integrate employees’ private mobile devices into your corporate network.

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  • SQL Server is a comprehensive, integrated, endtoend data solution that empowers your people by providing a more secure, reliable, and productive platform for enterprise data and BI applications. SQL Server 2005 delivers powerful, familiar tools to IT professionals as well as to information workers, reducing the complexity of creating, deploying, managing, and using enterprise data and analytical applications on platforms ranging from mobile devices to enterprise data systems.

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