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  • Diabetes mellitus (DM) is one of the most common endocrinopathies observed in dogs. The main clinical manifestations are polydipsia, polyuria, polyphagia, weight loss and glucosuria. The etiology of diabetes mellitus is similar in dogs, cats and humans and is probably multifactorial (genetic, immune and environmental factors). Diabetes mellitus is described to be deficiency or absolute lack of insulin secretion is divided into two types: insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM) and non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM). Various breed susceptibilities have been reported.

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  • (bq) definition, diagnosis and classification of diabetes mellitus and its complications is anticipated that this group will expand as causes of type 2 become known. stages range from normoglycaemia to insulin required for survival. it is hoped that the new classification will allow better classification of individuals and lead to fewer therapeutic misjudgements.

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  • This book provides a practical approach for MR imaging of the focal and diffuse liver lesions based on the state-of-the-art MR imaging sequences, computer-generated drawings, concise figure captions, relevant and systematic (differential) diagnostic information, recent literature references, and patient management possibilities. MR imaging findings are correlated to ultrasound, computed tomography, and pathology when appropriate.

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  • The nucleocapsid complex is surrounded by a protein shell called capsid to form the viral core. A layer of matrix protein, which is formed outside the capsid, interacts with the envelope (env) which consists of lipid envelope derived from the host cell and viral envelope glycoproteins. Viral glycoproteins are made of two units: a transmembrane portion, which attaches the protein into the lipid bilayer, and a surface portion, which binds to the cellular receptor.

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  • The progression of disease in localized osteomyelitis is characterized by a cycle of microbial invasion, vascular disruption, necrosis and sequestration. The host inflammatory response, discussed in detail below, results in obstruction of small vessels due to coagulopathy and oedema. As a result of this, cortical bone undergoes necrosis and is detached from surrounding live bone, creating an area known as a sequestrum. This provides a fertile environment for further bacterial invasion and progression continues.

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  • Total GHGEs from the food supply can be split by a nominal boundary of the regional distribution centre (RDC), i.e. primary commodity production and transport to the RDC (pre-RDC) and processing, transport to retail, storage, preparation and waste (post-RDC), in the ratio of 56:44 (Audsley et al. 2009). It is recognised, however, that this is only a nominal boundary as it is not always clear exactly where primary production ends and processing begins for different types of food.

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  • Inquiries were received from every state except Rhode Island, as well as from Puerto Rico, the District of Colombia, and Ontario, Canada. Ten states, primarily California, Texas, New York, Florida, and Illinois, accounted for half of all the inquiries from the study time period. As with the previous year’s analysis, there remained consistent trends in the geographic dispersion of the inquiries, with the highest concentration again in the South.

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  • The study of the pathogenesis of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli (STEC) infections encompasses many different disciplines, including clinical microbiology, diagnostics, animal ecology, and food safety, as well as the cellular microbiology of both bacterial pathogenesis and the mechanisms of toxin action. E. coli: Shiga Toxin Methods and Protocols aims to bring together a number of experts from each of these varied fields in order to outline some of the basic protocols for the diagnosis and study of STEC pathogenesis.

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  • The guidelines on surveying and monitoring (FAO, 2011a) present the “big picture” – describing how to plan a national strategy for obtaining AnGR-related data and keeping them up to date; they introduce the various types of survey that may form part of such a strategy, and outline the main steps involved in planning and implementing a survey. The guidelines on phenotypic characterization describe how to conduct a study on a specific animal popula- tion and its production environment – including details of what to measure, how to take these measurements and how to interpret them.

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  • Vegetarians of all types can achieve recommended nutrient intakes through careful selection of foods. These individuals should give special attention to their intakes of protein, iron, and vitamin B12, as well as calcium and vitamin D if avoiding milk products. In addition, vegetarians could select only nuts, seeds, and legumes from the meat and beans group, or they could include eggs if so desired. At the 2,000­calorie level, they could choose about 1.5 ounces of nuts and  2 /3 cup legumes instead of 5.5 ounces of meat, poultry, and/or fish.

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  • This guidance document is intended to serve as a resource for national park, forest, and refuge staff when considering lichen studies to address air quality concerns. It provides background regarding the use of lichens as air pollution indicators, their sensitivities to various air pollutants, and the effects of air pollution on lichen physiology, communities, and tissue chemistry. It discusses the types of information and objectives that can optimize the utility of lichen studies from an air management and air regulatory perspective.

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  • With the recent increase in shareholder activism, companies are increasingly considering roles for lead directors in communicating with shareholders. Although management remains principally responsible for investor relations, having a lead director who can assist in certain types of commu- nications may add a useful voice.

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  • Real estate market returns, both aggregate and disaggregated, are obtained from the National Property Index (NPI) series, also compiled by NCREIF from this individual property data. The NCREIF NPI is considered the de-facto standard performance index for investible US commercial real estate. Index series are available on a national level, as well as disaggregated by region, division, state, CBSA, property type, property sub-type, and all possible interactions of these.

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  • There are several ways in which poultry manure can be collected and processed. Several factor such as operation size, climate, animal type etc. will determine what type of system is used in what kind of circumstances. It should be noted that in many instances, the strongest influence on which system is used is the economics (costs) of the system. Each system has its own merits and costs, but careful consideration must be used in order to select a system which will make the most efficient use of the factors in which it will be operated. This review will discuss several of these...

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  • Our analysis also contributes to assessing market e¢ ciency in a way that it investigates how the markets price in information about banks and how this process may di§er across di§erent types of banks. To that end, we apply a large panel of 53 EU banks using a stationary vector autoregressive (VAR) sys- tem that allows us to focus on such Örm-level e§ects. A further contribution to the literature is provided by the fact that we also want to analyse whether large banksístock prices could be a§ected by di§erent factors than small banksí stock prices.

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  • Cancer of the skin (including melanoma and basal and squamous cell skin cancers) is by far the most common of all types of cancer. An estimated 3.5 million basal and squamous cell skin cancers are diagnosed each year (occurring in about 2.2 million Americans, as some people have more than one). Most of these are basal cell cancers. Squamous cell cancers occur less often. The number of these cancers has been increasing for many years. This is probably due to a combination of better skin cancer detection, people getting more sun exposure, and people living longer.

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  • The UKPDS included an analysis of intensive blood glucose control with metformin for overweight patients compared to conventional treatment primarily with diet. The study included 753 overweight (more than 120% ideal body weight) patients with newly diagnosed Type 2 diabetes from 15 hospital-based clinics in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Of these patients 342 were allocated to an intensive blood glucose control policy with metformin and 411 were allocated to conventional treatment, primarily with diet alone. The study was conducted from 1977 to 1991.

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  • The diagnosis and management of asthma in young children can be challenging since there are many different types of wheezing associated with numerous underlying disorders. In order to assist clinicians, the Vietnamese clinical practice guideline for asthma was revised in 2018 by the members of Vietnam Respiratory Society and Medical Services Administration, under the Ministry of Health.

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  • Analyzing the scientific literature via the approaches commonly used for this type of research in different databases by the IRSST Informathèque and the CSST documentation centre identified peer-reviewed journal articles on nanoparticle toxicity. The literature is covered exhaustively up to summer 2007. Among the main databases and search engines consulted, we should mention MedLine, Toxline, PubMed, Inspec, Coppernic, Embase, Ntis, Ei, Compendex, SciSearch, Pascal, Alerts, Teoma and Scirus.

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  • This paper introduces the development of a transient monitoring system to detect the early stage of a transient, to identify the type of the transient scenario, and to inform an operator with the remaining time to turbine trip when there is no operator's relevant control. This study focused on the transients originating from a secondary system in nuclear power plants (NPPs), because the secondary system was recognized to be a more dominant factor to make unplanned turbine-generator trips which can ultimately result in reactor trips.

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