Diffusion in crystals

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  • This textbook has evolved from part of the first-year graduate curriculum in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) . This curriculum includes four required semester-long subjects- “Materials at Equilibrium,” “Mechanical Properties of Materials,” “Electrical, Optical, and Magnetic Properties of Materials,” and “Kinetic Processes in Materials.

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  • Ge is a potential candidate for the realization of Si-based light sources that are compatible with CMOS technology. Electron doping in Ge is an efficient method to modify its band gap structure to enhance the radiative recombination of Ge film. Post growth thermal treatment is a necessary step to activate the dopants and ameliorate the film’s crystal quality.

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  • Based on irreversible thermodynamics, a new approach to study sorption in polymer has been proposed [1]. This treatment gives a standpoint different from the existing sorption models [2 - 9] not only in interpretation and nature, but also in analytical expression. Moreover, the model also accounts for diffusion and the other internal processes stimulated by sorption such as swelling, plasticization, crystallization etc. Some experimental results of fluid sorption in polymer have been interpreted by this model.

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  • Owing to the diffusion ofmaterial fromone foil to another, no borderline limitations between single foils in terms of heat transfer exist any more. Thus, the thermal behavior of diffusion-bonded devices is superior in comparison to that of the devices manufactured by other bonding techniques. In Figure 1.13, the diffusion bonding process chain is shown clockwise, starting with the single foils stack of a cross-flow stainless steel device. Figure 1.14 shows a cut through a diffusion-bonded stainless steel device.

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