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  • [ Team LiB ] Using Digital Signatures When email is signed with a digital signature, it provides a level of proof that the person using the email address sent the message. More importantly, it also ensures that no one tampered with the message. A digital signature is a digital code that can be attached to an email message to uniquely identify the sender. Like a written signature, the purpose of a digital signature is to guarantee that the individual sending the message really is who he claims to be. To be effective, we need to be assured that a digital...

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  • Bài giảng Sử dụng chữ ký số trong giao dịch điện tử (Digital signature certificate Authentication) bao gồm những nội dung về tổng quan xác thực điện tử Digital signature certificate; các yêu cầu của một dự án xác thực điện tử và một số nội dung khác. Mời các bạn tham khảo,

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  • Using Digital Signatures When email is signed with a digital signature, it provides a level of proof that the person using the email address sent the message.

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  • Objectives of Chapter 13: To define a digital signature; to define security services provided by a digital signature; to define attacks on digital signatures; to discuss some digital signature schemes, including RSA, ElGamal, Schnorr, DSS, and elliptic curve; to describe some applications of digital signatures.

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  • Information authentication in computer networks and information sys-tems is usually performed with digital signature schemes (DSSes) that are attributed to public key cryptosystems.

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  • Digital Signature schemes are commonly used as primitives in cryptographic protocols that provide other services including entity authentication, authenticated key transport, and authenticated key agreement.

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  • Like paper-based signatures, digital signatures intend to respect a number of security assumptions. Methods of digital signature apposed by a single user have been defined and are widely used. But is it sufficient? What if a legal document requires witnesses and notarization, or a contract needs the signatures of several officers?This paper will first show the basics to understand digital signatures and how the a security properties of integrity, authentication, and non-repudiation are respected.

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  • This paper proposes methods for developing digital signature scheme based on the difficulty of the discrete logarithm problem. From the establishment of overview scheme, some digital signature schema have been proposed for practical applications.

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  • We implement the classical and modified ElGamal digital signature scheme to compare and to test their functionality, reliability and security. To test the security of the algorithms we use a famous attack algorithm called Baby-Step-Giant algorithm which works in the domain of natural integers.

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  • This thesis will attempt to describe in detail the concepts of digital signatures and the related background issues. We will begin with a general introduction to cryptography and digital signatures and follow with an overview of the requisite math involved in cryptographic applications.

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  • This standard specifies a suite of algorithms which can be used to generate a digital signature. Digital signatures are used to detect unauthorized modifications to data and to authenticate the identity of the signatory. In addition, the recipient of signed data can use a digital signature in proving to a third party that the signature was in fact generated by the signatory.

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  • The intent of this document is to outline issues relating to the utilization of digital signatures on engineering related documents with the Oregon Department of Transportation. For the purpose of this document, the term engineering will include all branches of engineering performed within the agency, including surveying, geology, and any other branch that requires the placement of a seal and signature on a final product.

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  • Digital signature systems provide a way to transfer trust from the public key to the signed data; this is used extensively within PKIs. However, some applications need a transfer of trust in the other direction, from the signed data to the public key.

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  • Using Russian digital signature (DS) standards as the underlying scheme there are designed the blind DS protocols that are the first known implementation of the blind DS based on signature standards. There are also proposed blind collective DS protocols based on the DS standards.

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  • A digital signature scheme allows one to “sign” documents in such a way that everyone can verify the validity of authentic signatures, but no one can forge signatures of new documents.

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  • The Digital Signature Algorithm (DSA) was specified in a U.S. Government Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) called the Digital Signature Standard (DSS [70]).

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  • A multisignature scheme is a digital signature scheme that allows multiple signers to generate a single signature in a collaborative and simultaneous manner. In this paper we first review of the digital multisignature schemes using elliptic curvers and elliptic curve version of the multisignature scheme with distinguished signing responsibilities. Then, we propose a new multisignature scheme with distinguished signing responsibilities.

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  • We present a polynomial-time algorithm that provably recovers the signer’s secret DSA key when a few bits of the random nonces k (used at eachsignature generation) are known for a number of DSA signatures at most linear inlog q (q denoting as usual the small prime of DSA), under a reasonable assumption on the hash function used in DSA.

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  • Bài báo đề xuất một dạng lược đồ chữ ký số mới được xây dựng trên cơ sở các bài toán phân tích một số nguyên lớn ra các thừa số nguyên tố, bài toán khai căn trong modulo hợp số. Từ dạng lược đồ mới đề xuất có thể phát triển thành một số lược đồ chữ k‎ số có khả năng ứng dụng được trong thực tế.

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