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  • Performance animation or motion capture consist of measurement and recording of direct actions of a real person or animal for immediate or delayed analysis and playback. The technique is especially used today in production environments for 3D character animation. It involves mapping of measurements onto the motion of the digital character. This mapping can be direct: e.g. human arm motion controlling a character's arm motion or indirect: e.g. mouse movement controlling a character's eye and head ...

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  • Bonds are considered high yield (or junk) based on the credit ratings they receive from the two major US rating agencies, Moody's and Standard & Poor's. Any bond rated below Baa3 by Moody's or BBB- by S&P is included in the high yield universe. High yield bonds are classified in two ways, as "fallen angels", which are former investment grade bonds that have declined in ratings, and as new issue high yield bonds, which are issued generally by young, growing companies in recapitalizations. The growth of the market has been exceptional.

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  • .Praise for Hedge Fund of Funds Investing: An Investor’s Guide by Joseph G. Nicholas “Hedge funds of funds are at the leading edge of the broad move into hedge investing by the mainstream of private wealth management. As Joe Nicholas clearly describes in this definitive primer, hedge funds of funds are the primary vehicles being used today at top wealth management firms because of inherent advantages—including superior diversification, economies of scale within the fragmented hedge industry, access to closed funds, and professional supervision for manager selection and risk management.

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  • The insured event must be specified, i.e. the event cannot be a general protection against adverse deviations from targets, but must be explicitly or implicitly described in the contract. Where the contract provides an option to extend cover, this will only qualify as insurance risk at the start of the contract if the contract specifies the terms of the extended cover. The probability that the option will be exercised is taken into consideration when assessing the significance of the future insurance risk.

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  • Many foreign companies use a combination of exporting, licensing and direct investment in India. India permits 100% foreign equity in most industries. Units setting up in special economic zones (SEZs), operating in electronic hardware or software technology parks or operating as 100% export-oriented units also may be fully foreign-owned. Nevertheless, the government has set sector-specific caps on foreign equity in certain industries, such as basic and cellular telecommunications services, banking, civil aviation and retail trading.

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  • The pulp and paper industry is also one of the three sectors (along with cement and steel) for which CEF made detailed parameter modifications to the NEMS model used to produce AEO 1999. Modifications included adjustments to baseline energy intensities and rates for annual improvements in energy intensity, which were adjusted to reflect best-available sector-specific research.

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  • To be sure there is satisfaction in successfully assembling a model; and some understanding to be gained in seeing how the flat parts go together to make a 3-D form. Yet after a few successful attempts, one begins to think about how a model could be changed: What if you could create something that might not have ever existed, such as a three-headed raptor with wings? What if you could design your own cabinet or table, instead of accepting the stuffy conventional models that come in the box? In short, with a store-bought model you are limited to...

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  • This paper uses interest rate data that cover a longer period and that are based on more harmonised principles than those used by previous pass-through studies for the euro area. We find that stronger competition implies significantly lower interest rate spreads for most loan market products, as we expected.

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  • It is clear from such a definition that unusual event de- tection entails a number of challenges. The rarity of an un- usual event means that collecting sufficient training data for supervised learning will often be infeasible, necessitating methods for learning from small numbers of examples. In addition, more than one type of unusual event may occur in a given data sequence, where the event types can be ex- pected to differ markedly from one another.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'real estatemortgage investmentconduits(remics)reporting information', tài chính - ngân hàng, đầu tư bất động sản phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Hard plastic toys that are washed in a dishwasher, or cloth toys washed in the hot water cycle of a washing machine, do not need to be additionally disinfected. Stuffed toys used by only a single child should be cleaned in a washing machine every week or more frequently if heavily soiled. Toys and equipment used by older children and not put into their mouths should be cleaned at least weekly...

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  • Midwives play a central role in ensuring that women have a safe and life-enhancing experience during their maternity care and that their babies and families have the best possible start in life. Approximately 900,000 women give birth each year in the UK and it is likely that they will receive the majority of their care from a midwife. In women’s homes, birth centres and hospitals, midwives coordinate the woman’s journey through pregnancy, providing the continuity to ensure that she experiences safe, compassionate care in an appropriate environment. ...

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  • Following the conclusion of the “Strengthening country office capacity to support sexual and reproductive health in the new aid environment” project, a series of four country case-studies were undertaken in Malawi, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Senegal and Tajikistan in early 2011.

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  • It has often proven valuable to have the proposed audit task plan reviewed by an experienced auditor who is outside the audit team. Such reviews may raise issues that were not considered by the originator of the plan and that suggest the need to modify the plan in material ways. In an “audit office” with a hierarchical structure, such a review is typically required by office policy and is usually carried out in two stages by supervisory levels above that of audit team leader. In a more decentralised SAI, such as some “courts...

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  • Since the purpose of a PMO is to overcome the problems an organisation has in consistently achieving success from its projects and programmes, it is those problems that should define the balance of the role. This in turn should determine the functions it performs or the services it provides. The nature of those services should then define the type of staff required. But it appears that in many cases the role is actually determined by the skills and experience of the PMO staff and the services they are able to provide. ...

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  • In recent years, the HCSS agencies have engaged in a sustained effort to foster a new multidisciplinary research agenda that will enable the United States to lead in the development of next-generation engineered systems that depend on ubiquitous cyber control and require very high levels of system assurance.

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  • A comparison was made between the different product systems. The comparison was made for a European and a Swedish scenario. In the comparison two versions were used for the web based newspaper. Firstly, one where the web based newspaper was read for 10 minutes and 2.5 MB were downloaded and secondly, another where the reading time was increased to 30 minutes (the same time as assumed for reading the printed and e- paper newspapers) and 5.5 MB were down-loaded.

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  • Some larger pension funds are already making allocations to green investments via direct infrastructure investments and through private equity. Yet such direct financing mechanisms are only really an option for large pension funds with considerable in-house resources. Many smaller pension funds are likely to increase their asset allocation to such projects via green bonds, structured instruments, or green equity funds.

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  • Absent an exemption, all offers and sales of securities must be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) under the Securities Act. Because venture capital funds and private equity funds are offering and selling securities when they seek and accept investors into their funds, such offers and sales must be registered with the SEC, unless an exemption is available. Generally, fund managers do not want to register the offers and sales of interests in their funds.

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  • Asking questions like this can help you to identify the pieces of a model. Once you've got a pretty good idea of what the pieces look like, you can move on to the next stage. Most students think that the next stage is to prove a theorem or run a regression. No! The next stage is to work an example. Take the simplest example|one period, 2 goods, 2 people, linear utility|whatever it takes to get to something simple enough to see what is going on.

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