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  • In this paper, a numerical Discrete Element Method (DEM) model was calibrated to investigate the transmission of force in granular media. To this aim, DEM simulation was performed for reproducing the behavior of a given granular material under uniform compression. The DEM model was validated by comparing the obtained shear stress/normal stress ratio with results published in the available literature. The network of contact forces was then computed, showing the arrangement of the material microstructure under applied loading...

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  • Depending on soil properties farmer may need to operate rotavator multiple times on the soil bed to achieve desirable pulverisation, which induces fatigue and time loss. To aid the farmer in such situation a twin shaft rotavator was conceptualised. Hence, a simulation was planned to compare the effects of different configuration of rotavator in operation. Simulations were carried out in EDEM a discrete element method analysis software. The simulations were made assuming6 inches depth of cut at a forward speed of 3 kmph.

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  • (bq) part 1 book "the finite element method in engineering" has contents: overview of finite element method, discretization of the domain, interpolation models, higher order and isoparametric elements, higher order and isoparametric elements, assembly of element matrices and vectors and derivation of system equations,...and other contents.

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  • Lecture Introduction to the finite element method has contents: Introduction, finite element equations for heat transfer, fem for solid mechanics problems, finite elements, discretization, assembly and solution.

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  • (bq) part 1 book "the finite element method (volume 1: the basis)" has contents: some preliminaries - the standard discrete system, a direct approach to problems in elasticity; plane stress and plane strain; axisymmetric stress analysis; the patch test, reduced integration, and non-conforming elements,... and other contents.

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  • (bq) part 2 book "the finite element method (volume 1: the basis)" has contents: adaptive finite element refinement; the time dimension - semi-discretization of field and dynamic problems and analytical solution procedures; couple systems; computer procedures for finite element analysis,...and other contents.

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  • (bq) the finite element method - volume 1: the basic" has contents: some preliminaries - the standard discrete system, a direct approach to problems in elasticity, plane stress and plane train, axisymmetric stress analysis,... and other contents.

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  • Piled embankment reinforced geosynthetics are used as integrated foundation systems for construction of embankment over soft ground. Several design guidelines are available in the literature for these embankments based on the soil arching and tensioned membrane theories. However, among design engineers, there is uncertainty regarding the applicability of these design methods. This paper investigates some practical aspects and identifies some inconsistencies in applying these design methods.

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  • In general, the fluctuation of the elastic modulus of materials is crucial in structural analysis. This paper develops a stochastic finite element method (SFEM) for analyzing a nonuniform column considering the random process in elastic modulus. This random process of elastic modulus is assumed as a one-dimensional Gaussian random field. The weighted integration method is used to discretize the random field and establish the stochastic finite element formulation to compute the first and second moments of displacement fields.

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  • This paper presents a numerical investigation on the flexural performance of a novel cementitious reinforced GEM-TECH material using finite element method. A discrete nonlinear FE model using the commercial software ANSYS was employed to model a steel-reinforced GEM-TECH beam.

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  • This section attempts to answer some of the questions you might formulate when you turn the first page: What does this toolbox do? Can I use it? What problems can I solve?, etc. What Does this Toolbox Do? The Partial Differential Equation (PDE) Toolbox provides a powerful and flexible environment for the study and solution of partial differential equations in two space dimensions and time. The equations are discretized by the Finite Element Method (FEM). The objectives of the PDE Toolbox are to provide you with tools that: • Define a PDE problem, i.e.

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  • This paper proposes a weak form for the contact problem with Coulomb friction, written as extension of the standard virtual work principle and involving both the displacements and the multipliers defined on the reference contact surface. The mixed relationship is shown to be equivalent to the strong form of the initial/boundary value contact problem, and it can be discretized by means of the finite element method in a simple way.

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  • This study analyses the hydrodynamic characteristic of the tilting pad thrust bearing. Research content is simultaneously solving the Reynolds equation, force equilibrium equation, and momentum equilibrium equations. Reynolds equation is solved by utilizing the finite element method with Galerkin weighted residual, thereby determines the pressure at each discrete node of the film. Force and momentums are integrated from pressure nodes by Gaussian integral.

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  • The modelling of mechanical systems provides engineers and students with the methods to model and understand mechanical systems by using both mathematical and computer-based tools. Written by an eminent authority in the field, this is the second of four volumes which provide engineers with a comprehensive resource on this cornerstone mechanical engineering subject. Dealing with continuous systems, this book covers solid mechanics, beams, plates and shells.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'modelling of mechanical systems structural elements francois axisa', kỹ thuật - công nghệ, cơ khí - chế tạo máy phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • We present the solution of a second-order nonlinear parabolic interface problem on a quasiuniform triangular finite element with a linearized four-step implicit scheme used for the time discretization. The convergence of the scheme in L2-norm is established under certain regularity assumptions using interpolation and elliptic projection operators.

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  • The present study focuses on the material behaviour before homogenisation. A grain-scale experimental characterisation is first performed in the laboratory.

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  • This study presents a novel application of mesh-free method using the smoothed-radial basis functions for the computational homogenization analysis of materials. The displacement field corresponding to the scattered nodes within the representative volume element (RVE) is split into two parts including mean term and fluctuation term, and then the fluctuation one is approximated using the integrated radial basis function (iRBF) method.

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  • This paper the analysis and use of these conditions. Since the conditions involve norms of functionals in fractional Sobolev spaces, we derive ‘stronger’ conditions that are simpler in form. These new conditions pave the way for the inf-sup testing, a tool for assessing the stability of the discretized problems.

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  • A First Course in Discrete Mathematics I. Anderson Analytic Methods for Partial Differential Equations G. Evans, J. Blackledge, P. Yardley Applied Geometry for Computer Graphics and CAD D. Marsh Basic Linear Algebra, Second Edition T.S. Blyth and E.F. Robertson Basic Stochastic Processes Z. Brze´ niak and T. Zastawniak z Elementary Differential Geometry A. Pressley Elementary Number Theory G.A. Jones and J.M. Jones Elements of Abstract Analysis M. Ó Searcóid Elements of Logic via Numbers and Sets D.L. Johnson...

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