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Distance and surface

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  • In addition to the physical parameters such as magnetization intensity distribution, the volume and the shape of the magnetized material, directions of the magnetization and the ambient field, the distance between the observation surface and the causative sources significantly affects the shape and the amplitudes of the magnetic anomalies. Aeromagnetic surveys are performed using either a draped surface or a constant elevation plane above sea level. These surveys can easily reconnoiter large territories in a short time.

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  • The sponge pores decorated with Au nanoparticles could effectively capture and concentrate microplastics in the pores from aquaes sample. Interestingly, the adjustable size of the sponge could allow the distance between the “hot spots” on the substrate surface to be controlled, hence controlling the SERS signal intensity.

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  • Fractal analysis helped find differences in species in the organisation of fish otolith crystalline surfaces in 2 closely related and 2 distant species. To determine regularities of this organisation, we used the microcanonical method of multifractal spectra. It was revealed that the differences of multifractal spectra were more significant for longer distances of taxonomic divergence.

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  • Achene micromorphological evidence belonging to 32 species of Potentilla from Iran were studied using scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Multivariate analysis was used to estimate the potential contribution of the quantitative and qualitative traits to the species relationships. Based on the present results, the achene micromorphological traits exhibited considerable variations.

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  • Silk fibroin, which has many characteristic properties such as low inflammation reaction, biodegradation, suppleness, good antithrombogenic details, biocompatibility and high tensile strength is a very good candidate for biomedical applications. Electrospinning procures high surface area, porous, nanofiber dimension fiber generation, which is a plain method. An experimental study was carried out to produce nanofiber structure from silk fibroin by electrospinning and the electrospinning parameters for the spinning of uniform, continuous and silk fibroin fibers were optimized.

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  • Weeding is one of the major control operations in the vegetable crops. The traditional method of weed control is to remove the weed manually by a Khurpi or Spade. This is a very time consuming process. Due to shortage of agricultural labour in peak season, farmers cannot compete weeding in time. Mechanical weeding keeps the soil surface loose, which results in better aeration and moisture conservation. In our country the average land is about 0.

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  • The structures of biological macromolecules provide a framework for studying their biological functions. Three-dimensional structures of proteins, nucleic acids, or their complexes, are difficult to visualize in detail on flat surfaces, and algorithms for their spatial superposition and comparison are computationally costly.

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  • Non-covalent interactions in term of hydrogen bond in complexes of chloroform with hydrogen cyanide and its fluoride derivative were investigated thoroughly by scanning the potential energy surface. The complexes of both examined systems show blue-shift at their most stable geometries. All of systems experience the contraction in C-H bond length at long distances. At specific RN-H distance, the C-H bond of CHCl3 molecule in complexes with FCN tends to be more blue-shifted than one in connection with HCN counterpart.

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  • Power weeder uproots the weeds between the paddy crop rows with 25 cm row to row distance, in addition to, it keeps the soil surface loose for better soil aeration and water intake capacity. In this study modification was done to existing STIHL power weeder which is operated in line with the attachment of float and covering structure on weeding wheel to avoid mud splash over operator. In this study, the existing weeder and modified weeder has studied ergonomically. 3-axis accelerometer, showed that modified weeder has less vibration of 1.984 m/s2 from the existing weeder.

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  • An investigation was conducted in oil palm sole crop and oil palm + cocoa cropping systems to study microbial diversity along with enzyme activities and understand soil carbon dynamics in oil palm based cropping system. Ten mature oil palm plantations (five each in oil palm sole crop and oil palm + cocoa) planted with Tenera hybrids with a spacing of 9 X 9 X 9 m in a triangular system were selected for the study. Cocoa var. Forastero is cultivated as an intercrop in oil palm plantations at 4.5 X 4.5 m spacing.

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  • The present study was conducted during the year 2018 and 2019 at Department of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, Dr Panjabrao Deshmukh Krishi Vidyapeeth, Akola, Maharashtra with an aim to know the macro and micronutrient status of soils of Washim road farm, Dr. PDKV Akola. Grid based (GPS) forty-four (44) surface (0-20 cm depth) soil samples were collected by grid survey method at 200m distance from Washim road farm and analyzed as per standard procedure for judging chemical properties and available nutrient status of soil.

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  • The present study was undertaken to assess the status of soil pH, EC and OC in one hundred and eighty soil samples collected from different land use systems of district Doda. A soil survey was conducted in the month of April, 2016 to assess soil pH, EC and OC. Composite surface soil samples were collected using stratified random sampling method at a depth of 0-15 cm from Agriculture, Barren lands and at a depth of 1 metre from Forest, Horticulture of district Doda. The exact sample location was recorded using a handheld GPS receiver.

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  • We introduce an inclusion-field technique for fast detection of collisions between a highly deformable object and another object with limited deformations. We mainly target the cloth simulation application where cloth (highly deformable) collides with deforming skin of a moving human model (has limited deformation as skin stretches and compacts within finite spacial and temporal limits specified by the bending angle and speed). Our technique intermixes concepts from space voxelization and distance fields to make use of the limited deformation nature of human skin.

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  • The western termination and total length of the earthquake rupture is still a matter of debate because the surface rupture goes off shore in the Gulf of İzmit after displaying a coseismic displacement of ~5 m. Such a considerable slip implies that the fault rupture must definitely continue some distance westward on the sea floor, but where exactly it terminated is difficult to determine.

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  • The effects of process parameter such as the applied voltage, tip–collector distance and the solution flow rate on the fiber generation and morphology of final fiber were optimized. Nanofibers morphology and structure were characterized by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM), respectively. The prepared fibers had a smooth surface and fine morphology.

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  • We introduce an alternative approach to extracting word pair associations from corpora, based purely on surface distances in the text. We contrast it with the prevailing windowbased co-occurrence model and show it to be more statistically robust and to disclose a broader selection of significant associative relationships - owing largely to the property of scale-independence. In the process we provide insights into the limiting characteristics of window-based methods which complement the sometimes conflicting application-oriented literature in this area. ...

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  • South-east Asian components of our population are increasing rapidly. The ethnic mix in each organisation is likely to be quite different, so the best approach may be to develop anthropometric distributions for each organisation from different data sets, using the proportions of each ethnic group. Some applications of anthropometric data are discussed below. The arrangement of equipment on a working surface should be based on placing the most frequently used items within the easiest reach.

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  • In this paper, we focus our attention on providing a formal framework for expressing data mining tasks in- volving time granularities, and on proposing efficient algo- rithms for performing such tasks. To this end, we introduce the notion of an event structure. An event structure is essen- tially a set of temporal constraints on a set of variables representing events. Each constraint bounds the distance between a pair of events in terms of a time granularity.

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  • The solution structure ofNereis diversicolorsarcoplasmic calcium-binding protein (NSCP) in the calcium-bound form was determined by NMR spec-troscopy, distance geometry and simulated annealing. Based on 1859 NOE restraints and 262 angular restraints, 17 structures were generated with a rmsd of 0.87 A ˚ from the mean structure. The solution structure, which is highly similar to the structure obtained by X-ray crystallography, includes two open EF-hand domains, which are in close contact through their hydrophobic surfaces....

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  • Use an extract ventilation unit to capture and filter over­spray and mist. You need to place the unit very close to the sprayed surface. Some units are ineffective at capturing spray: check with a smoke machine. Containment equipment (that actively catches the majority of over­spray) and spray enclosures (that contain, remove and filter overspray) are commercially available. Spraying outdoors Ensure the compressor and its air intake are upwind of spraying and clear of other harmful substances.

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