Docking port

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  • 4 cách tự sửa chữa nút Home của iPhone Nếu nút Home trên iPhone của bạn không hoạt động mà thiết bị lại hết hạn bảo hành, bạn có thể thử 1 trong 4 cách dưới đây để tự khắc phục. Bất kể bạn có chú ý giữ gìn chiếc iPhone của mình tới đâu, nút Home vẫn có nguy cơ chịu nhiều tác động khác nhau và trở nên hoạt động kém nhạy. iPhone 5,

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  • Conn Maxwell, at the armor-glass front of the observation deck, watched the landscape rush out of the horizon and vanish beneath the ship, ten thousand feet down. He thought he knew how an hourglass must feel with the sand slowly draining out. It had been six months to Litchfield when the Mizar lifted out of La Plata Spaceport and he watched Terra dwindle away. It had been two months to Litchfield when he boarded the City of Asgard at the port of the same name on Odin. It had been two hours to Litchfield when the Countess Dorothy rose from the airship dock at Storisende. He had had all...

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  • Lance Kenniston felt the cold realization of failure as he came out of the building into the sharp chill of the Martian night. He stood for a moment, his lean, drawn face haggard in the light of the two hurtling moons. He looked hopelessly across the dark spaceport. It was a large one, for this ancient town of Syrtis was the main port of Mars. The forked light of the flying moons showed many ships docked on the tarmac—a big liner, several freighters, a small, shining cruiser and other small craft.

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  • In this new sensational memoir, Capt. Max Hardberger recounts his adventures repossessing ships and sneaking them out of lawless, third-world countries, often under threat of death or imprisonment. His journeys lead him from corrupt ports in the Caribbean to the ice-bound docks of Vladivostok. His adventures in rescuing ships pit him against a rogue’s gallery of antagonists, including Haitian rebels, modern-day Caribbean pirates, and Russian mobsters. SEIZED is an action-packed thrill ride through the criminal underworld of shipping....

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