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  • The five chapters in Part I provide all the basics you need to start drawing in AutoCAD. These chapters are essential for the beginner, but even current users will find some new tips and pointers, especially related to features that are new for AutoCAD 2002. If you feel you know enough to skip to Part II, skim this part first for New Feature icons to bring yourself up to date. Some of the major new features of AutoCAD 2002 are introduced here.

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  • This angry cartoon wolf drawing can be started with very few simple lines and some basic shapes. Grab your drawing tool of choice, for me that will be a mechanical pencil, and let's get going! Step 1 - The Head, Nose and Chest Make one big circle for the head and then another smaller one directly underneath it for the body. The body circle should overlap the head circle like shown in the sketch. Then place the two slightly-curved lines on top of the bigger circle to create the shape and placement of the ears. After that comes the...

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  • Ever wondered how to draw a koala bear? Well, that's just what you are about to find! This cute little koala bear is extremely easy to make and you can get started with just a few simple lines and some basic shapes. Step 1 - Starting Simple Make a big oval. When you are making this, consider that it should be big enough for you to visualize the koala bear's face. If you need some help you can look at the finished Koala Bear's face and judge the size and shape based upon that.

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  • Although the age-old art of pencil drawing is the basic foundation of all the visual arts, its elemental beauty allows it to stand on its own. And pencil art is amazingly versatile—it can range from simple, unshaded contour line drawings to complex, fully rendered compositions with a complete range of tonal values. The projects in this book are taken from some of the most popular drawing books in Walter Foster's How to Draw and Paint Series. And because all the successful artists featured in this book have developed their own special approach to drawing, there are countless lessons to be...

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  • The Stick Figure In our methodical approach to building up your confidence as an artist, we're going to tackle something simple at first—our friend the stick figure. Go ahead, draw one right now! A reasonable stick figure at this point should contain a midline for the spine, two arms, two legs, and a circle for the head. Fingers for hands and lines for feet are optional, but being the conscientious craftsman that you are, I know you'll want to include them. Now draw your stick figure running, jumping, falling, walking, running, climbing—see how many poses you can come up with. The...

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  • In our methodical approach to building up your confidence as an artist, we're going to tackle something simple at first—our friend the stick figure. Go ahead, draw one right now! A reasonable stick figure at this point should contain a midline for the spine, two arms, two legs, and a circle for the head. Fingers for hands and lines for feet are optional, but being the conscientious craftsman that you are, I know you'll want to include them.

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  • Learn how to draw cartoon chickens with just a few simple shapes and lines. Grab your drawing gear and follow along! Step 1 - Starting Circles Make a circle for the head and below that give some space and then draw a large oval-for the body. Look at the example for the exact proportion and placement of the head and the body. .Step 2 - Detailing the Head Draw two slightly curved lines coming down from the side of the head circle. One line touches the body oval while the other line curves out. Join the two lines of the neck along...

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  • Cartoon Fish Drawing Sparkle the Goldfish Sparkle is easy to draw when you break him down into simple shapes. We'll start with, as usual, a circle. We're going to draw Sparkle as if he is facing us, but angled a little to the side. This angle will be a lot more interesting than if we drew him facing us directly. Basic Forms: Draw an oval. This will serve as our sphere. Think of it as being squished at the sides to give us a nice thin fish. Remember to draw lightly so that you can erase these basic lines easily...

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  • When you first begin to drawing dogs, it can be difficult to know where to start. Where should you make that initial mark on the paper in front of you, and what should that mark be? Usually, there are tricks that can get you started with ease, and the same is true in regards to drawing dogs. You don't have to be an expert artist to learn how to draw a dog; it's as simple as beginning with a 'cheat', or a few specific lines, and building a style from there.

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  • This cartoon dogs drawing lesson is a little different than some of the other tutorials you may have done on this site because instead of starting off with simple shapes were going to start off by drawing forms. Step 1 - The Head and Body Forms There are two lines in this step. The curved line at the top that looks a little bit like an unfolded paperclip is the head and the outline of the back. The other line is the chest and midsection. Take a quick look at the finished drawing and see how the curve of...

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  • This simple cartoon cow is very easy to make and you are going to love the end result! Get your drawing tools and keep reading below. Step 1 - Drawing Circles Make a big circle and then a smaller one a little up and to the side of the big circle. It should be obvious, but just in case it isn't, the big circle will make the cow's body and the smaller circle will be used to make the head. .Step 2 - Ears and Mouth Next, draw two small straight lines down from the sides of the smaller head circle...

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  • Look into my eyessssshhhhhh, you’re feeling sssshhhhhleeepy! The snake, Kaa, from Disney’s The Jungle Book, was well known for his hypnotic eyes and now it’s time to mezmerize your friends and family with your awesome drawing skills as you learn how to draw a cartoon snake, one of these fascinating creatures. Go right ahead - he won’t bite! STEP-1: Basic Shape of our Snake For our first step in how to draw a cartoon snake, we’ll start off nice an easy with a simple curved line. This will give you a basis to work from and help you create a...

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  • Dragon drawing, like the image to the left, is a lot easier than you might think. It looks complex, but the shapes are very basic, once you start to break them down. If you can draw a curve and a straight line that's about all that you need to know. No joke! A great inspiration came to make this tutorial after buying and watching several cartoon series on DVD. I wanted to show you how to make something that could fit into that kind of cool, modern style; basic, flat colors, simple shapes, and stylish design. *Remember to draw...

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  • Cartoon Santa drawing might seem harder than it really is, but have no fear as soon as you finish this tutorial you'll know that there isn't really all that much to him. As usual, we'll break him down to simple shapes and build on those shapes to create a very jolly, very fat cartoon Santa. One last note - remember to draw lightly when making your first lines on the page. I know I say this with every lesson but some of my students don't seem to listen to this important steps and when it is time to finish...

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  • Learning how to draw a nose can seem a little daunting at first. The key tip when drawing ANY of the features of the face is Keep it Simple! Less is always more when drawing the nose as well as when drawing mouths, but that's another lesson. What you want to do is draw the nose with lines that suggest the shape but don't create hard outlines.

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  • We'll make drawing cartoon penguins as easy as a slice of frozen arctic pie. If you're just beginning to draw, then this is a great place to be. It doesn't get much easier than this so, follow along, remember to draw lightly at the beginning and then start to darken your lines as your picture progresses. To start we'll use simple shapes and build on them as we learn to create a penguin that is both quirky and cute.

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  • A cartoon boy drawing doesn't have to be hard, even for people who are not extremely artistic. In a few simple steps, you can be on your way to illustrating your own comic book about this mischievous cartoon boy. Grab your pencil and eraser, and let's get to it! Step 1 - The Base For the head, start with a curved line on the top. From the top left corner, curve a line down toward the center of the face area. Do the same thing on the right side. Make a tiny 'U' shaped bump between the two sides of...

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  • Drawing funny cartoon elephants like this one are pretty simple. The main shapes are really easy to draw so it shouldn't matter what level of experience you are at you can totally draw this cartoon animal without a hitch. Step 1 - Making the basic body shape Start by making a big circle that's slightly oval. Next, make a slightly "J" shaped line curving out from the inside of the circle.

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  • Learning how to draw dragons is a popular choice! The dragon is one of the most whimsical characters, and has been pictured in many different ways. Here we'll keep our dragon as simple as possible, just adding a few little details at the end. As always remember to draw lightly so that it's easy to erase your guide lines at the end and follow the example steps as closely as you can.

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  • The myriad breeds and species of animals that exist throughout the world offer endless possibilities for drawing subjects. Whether it's an adorable puppy, a slithering snake, or a galloping horse, an animal subject provides a wide range of shapes, lines, and textures to challenge and inspire you. And drawing animals isn't difficult at all—just follow the simple, step-by-step instructions in the following lessons.

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