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  • Geography is the maker of history. The course of Dutch settlement in America was predetermined by a river which runs its length of a hundred and fifty miles from the mountains to the sea through the heart of a fertile country and which offers a natural highway for transportation of merchandise and for communication between colonies.

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  • The preface of this book enables me to depict briefly how the thesis came into being and, more importantly, to thank the people who helped me accomplish the project. When I was reading law at Maastricht University Professor Wolfgang Mincke and Professor Caroline Forder gave me the opportunity to study German and English property law. In her tutorials on property law Caroline Forder excited my interest in English property law. In a very stimulating way she supervised a paper I wrote about land registration in Dutch and English law. Her dedication and zeal impressed me very much....

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  • According to this edition of the Public Health Status and Forecast Reports (PHSF), the health of the Dutch population is developing rather well. Dutch life expec- tancy has increased in recent years, but this is not a reason to put on the brakes. On the contrary! This forecast shows that investing in health is not only possible but even essential to the Dutch economy. This report provides a lot of information on the health of the Dutch and the steps that need to be taken to improve it. It describes the results that have already been achieved and those that...

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  • Illustrated by Eminent Artists Uniform with this Edition Beric the Briton: A Story of the Roman Invasion of Britain. Bonnie Prince Charlie: A Tale of Fontenoy and Culloden. Both Sides the Border: A Tale of Hotspur and Glendower. By Conduct and Courage: A Story of the Days of Nelson. By England's Aid: The Freeing of the Netherlands. By Pike and Dyke: A Tale of the Rise of the Dutch Republic. Facing Death: A Tale of the Coal-mines. In the Heart of the Rockies: A Story of Adventure in Colorado. Maori and Settler: A Story of the New Zealand War....

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  • Few other countries are so interrelated with the World around us in political, economic, and social respects as the Netherlands. This means that the Dutch government needs to be alert in its response to the risks and opportunities presented by a rapidly changing world. Addressing this issue, The Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR) is offering some reflections in this report, guided by the question how the Netherlands can develop a foreign policy strategy that matches the changing power relations in the world and the radically changed character of international relations. ...

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  • There is in human affairs a reason for everything we see, although not always reason in everything. It is the part of the historian to seek in the archives of a nation the reasons for the facts of common experience and observation, it is the part of the philosopher to moralize upon antecedent causes and present results. Neither of these positions is taken up by the author of this little book. He merely, as a rule, gives the picture of Dutch life now to be seen in the Netherlands, and in all things tries to be scrupulously fair to a people renowned for their kindness...

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  • This document is the result of efforts by the DAC Working Party on Development Co- operation and Environment to clarify the key linkages between poverty and environmental degradation, with special attention paid to their gender dimension - and the policy implications at the local, sectoral and national levels. The objective is not to provide a comprehensive coverage of all pertinent issues, but to provide an analytical road-map which could be used as reference for more detailed sector and country-specific examinations.

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  • Later in life, I took to the habit of learning languages by myself: Spanish in the early twenties, Italian after emigrating to Sardinia at the age of 27, Portuguese at 33 during a three-month trip to Brazil. That put the modern language count at 6. In between or thereafter, whenever there was the perspective of travel, I studied the basic grammar of other languages: Swedish, Dutch, Modern Greek, Turkish, Sardinian, Farsi (Iranian), Swahili, Hebrew, Hindi.

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  • In writing my biography of Tasman, forming part of Messrs. Frederik Muller and Co.'s edition of the Journal of Tasman's celebrated voyage of discovery of 1642-1643, I was time and again struck by the fact that the part borne by the Netherlanders in the discovery of the continent of Australia is very insufficiently known to the Dutch themselves, and altogether misunderstood or even ignored abroad.

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  • How can these differences be explained? Is it a matter of cultural factors operating in specific countries such as peer norms, parenting styles, familiarity with the internet, practices of regulation or other variables? Or, is it a matter of the design and management of the particular SNS that predominates in that country? In The Netherlands, for instance, Hyves is the main SNS but, also, Dutch peer culture (or parenting) may encourage young children to join in social networking.

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  • Rotherhithe in the year of 1572 differed very widely from the Rotherhithe of today. It was then a scattered village, inhabited chiefly by a seafaring population. It was here that the captains of many of the ships that sailed from the port of London had their abode. Snug cottages with trim gardens lay thickly along the banks of the river, where their owners could sit and watch the vessels passing up and down or moored in the stream, and discourse with each other over the hedges as to the way in which they were handled, the smartness of their equipage, whence they had come, or...

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  • After the discoverers and explorers of the sixteenth century came (chiefly in the seventeenth) the founders of settlements that grew into States--French Huguenots in Florida and Carolina; Spaniards in St. Augustine; English Protestants in Virginia and Massachusetts; Dutch and English in New York; Swedes in New Jersey and Delaware; Catholic English in Maryland; Quaker English and Germans in Pennsylvania; Germans and Scotch-Irish in Carolina; French Catholics in Louisiana; Oglethorpe's debtors in Georgia.

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  • The heroic deeds of Highlanders, both in these islands and elsewhere, have been told in verse and prose, and not more often, nor more loudly, than they deserve. But we must remember, now and then, that there have been heroes likewise in the lowland and in the fen. Why, however, poets have so seldom sung of them; why no historian, save Mr. Motley in his "Rise of the Dutch Republic," has condescended to tell the tale of their doughty deeds, is a question not difficult to answer. In the first place, they have been fewer in number. The lowlands of the world, being the richest...

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  • The limited available evidence favors the hypothesis that policy and prevalence of cannabis use are not strongly connected. However, there is hardly any literature focusing on the consequences of cannabis policy as implemented

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  • We train a decision tree inducer (CART) and a memory-based classifier (MBL) on predicting prosodic pitch accents and breaks in Dutch text, on the basis of shallow, easy-to-compute features. We train the algorithms on both tasks individually and on the two tasks simultaneously. The parameters of both algorithms and the selection of features are optimized per task with iterative deepening, an efficient wrapper procedure that uses progressive sampling of training data.

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  • We describe a method for creating a nonEnglish subjectivity lexicon based on an English lexicon, an online translation service and a general purpose thesaurus: Wordnet. We use a PageRank-like algorithm to bootstrap from the translation of the English lexicon and rank the words in the thesaurus by polarity using the network of lexical relations in Wordnet. We apply our method to the Dutch language. The best results are achieved when using synonymy and antonymy relations only, and ranking positive and negative words simultaneously. Our method achieves an accuracy of 0.

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  • In this paper we discuss an algorithm for the assignment of pitch accent positions in text-to-speech conversion. The algorithm is closely modeled on current linoulstic accounts of accent placement, and assumes a surface syntactic analysis of the input. It comprises a small number of heuristic rules for determining which phrases of a sentence are to be focussed upon; the exact location of a pitch accent within a focussed phrase is determined m~inly on the basis of the syntactic relations holding b e t w e e n the e l e m e n t s of the phrase....

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  • English be the continuation of a common language varieties of the Angle, Saxon and jute - commonly referred to as the Anglo-Saxon. Three varieties of this population of ethnic German who lived in this area is the North German and Dutch, but some are king Vortigern invited to England in the mid 5th century to help him in fighting indigenous Pict (now gone).

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  • English be the continuation of a common language varieties of the Angle, Saxon and jute - commonly referred to as the Anglo-Saxon. Three varieties of this population of ethnic German who lived in this area is the North German and Dutch, but some...

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  • Selective taxes on goods and services, often referred to as excise taxes, are among the oldest forms of taxation in the world.1 The salt excise, for instance, was considered a goldmine for the European sovereign during theMiddle Ages, because sources of supplywere few and could be easily controlled. Interestingly, the prominence of excise taxation in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries owed much to the Dutch, whose duties on beer, sugar, salt, spirits, and other goods were called excijsen.

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