Ectopic pregnancy

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  • Ectopic pregnancy is defined as a pregnancy in which the implantation of the embryo occurs out- side the uterine cavity, most frequently in one of the two fallopian tubes or, more rarely, in the abdo-minal cavity or the cervix .

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  • For the Seventh Edition of this text, the title has been changed to Kistner's Gynecology and Women's Health (from Kistner's Gynecology) to recognize the broad scope and expanded interest in the field of women's health care. Although over the past 35 years, previous editions of Kistner have appealed largely to students, trainees, and practitioners in gynecology, this new edition should be useful not only for gynecologists but for internists, family practitioners, and women's health specialists who are devoting more of their time and effort to women's medical issues.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'kistner's gynecology and women's health seventh edition', y tế - sức khoẻ, sức khỏe phụ nữ phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Emergency medicine is, by its nature, borne out of necessity and through painful lessons that specialized care is required for many patients presenting to hospital “ERs” with complaints ranging from minor ailments to life threatening illness and even in peri-arrest states.

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  • Information on long-term health consequences of unsafe abortion is scarce. The WHO estimates that about 20–30% of unsafe abortions result in reproductive tract infections and that about 20–40% of these result in upper-genital-tract infection and infertility. An estimated 2% of women of reproductive age are infertile as a result of unsafe abortion, and 5% have chronic infections. 6 Unsafe abortion could also increase the long-term risk of ectopic pregnancy, premature delivery, and spontaneous abortion in subsequent pregnancies.

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  • Anemia Due to Acute Blood Loss Blood loss causes anemia by two main mechanisms: first, by the direct loss of red cells; second, because if the loss of blood is protracted, it will gradually deplete the iron stores, eventually resulting in iron deficiency. Iron-deficiency anemia is discussed in Chap. 98. Here we are concerned with post-hemorrhagic anemia, which follows acute blood loss. This can be external (as after trauma or due to postpartum hemorrhage) or internal (e.g., from bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract, rupture of the spleen, rupture of an ectopic pregnancy).

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  • CÓ THAI LẠC CHỖ NGHĨA LÀ GÌ? - Là một thai nghén trong đó sự làm tổ của túi thai (gestational sac) xảy ra ở ngoài tử cung. Trong hầu hết các trường hợp, thai nằm ở vòi trứng, nhưng có thai lạc chỗ có thể xảy ra ở phần kẽ (interstitial) hay phần sừng (cornual) của tử cung (2%), trong bụng (1,5%), trên buồng trứng (0,1%), hoặc trong cổ tử cung (0,1%). Ở Hoa Kỳ, cứ 60 thai nghén thì có một bị lạc chỗ ; nguy cơ cao hơn ở các phụ nữ lớn tuổi và các...

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  • Table 14-2 Differential Diagnoses of Abdominal Pain by Location Right Quadrant Upper Epigastric Left Quadrant Upper Cholecystitis Peptic disease ulcer Splenic infarct Cholangitis Gastritis Splenic rupture Pancreatitis GERD Splenic abscess Pneumonia/empyema Pancreatitis Gastritis Pleurisy/pleurodynia Myocardial infarction Gastric ulcer Subdiaphragmatic abscess Pericarditis Pancreatitis Hepatitis Ruptured aortic aneurysm Subdiaphragmatic abscess Budd-Chiari syndrome Esophagitis Right Quadrant Lower Periumbilical Left Quadrant Lower Appendicitis Early app...

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  • Acute Pelvic Pain: Treatment Treatment of acute pelvic pain depends on the suspected etiology but may require surgical or gynecologic intervention. Conservative management is an important consideration for ovarian cysts, if torsion is not suspected, to avoid unnecessary pelvic surgery and the subsequent risk of infertility due to adhesions. The majority of unruptured ectopic pregnancies are now treated with methotrexate, which is effective in 84–96% of cases. However, surgical treatment may be required.

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  • 1/ CÓ THAI LẠC CHỖ NGHĨA LÀ GÌ? Là một thai nghén trong đó sự làm tổ của túi thai (gestational sac) xảy ra ở ngoài tử cung. Trong hầu hết các trường hợp, thai nằm ở vòi trứng, nhưng có thai lạc chỗ có thể xảy ra ở phần kẽ (interstitial) hay phần sừng (cornual) của tử cung (2%), trong bụng (1,5%), trên buồng trứng (0,1%), hoặc trong cổ tử cung (0,1%). Ở Hoa Kỳ, cứ 60 thai nghén thì có một bị lạc chỗ ; nguy cơ cao hơn ở các phụ nữ lớn tuổi và các dân...

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  • some of the most important choices you must make as a woman are those for which you may be least prepared.Your decisions about sexual activity, contraception,family planning, and reproductive health can affect your life in profound ways. Ideally you should make these choices, sometimes in conjunction with your doctor or health care provider, based on accurate information and thoughtful consideration.

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  • The gender gap in each dimension is then quantified using two types of recent available data: a) published national statistics and data from international organizations, and b) survey data of a qualitative nature from the annual Executive Opinion Survey of the World Economic Forum. Following, is a brief description of each of the five categories and the rationale behind them. Details of the specific variables examined and their sources may be found in the Appendix.

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  • Spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) is the termination of pregnancy before completion of the 20th gestational week. The term applies to both live and stillborn fetuses weighing 500 g. However, a fetus need not be identified if other products of conception are present (e.g., placenta or membranes). Familiarity with the local legal definition is mandatory because there is considerable state to state variation. Loss of pregnancy is very common. Recent estimates are that only 62.5% of pregnancies result in live births, 21.9% end in legal abortions, 13.8% have spontaneous abortions, 1.

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  • The extruded ovum is directed into a uterine tube by its fimbriae and the peritoneal fluid currents. Normally, a few hours after insemination, spermatozoa will have passed through the cervix and uterus into the fallopian tubes. Capacitation of the sperm (preparation for fertilization) occurs between its passage into the cervix and its reaching the midportion to outer portion of the tube. Fertilization occurs when a spermatozoon penetrates the ovum, usually in the outer portion of the fallopian tube. It is unusual for fertilization to occur more than 24 h after ovulation.

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  • Although rare, cytology of signet ring cell melanoma has been on record. Tsang et al. (1993) documented a case that manifested as a groin mass in a patient who had undergone below knee amputation for superficial spreading melanoma of the right foot. FNA smears in this case showed poorly cohesive, large cells with eccentric nuclei, most of which exhibited signet ring morphology. Only a small proportion of cells displayed melanin pigment clinching the right diagnosis.

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  • The work we do is performed with compassion, care, humanity and humility. All my rabbits, when I worked with them years ago, were stroked and petted every day. Their contribution changed the understanding of ectopic pregnancy – the commonest cause of maternal death worldwide. My genetically modified rodents breed happily, and their offspring are indistinguishable from those of other rats and mice. Medical researchers are compassionate people seeking to alleviate pain and suffering. They are unlikely to do anything that is unnecessary or cruel.

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