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  • Network Security: Chapter 6 - Electronic Mail Security presents about Email Security, Email Security Approaches, Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), PGP Operational description, PGP Operation – Authentication, PGP Operation – Confidentiality.

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  • It is availiable free on a variety of platforms. Based on well known algorithms. Wide range of applicability Not developed or controlled by governmental or standards organizations

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  • Even as recently as five years ago, many computer industry experts would never have guessed how pervasive and “business critical” electronic messaging would eventually become. The degree to which some information technology professionals are surprised by the pervasive nature of today’s electronic mails systems is merely amusing to those of us that have had an e-mail address for more than 20 years.

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  • Electronic Mail Security: PGP, S/MIME Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) được phát minh bởi Philip Zimmermann đã phát hành phiên bản 1.0 vào năm 1991. Sau đó phiên bản 2.6.x và 5.x (hoặc 3.0) của PGP đã được thực hiện bởi một sự hợp tác tất cả các tình nguyện theo hướng dẫn thiết kế của Zimmermann. PGP là sử dụng rộng rãi trong các phiên bản cá nhân và thương mại chạy trên nhiều nền tảng trong cộng đồng máy tính.

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  • What do we mean by an insecure medium? Well, in some dictionary or another, under the definition of “insecure medium” should be a picture of the Internet. The world is evolving towards interconnecting every computer, and people talk about connecting household appliances as well, all into some wonderful global internetwork. How wonderful! You’d be able to send electronic mail to anyone in the world. You’d also be able to control your nuclear power plant with simple commands sent across the network while you were vacationing in Fiji. Or sunny Libya. Or historic Iraq.

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  • So far our description is similar to how a facility for locating the address (in- stead of certificate), for a certain machine or person on the Internet, would work. The facility that implements this in today’s world is called the Domain Name Sys- tem (DNS). Our description also resembles the directory service X.500, and its more successful Internet protocol implementation which is called the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). This thesis compare the Domain Name System and the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol for use as a certificate lookup service.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Data and computer communications" has contents: Local area network overview, high speed lans, wreless lans, internetwork protocols, internetwork operation, internetwork operation, network security, internet applications—electronic mail and network management,... and other contents.

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  • This book is a practical guide to building your own firewall. It provides step-by-step explanations of how to design and install a firewall at your site and how to configure Internet services such as electronic mail, FTP, the World Wide Web, and others to work with a firewall. Firewalls are complex, though, and we can't boil everything down to simple rules.

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  • PIX Firewall hỗ trợ tới 8 interface vành đai cho các nền tảng có khả năng mở rộng và yêu cầu về chính sách an ninh trên các dịch vụ có khả năng truy cập một cách công cộng. Nhiều interface vành đai cho phép PIX Firewall bảo vệ các dịch vụ như web, mail, DNS server trên miền DMZ. Web-base và các ứng dụng Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) liên kết các nhà phát triển và các khách hàng cũng đảm bảo an ninh hơn và khả năng mở rộng khi sử dụng mạng vật lý riêng biệt...

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  • Preface Chapter 1: Background Chapter 2: How Does DNS Work? Chapter 3: Where Do I Start? Chapter 4: Setting Up BIND Chapter 5: DNS and Electronic Mail Chapter 6: Configuring Hosts Chapter 7: Maintaining BIND Chapter 8: Growing Your Domain Chapter 9: Parenting Chapter 10: Advanced Features and Security Chapter 11: nslookup Chapter 12: Reading BIND Debugging Output Chapter 13: Troubleshooting DNS and BIND Chapter 14: Programming with the Resolver and Name Server Library Routines Chapter 15: Miscellaneous Appendix A: DNS Message Format and Resource Records Appendix B: Compiling and Installing ...

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  • Electronic mail on the Internet has been an important form of communication for some years now. Various methods of securing electronic mail have been suggested (see our overview in section 2.5). One of the solutions that has seen commercial success is S/MIME. A major problem in using S/MIME to secure mail is locating certificates. Clients often support several methods to locate certificates, e.g., from LDAP servers or from white-pages on the Internet.

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  • Document "An Introduction to Cryptography Second Edition" introduce to you the content: Mathematical Basics, Cryptographic Basics, DES and AES, Primality Testing, Electronic Mail and Internet Security, Leading-Edge Applications,...

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