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  • The phenomenon of globalization has captured the popular imagination in the last decade or so. This is reflected in numerous books published on this topic from various academic disciplines and across philosophical discourses. In discussing the various facets of globalization, almost all discourses consider the role of business and/or multinational corporations to be very salient in either enhancing this phenomenon or managing the process of globalization.

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  • This paper addresses issues in financial sector regulation from two perspectives. First, it reports on the state of implementation of financial regulatory standards across banking, insurance, and securities sectors in a select group of Fund member countries. Second, it raises issues relating to the design of these three sector standards, arising from the implementation experience and the evolving structure of financial systems. In this regard, the paper identifies a few emerging regulatory risks and some cross-sectoral issues that may warrant further guidance by standard setters....

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  • The unregulated nature of counterfeit goods also presents challenges to consumer protection as there is no way to monitor poor manufacturing or toxic ingredients iv which may pose a threat to consumers. Unregulated distribution also means what may be regarded as potentially harmful media content (e.g., films, computer games and so forth) are available to children in ways that bypass systems of certification and content regulation (O’Connell and Bryce, 2006).

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  • Once the core people and skills are identified, ensure that they are aware of their position and how they will be managed in the event of a pandemic. Consider strategies for minimizing the possibility that they become ill with influenza: e.g. working from home even in very early stages of a pandemic, or other social distancing measures. If working from home is not a well-established practice in your organization, you may wish to encourage staff to address computer connection or technological issues and enable this option.

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  • Turkey, Poland, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Korea, The Netherlands, Japan, Benin, Malaysia, USA, Russia, Romania, Taiwan, Iran, Costa Rica, Columbia, Sweden, Germany and Italy. This trans-national list of authors provides an important view of the future of public health and the increased need to collaborate with public health professionals across the world to address the myriad of public health issues. I hope you enjoy reading the following chapters.

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  • To our knowledge, no study has yet addressed the issue of Breslow index determination using OCT. Only one study tried to determine OCT specific features of benign and malignant melanocytic skin lesions. OCT of benign nevi demonstrated correlates of typical histological features including the finger-shaped elongation of rete ridges and dense cell clusters in the dermoepidermal junction zone and/or dermis.

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  • Applied Ethics is now acknowledged as a field of study in its own right. Much of its recent development has resulted from rethinking traditional medical ethics in the light of new moral problems arising out of advances in medical science and technology. Applied philosophers, ethicists and lawyers have devoted considerable energy to exploring the dilemmas emerging from modern health care practices and their effects on the practitioner–patient relationship.

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  • In 1776, Adam Smith wrote An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations. Economists have been busily exam- ining the issue ever since. It is one of the most widely studied topics in the field of economics. One of the most common findings relates to how economic activity is organized. For example, capitalist coun- tries (those in which economic activity occurs on the basis of volun- tary exchange within private markets) tend to grow faster than socialist countries (those in which economic activity is organized by government).

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  • After this introductory chapter, chapter 2 gives an overview on the production structure, performance and the dairy policy developments of the EU dairy sector. Chapter 3 describes the major specifications of dairy policies in CAPRI and the definition of scenarios. Chapter 4 is devoted to the analysis of the baseline and quota removal scenarios with special focus on changes on MS and regional level. Chapter 5 draws conclusions and highlights some limitations of the study.

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  • The book includes collection of theoretical papers dealing with the species problem, which is among most fundamental issues in biology.

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  • This is the second occasion that the Agricultural Outlook report has been prepared jointly by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations. The report draws on the commodity, policy and country expertise of both Organisations in providing a medium term assessment of future prospects in the major world agricultural commodity markets. The report is published annually, as part of a continuing effort to promote informed discussion of emerging market and policy issues....

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  • Participants listed several formats and formatting issues that may aid in producing materials and systems more likely to resonate with and be used by a target audience. Some immigrants, as with some American-born people, are not literate in their own first language(s). This does not reflect lack of knowledge or understanding. Many cultures have a strong oral tradition and may not have a writing system, or the written form may be a little-used recent development.

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  • Green bonds are broadly defined as fixed-income securities that raise capital for a project with specific environmental benefits. Most green bonds issued to date have been climate bonds, where the proceeds go to climate mitigation or adaptation efforts. • Corporate, infrastructure and other projects have reduced access to traditional finance given the financial crisis’ effect on the global financial sector, so debt capital markets represent a key pool of assets that must be tapped in order to finance the transition to a low-carbon, resource-efficient and climate resilient economy.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "The arrhythmic patient in the emergency department - A practical guide for cardiologists and emergency physicians" presents the following contents: Wide QRS complex tachycardia in the emergency setting, acute management of arrhythmias in patients with known congenital heart disease, acute management of arrhythmias in patients with known congenital heart disease, acute management of arrhythmias in patients with channelopathies,...

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Cardiology emergencies" presents the following contents: Arrhythmias, valve disease, aortic dissection, pericardial disease, pulmonary vascular disease, systemic emboli, cardiac issues in pregnancy, adult congenital heart disease, perioperative care, cardiotoxic drug overdose, miscellaneous conditions,...

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Emergencies in cardiology" presents the following contents: Practical issues (Practical procedures, ECG recognition, general considerations). Invite you to consult.

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  • In our modern world, where international travel is common and rapid, a disease can spread around the globe very quickly. On an international level, the World Health Organization (WHO) has developed and monitored International Health Regulations (with origins in the mid-19th century) to help prevent epidemics from spreading worldwide. The regulations are being revised to address bioterrorism as well as chemical and radiological threats.

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  • In selecting our gurus, we began by making a list of established marketing gurus, such Philip Kotler, who have dominated marketing thinking for decades. Then, we went looking for the newcomers. We browsed the on-line and off-line bookstores. We consulted the marketing journals, both popularand academic. We cruised the Internet. We searched for those who were making a splash with new marketing ideas.

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  • This paper analyzes the role of the financial system for economic growth and stability, and addresses a number of core policy issues for financial sector reforms in emerging economies. The role of finance is studied in the context of a circuit model with interacting rational, forward- looking, and heterogeneous agents. Finance is shown to essentially complement the price system in coordinating decentralized intertemporal resource allocation choices from agents operating under limited information and incomplete trust.

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  • The ability to recognize and deal with complex business ethics issues has become a significant priority in twenty-first-century companies. In recent years, a number of well-publicized scandals resulted in public outrage about deception and fraud in business and a demand for improved business ethics and greater corporate responsibility.

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