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  • This paper presents a method to estimate emission factors of motorcycles based on the local driving cycle and modal emissions measured in the laboratory. This method was developed to reflect real-world motorcycle traffic conditions of Hanoi, Vietnam as well as to correspond to the economical - technical infrastructure of Vietnam.

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  • Polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and polychlorinated dibenzofurans (PCDD/Fs) released from thermal processes of various industries have urgently concerned. Stack gas samples were collected from selected electric arc furnaces (EAFs) in Vietnam in order to investigation of PCDD/F concentration, congener profile and emission factors. U.S EPA method 23 was used following the requirements for isokinetic sampling of stack gas emission.

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  • This paper develops the emission models of in-use motorcycles fueled by gasoline, E5 and E10 based on modal emission values which are collected from measurements on chassis dynamometer based on standard driving cycles.

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  • The estimation of emissions largely depends on the quality of emission factors used for calculation. The study on the estimation of emission factors is important for calculating the emission of air pollutants from road traffic in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC). The result of this study is the selection of a suitable method and tracer for estimating emission factors of 15 volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from C2-C6 and NOx from road traffic in HCMC. The survey has been carried out in 3/2 Street, District 10, HCMC from January to March 2007. Three VOCs compounds with high average emission...

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  • Document present content why measure carbon stocks; conceptualizing the project and developing a field measurement plan; field sampling of soil carbon pools in coastal ecosystems; remote sensing and mapping.

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  • Rice straw open burning is the most common form of agricultural by-product treatment in developing countries. Contaminated pollutants pollute the environment, badly affect human’s health and contribute to the increase of greenhouse gases that impact climate change. This research was carried out to estimate the amount of rice straw produced, a seasonal burning rate and the modified combustion efficiency (MCE) from field-based rice straw open burning by field sampling method, field survey and quick measurement, the inventory is based on emission factors.

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  • Studies that investigate the environmental health risks to Cairo residents invariably conclude that lead is one of the area’s major health hazards. The Cairo Air Improvement Project (CAIP), which was implemented by a team led by Chemonics International, funded by USAID in partnership with the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA), started developing a lead emission inventory for the greater Cairo (GC) area in 1998. The inventory contains a list by major source of the annual lead emissions in the GC area.

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  • Co-benefits of improving taxi system in Ha Long city, Quang Ninh province were studied. Three areas and nine routes in the urban area of Ha Long were selected for conducting this study. Information on the technical specifications of the taxi system was collected by 130 questionnaires. Taxi volume on nine selected routes was determined by vehicle counting. Realtime information on the driving behavior of taxis was obtained by GPS. Collected data were processed to generate input files to run IVE model associated with the base state and 4 selected air pollution control scenarios.

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  • Sugarcane bagasse is one of the largest fuels used for electricity generation in Brazil and its usage has continuously increased to supply the energy demand. This paper presents emission inventory based on power plants burning sugar cane bagasse. The inventory involves the spatial distribution and the estimated flows for the following major pollutants: nitrogen oxides (NOx), particulate material (PM), carbon dioxide (CO2) and total organic carbon (TOC). A total of 384 power plants were inventoried, representing a generated power of 9.

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  • The main purpose of this paper was to identify the driving forces of change in energy-related CO2 emissions in the Polish iron and steel industry in 1990-2017. The analysis relied on the logarithmic mean Divisia index method used for both the entire study period and the seven 3-year sub-periods. Changes in energy-related CO2 emissions were considered in the context of four factors: the effect of the emission factor; the effect of the energy mix; the effect of energy consumption; and the effect of the production volume of steel.

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  • Assessment of source of air, water, and land pollution - Part II : Approaches for consideration in formulating evironmantal control strategies.The environment is a combination of natural factors and social surrounds the outside of a certain system. They affect this system and identify trends and status of its existence. Environment can be seen as a set, in which the system is considered as a subset. Environment of a system is considered to be interactive with that system

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  • Parties are responsible for the quality of activity data, emission factors and other parameters used for their inventories. They are also responsible for establishing national QA/QC programmes for their inventories as part of their national inventory systems. This document describes the quality assurance and quality control programme for the annual greenhouse gas inventory of Iceland.

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  • Unfortunately, data on the installation and use of pollution control equipment at our two sample maquiladora plants is limited. While the two plants claim to use emissions abatement devices, regulatory inspection and monitoring data is not available, and there is no easy way of verifying these claims. To account for this issue, we present estimates of health damages given: (i) emissions that would result if the plants used no pollution control devices whatsoever, and (ii) emissions that would result if they used all of the pollution control equipment that is standard in U.S.

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  • This study aims to examine and obtain empirical evidence of the factors that influence the disclosure of carbon emissions in public listed companies in Indonesia. The factors tested include carbon performance, firm size, profitability, leverage, capital expenditure, the level of asymmetry of company information and environmental performance. The population in this study are companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange.

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  • Recently, more of the greenhouse gases emission has been seen within ASEAN countries. Basically, there are different factors that can cause greenhouse gas emissions. Some of the reasons of greenhouse emission can be industrialization, urbanization, population growth, manufacturing processes, energy consumption etc. In this research paper, the impact of urbanization, industrialization, population growth on greenhouse gases emission has been analyzed.

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  • The results indicate that the economic growth, energy consumption, financial development and trade openness positively influence the CO2 emissions, whereas foreign direct investment has a negative impact in the short term. Coefficient of joining ASEAN is not statistically significant. The findings of this study also support the validity of EKC and PHH in the Vietnamese economy.

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  • In order to build the capacity of developing countries to encounter the challenges of reducing emissions from deforestation in developing countries (REDD), we need find key factors influencing the participation of local household in REDD+ program. From 2009 to 2012, the Japan International Cooperation Agency combined with Vietnam Administration of Forestry to develop REDD+ program in Dien Bien province.

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  • The increase of motorized vehicles has many adverse effects on the public such as traffic congestions, traffic accidents, emission, and human health. Therefore, public transport and nonmotorized vehicles play an important role in the transport system in which including bike-sharing services.

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  • There is growing evidence that the transcription factor nuclear factor E2-related factor 2 (Nrf2) is the major participant in regulating antioxidants and pathways for detoxifying reactive oxygen species (ROS), as well as having a vital role in tumor proliferation, invasion, and chemoresistance.

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  • CO2 emission has becoming a global issue with its increasing intensity and quantity. There are various factors that have been found that affect CO2 emission positively or negatively. In this study, the author has selected three independent variables i.e., container port traffic, railway transport and air transport intensity so that their impact can be studied on CO2 emission. The author has gathered data from Thailand in context of the above-mentioned variables for 27 years.

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