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  • Companies are increasingly attempting to replace or expound product-orientated strategies by customerorientated strategies. For this reason, the quantification of customer relations within the scope of the balanced scorecard is increasingly achieving significance as an implementation instrument for strategies and as a supplement to classic product profitability analysis.

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  • Today, within the era of globalisation, the recognition and evaluation of intangible assets according to IAS/IFRS or rather of human capital is on the agenda, at least since January 1st, 2005. Nevertheless, human resource accounting is a rather young research area, which still has to prove itself. In practice this is considered as a challenge. Business teams in companies are beginning to face this finance - and capital market-oriented as well as personnel management task.

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  • Chapter 17 - Workforce: Optimizing human capital. After reading the material in this chapter, you should be able to: Describe how the workforce contributes to profitability, explain how expectations for employees are increasing, explain the impact the workforce has on value, use the customer experience grid to describe the relationship between customers and employees,...

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  • The primary objective of this study was to examine the role of strategic management accounting practices to enhance the profitability of the Malaysian logistics firms. Questionnaires were adopted to collect the primary data and they were distributed among the employees of the logistics companies.

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  • Most businesses aim to be in a healthy state. It therefore makes sense that if their employees are in a good state of health and well-being, this must surely contribute to the company’s successful performance as healthy and fit employees are essential to ensuring a company remains efficient and profitable.

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  • This chapter’s objectives are to: Fundamentals of private retirement plans, defined benefit plans, defined contribution plans, profit-sharing plans, retirement plans for the self-employed, simplified employee pension, simple retirement plans, funding agency and funding instruments.

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  • “Creating value through values” is the credo of today’s management accountant. It means that management accountants should maintain an unwavering commitment to ethical values while using their knowledge and skills to influence decisions that create value for organizational stakeholders. These skills include managing risks and implementing strategy through planning, budgeting and forecasting, and decision support. Management accountants are strategic business partners who understand the financial and operational sides of the business.

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  • The personnel costs shall be calculated on the basis of the actual daily salary of the employee, multiplied by the number of days devoted to the action. Where applicable, this figure will include all the usual contributions paid by the employer, such as social security contributions, but shall exclude any bonuses, incentive payments or profit-sharing schemes. The Personnel costs shall be substantiated by detailed timesheets of the work done declared in the Final Report.

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