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  • The best rule on writing in any genre is that there are no rigid rules. All rules on writing can be, and have been, broken. 2. Even though the rules can be broken, you still need to have a good grasp on the basic conventions, elements, and structure that make a good book. This is true whether you're writing a short story, a long or short novel, or picture book. 3. To learn the rules before you break them, you need to do two things: a. ...

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  • Full-length simulated TOEFL iBT with accompanying audio sections on an MP3 CD Comprehensive grammar review to help you brush up on your basics Reviews of core concepts plus practice drills for the Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing sections Tips and time-saving techniques to ace the Reading and Writing sections, including updated strategies that reflect the changes to the Reading section Detailed answers and explanations for the practice test and all practice drills

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  • taxes – money we pay to the state for the government to use household – group of people sharing a home licence – a piece of paper you have to buy from the government to be allowed to do something adverts – short films designed to encourage you to buy things commercial breaks – interruptions during and between programmes to show adverts finance – fund distinct – visibly or noticeably different from each other viewers – people who watch television similar – looking almost the same as each other, having almost the same appearance increasingly – more and more in...

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  • Learn to build configuration file readers, data readers, model-driven code generators, source-to-source translators, source analyzers, and interpreters. You don't need a background in computer science--ANTLR creator Terence Parr demystifies language implementation by breaking it down into the most common design patterns. Pattern by pattern, you'll learn the key skills you need to implement your own computer languages.

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  • We derive the rhetorical structures of texts by means of two new, surface-form-based algorithms: one that identifies discourse usages of cue phrases and breaks sentences into clauses, and one that produces valid rhetorical structure trees for unrestricted natural language texts. The algorithms use information that was derived from a corpus analysis of cue phrases.

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  • A bit much If something is excessive or annoying, it is a bit much. A chain is no stronger than its weakest link This means that processes, organisations, etc, are vulnerable because the weakest person or part can always damage or break them. A day late and a dollar short (USA) If something is a day late and a dollar short, it is too little, too late. A fool and his money are soon parted This idiom means that people who aren't careful with their money spend it quickly. 'A fool and his money are easily parted' is an alternative form of the idiom....

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  • Stephen Bailey has produced an excellent new edition of his popular book Academic Writing. This book presents a great blend of advice and practice. The advice focuses on what is required in terms of academic writing at university. He addresses different types of academic writing and even includes sample writing texts. The practice breaks down academic writing by focussing on the language typically required in academic settings with lots of student exercises.

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  • JavaScript Developer's Dictionary covers all the essential functions, methods, and objects of JavaScript in an easy-to-find, logical order. JavaScript, and each different version of JavaScript, interacts very differently with each variety of Web browser, leaving Web developers scrambling to write code that will work in all the major browsers. JavaScript Developer's Dictionary brings all these variants into one volume, breaking down every object in the JavaScript language and how it applies to each browser. ...

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  • What are human languages, such that they can be acquired and used as they are? This class surveys some of the most important and recent approaches to this question, breaking the problem up along traditional lines. In spoken languages, what are the basic speech sounds? How are these sounds articulated and combined? What are the basic units of meaning? How are the basic units of meaning combined into complex phrases? How are these complexes interpreted? These questions are surprisingly hard! This introductory survey can only briefly touch on each one....

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  • In motion pictures, the leader of a motorcycle gang or criminal syndicate is usually portrayed as a tough, aggressive person who, as he smokes, tilts his head back sharply and with controlled precision blows the smoke awards the ceiling to demonstrate his superiority to the rest of the gang. In contrast, Humphrey Bogart was often cast as a gangster or criminal who always held his cigarette inverted in his hand and blew the smoke own from the corner of his mouth as he fanned a gaol break or other devious activity. There also appears to be a relationship between how...

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  • Today, many marketers use specific images that are meaningful to this audience: celebrities such as entertainers, rap singers and athletes; models in fashionable dress; models using specific cultural associations expressed in language and mannerisms; youth representing peer approval; and popular music unique to a specific group of children of color. Other marketing strategies lure young consumers with routine “low” and special discounted prices for over-sized amounts of foods and beverages, such as McDonald’s Meal Deals and 7–11’s Big Gulp oversized beverages....

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  • In this chapter, I introduce the concept of open web game development using technologies such as HTML5 and JavaScript. I cover the various features that these technologies provide, including such gems as the Gamepad API, which allows you to break away from keyboard and mouse input. Towards the end of the chapter, I cover the current method of distributing and making money from your games, as well as highlighting the events that must happen for the web to become a viable platform for game development....

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  • This is a small car, but it has a powerful engine/machine. Do you use an electric/electrical toothbrush? I can't see anything. Where's the light plug/switch? I'm going to buy a new notebook/desktop PC that I can take to work. You can't use the lift. It's out of order or work. If you don't press this button, the washing machine won't go/move. Use this torch. The other one doesn't act/work. The lights have gone out. It must be a power break/cut. A car factory/industry has just been built in our town. Who exactly discovered/invented the computer? ...

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  • In 2013, managing the security of devices, small business systems, and large enterprise networks will be more complex than ever before. Users are breaking down the PC monoculture by embracing a wider variety of platforms, each with its own user interface, OS, and security model. Businesses, meanwhile, are grappling with protecting intellectual property and business information as they tackle consumerization, virtualization, and cloud platforms head-on.

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  • The set of arithmetic operations that a particular ALU supports may be limited to addition and subtraction, or might include multiplication, division, trigonometry functions such as sine, cosine, etc., and square roots. Some can only operate on whole numbers (integers) whilst others use floating point to represent real numbers, albeit with limited precision. However, any computer that is capable of performing just the simplest operations can be programmed to break down the more complex operations into simple steps that it can perform.

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  • We have covered basic cryptographic tools that will be useful for building things. But, before you can build, you need to know the structural weaknesses of your tools… We will now talk about these weaknesses… and the subjects of cryptanalysis and protocol failures DES: Internet Challenges and EFF Multiple DES and Meet in the Middle attack RSA: Low Exponent Attacks Protocol Failures… Be careful, here be dragons! Hash Functions: Birthday Attacks and Implications

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  • When people use natural language in natural settings, they often use it ungrammatically, rnisSing out or repeating words, breaking-oil and restarting, speaking in Iragments, etc.. Their human listeners are usually able to cope with these deviations with little difficulty. If a computer system wislles tc accept natural language input from its users on a routine basis, it must display a similar indifference. In this paper, we outline a set of parsing flexibiiilies that :',uch a system should provide. We go, on to describe FlexP.

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  • Logical approaches to linguistic description, particularly those which employ feature structures, have generally treated phonology as though it was the same as orthography. This approach breaks down for languages where the phonological shape of a morpheme can be heavily dependent on the phonological shape of another, as is the case in Arabic. In this paper we show how the tense logical approach investigated by Blackburn (1989) can be used to encode hierarchical and temporal phonological information of the kind explored by Bird (1990). ...

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  • This chapter presents the following content: Primitive data types, integer types, floating-point types, char type, ASCII table, unicode standard, type conversions – promotions, type casting, prefix/postfix modes for increment/decrement operators, embedded assignment expressions, conditional operator expressions, expression evaluation practice, short-circuit evaluation, empty statement, break statement within a loop.

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  • This chapter will teach students about the remainder of the control statements. These include for, switch, and break. This chapter also introduce the switch, break, and continue statements.

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